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What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? December 2012 edition [OLD]

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook arrived last week, and it's pretty enough to put on the coffee table.

There is an excellent cross section of recipes, and luscious photos for each.

I'm a big fan of the SK website, in large part because the recipes come out consistently well.
Also, Deb really understands that visual appeal is a huge part of cooking.
When we see these drool inducing photos, we can't wait to get in the kitchen and cook!

Dec 06, 2012
kpsd in Home Cooking

Quiet dining in North County

Rancho Valencia is closed until summer / late summer, according to their website.
Might want to double check.

Apr 23, 2012
kpsd in San Diego

Leaving Butter Out at Room Temp?

My grandfather owned his own creamery, and kept his butter in in a covered dish on the counter (1-2 sticks at a time).

He and my grandmother both lived to 93+, so that's enough evidence for me to know that it's safe!

Aug 01, 2009
kpsd in General Topics

Del Mar area casual but good?

Harvest Ranch in DM Plaza has good meat and some produce, but everything else is pretty limited. Best gourmet groceries are Whole Foods in LJ and Bristol Farms (about 1 minute southeast of Whole Foods). Bristols produce section is like a magazine layout: you'll want everything. Their meats are also excellent. They carry high end items like Hawaiian honey and specialty chocolate, soda, beer, etc. Their eat-in/take out prepared food is not as good as it once was, but I've never had a bad sushi box (and they can't keep the poke in stock!). Sorry I can't help on the restaurants. It is rather bleak in DM, and it's unfortunate that chains like Sammy's, Soup Plantation and Champagne Bakery are the majority of recommendations. Maybe some wise and wonderful cook will see the gap, and fill it with a restaurant that we would all be eager to recommend!

Jul 26, 2008
kpsd in California

Anyone ever add bananas to mashed potatoes?

Chez Jay's in Santa Monica has served banana potatoes for 20+ years. They are amazing, as are the steaks and, for dessert, the cheesecake. Yummy!

Jun 09, 2008
kpsd in Home Cooking

Print Feature

Why does the Print feature only print the article - not format it for printing (remove ads and sidebars, etc.) as all newspapers, mags, other websites do?

Aug 09, 2007
kpsd in Site Talk

DECENT TOASTER? Is there such a thing?

Don't be ashamed! My husband gets so annoyed with appliances that don't work - toasters, alarm clocks, etc. - that he gleefully (1) throws them in the pool (2) smashes them (3) lobs them onto our roof! As for a toaster, we bought a Waring extra wide 2-slot about 3 years ago. It has worked superbly well until about 2 weeks ago, but, based on previous toaster disasters, we consider 3 years to be an amazing amount of time. I believe it was pricey - at least $80. The upside was that while in Williams-Sonoma, a man returned 2-3 toasters, all costing at least double that, that would not decently toast anything. Give the Waring a chance, and buy it from someone with a return policy and no restocking fee. We liked the Waring so much, we bought their waffle iron (pro version, about the same price as the toaster, with the super cool rotating mechanism that flips the plates and batter for even cooking). Good luck!

Aug 09, 2007
kpsd in Cookware