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Anything new in Charleston?

Obstinate Daughter and Chez New. Not sure how you missed XBB - it's been open a year and well worth a visit

Nov 12, 2014
MichaelShemtov in Southeast

Planning Charleston trip, need "less fancy" suggestions

Couple of thoughts

1 tomato shed is great but it's a drive - out by the Angel Oak so only an option one the day you have wheels

2 not on your list but worth it for local flavor -
Xiao Bao Biscuit (get the smoked fish, Brussels, cabbage pancake)

Edmunds Oast


Gin Joint


& hominy is great especially for breakfast but all day too

FYI tomatoes are not in season here until summer. If you want true local flavor - look for peas, asparagus and strawberries in April

FIG, Husk, McGrady's, or all three? Tips for a Charleston 1st Timer!

Loratliff -

Not sure if you've come down already - but it's def not overkill to eat at all three, you'll just have 3 spectacular meals. Each restaurant is quite different than the other two - so you will have 3 totally different experiences.

Depending on when you come, restaurant week may be going on, which will affect the menu at Husk - so look into that before you go to make sure you're good with it.

You don't need a car unless you plan to go to the beach. Every resto on your shortlist is solid - some are open for lunch and dinner, while others are dinner only. You can squeeze more of your selections in if you plan to have lunch at some of these places - for instance Two Boroughs or Xiao Bao -

enjoy your visit = by the way, i agree with Lynniato's recommendations as well

Sep 13, 2013
MichaelShemtov in Southeast

Charleston Trip - 7/27-29 - Have restaurants planned, but would appreciate advice/other suggestions

you'll love the Gin Joint and Pavilion Bar has the money view. The restaurant on the ground floor, Grill 225 has excellent food, and is a value at lunch, you may want to look at that

Gin Joint has great food too.

No Sunday brunch?
Sat - You know Lucca and it's very good, if you didn't decide to go there what would the reason be?

Jul 01, 2012
MichaelShemtov in Southeast

Recs for Fish Tacos in Charleston, SC?

agree w previous post about the Taco Spot the owners are lovely people to boot. my favorite fish tacos in chs are at Zia, Coast, and Fuel. I'm not
sure that any of them use local fish though. Perhaps Coast does.

Jan 09, 2012
MichaelShemtov in Southeast

romantic restaurant downtown charleston

Fulton Five is romantic but the food at Pane e Vino is better, and the service is excellent. The owner of the place is a very gracious host - Maximilliano.

Also if you like French food La Fouchete is a small restaurant with only about 10 tables and a cozy atmosphere. The owner of that place is Peric, and he and Maximilliano are good friends and former partners in another restaurant. Oak Steakhouse is good but i wouldn't call it romantic. Anson is romantic but very touristy. I've never been to Circa as it pulls from an older demographic.

It really depends on what you are looking for. IF you just want romance, and you want med food like italian or french, you can't go wrong w/ the atmosphere at Fulton Five and the food and hospitality at Pane and La Fouchette.

If you are ok with somewhere more touristy, where you get the old charleston feel, then circa or anson would be better choices.

Oak Steakhouse
17 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Fulton Five
5 Fulton St, Charleston, SC 29401

Jul 06, 2010
MichaelShemtov in Southeast

Jerusalem Restaurant Suggestions Needed

although technically not in Jerusalem proper just outside of the city is the village of Abu Gosh, where you can find several wonderful restaurants serving authentic israeli salads and grilled meats. One of my favorite places in all of Israel to eat is restaurant Abu Gosh (same name as the village). Caravan restaurant in Abu Gosh is also excellent. Basically the style of food at all of these places is that you sit down and get 6-12 different salads, hummus, tahini, eggplant salads, etc. then you order meats - chicken, kabob, filet, fish, lamb, whatever you want, which come out as a main course. Abu Gosh is famous for their hummus but all of their salads are amazing.

these are not kosher restaurants, although the meat they serve may be kosher.

If you go to restaurant Abu Gosh ask for Alex, who is their head waiter, and you'll get amazing service. Every time I am in Israel i eat here at least twice.