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Beard Papa is open in Pac Mall (+ daily-deal coupon)

Yum, I've seen this place many times before when I'm at Pac Mall, but I've always been disappointed by the lack of demand this place gets. Maybe the deal from Red Flag Deals will work and your article as well! Btw, many thanks for the deal info!

roast goose chinese style

Oh how I miss roast goose. I've never had in HK style, I've always ate mine off the street in Malaysia.

Will be keeping my eye out for roast goose. I WILL try the ones from Foodie Mart and Sam Woo for sure though. $17 is a steal....

Sam Woo Restaurant
660 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5R3V2, CA

Preserved Duck Eggs aka Thousand Year Eggs - Best commercial version found!

I haven't had Pei Dan in a long time! Occasionally add it to my congee, but it's great on its own as an appetizing dish. I would love to know if any restaurants here make it on their own. Otherwise your suggestion at T&T will certainly do! Thanks Charles.

hakka chinese food? 'splain please!

The term Hakka Chinese food can be used in many variations such as Jamaican Chinese or even Cuban Chinese. Hakka food is really food from an ethnic group of "gypsies" that traversed the world. I'm Hakka Chinese and I've had a hard time finding true Hakka food. In Toronto, Hakka food is generally used for Indian Hakka, of which the food is quiet different from Hakka Chinese from China or Malaysia. In terms of Hakka food, you can think of fish pasted things like eggplants or tofu, the ones you get at dim sum. You can also find some variation at Asian Legend, like their fatty pork belly with preserved vegetables, one of my favourites!

McRib: will it ever return, now that McD's is revamping its 'healthy image?

That elusive McRib.... it's such a great marketing ploy by McDonalds! Absolutely genius, bringing it in and out again, even going so far as creating McRib Farewell Tour sponsored by fake ‘Boneless Pig Farmers Association of America.

I'm a fan of the McRib, though i certainly won't cry if I pass it up.

Oct 12, 2010
jingloh in Chains

Anyone know a good roti place near Shuter and Yonge?

The Ritz.... the goat curry isn't bad either. Cheap food!

Malaysian uptown?

You should be able buy something similar to roti in the freezer section at T&T Supermarkets.

Middle Eastern

Xin Jiang Restaurant up north in Markham around Warden and Steeles. It's Halal I believe.

It’s been near impossible to find this kind of food that comes from the Xinjiang province in China, a province that borders Central Asia and is known for its Uyghur people and for its “not-so-Chinese” food. But this is quickly changing now in Toronto, I've found numerous places serving "yang rou chwar", you can even find a street food style store on Dundas and Spadina.

Xin Jiang Restaurant
3636 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R1K9, CA

Middle Eastern

Tabule is fantastic, their portions are huge and the variety in dips are great, not to mention yummy!

I would recommend that you check out The Pomegranate Restaurant or the one beside it which I can't remember the name. The owners are really friendly and are very helpful in navigating the options available. I was told by them that the dishes they serve are the ones you normally find in homes in Iran, not your typical kababs and rice. For that, you can just go next door.

You guys should try Chinese Muslim food and their version of kabobs too. Amazingly good and very spicy!

2009 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4S 1Z8, CA

420 College St, Toronto, ON M5T1T3, CA

Downtown Toronto : NO Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian as at 2010

Wokster, you have to go up north in Markham for good Malaysian food.

You can try Restauran Malaysia, Coconut Island, or the food court in First Markham place (curry laksa is their best dish).

There seems to be an obsession with Thai/Viet food downtown with no hint of Malaysian restuarants. It's a little dissapointing, but I'm sure one will come sooner or later to challenge the norm.

Downtown Toronto : NO Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian as at 2010

I wasn't very impressed the last time I went to Matahari grill. It wasn't truly authentic, but if that's not what you're after, it's still a great restaurant. the char kway teow was good as well as the curry chicken and beef rendang.

I still prefer those dishes at Restauran Malaysia.

39 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1L1, CA

Toronto's Best Fried Chicken

Awesome! Thank you.

Kaya - Coconut Jam in Toronto

T&T Supermarkets, I've seen kaya stocked there...

Malaysian uptown?

Sounds like a great meal. I hope the roti was nice and fluffy, not the kind you buy from the freezer at your Chinese grocery.

Agreed with the service, it wasn't very friendly on the other times I've been as well.

Good Food in Hamilton?!

Thanks for the warmest welcome, I'm going to keep an open mind from now on. I might as well enjoy this city while I'm here! All those eating suggestions will now make my To Eat list....

Toronto's Best Fried Chicken

Yeh, I agree with GoodGravy that the chicken ingredient they use is really poor quality. Now that you mention it, there were lots of jagged bones piercing here and there. I doubt Koreans actually enjoy that part. But the sauce, that's just amazing.

What are they yelling about when you enter Guu!?

I love the enthusiasm, but does anyone know what the waiters/waitresses are yelling when you enter Guu? I would assume "welcome" and "thank you", but I'm just curious as to how to properly pronounciate whatever they're saying so I can also yell back in thanks!

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

Kaya - Coconut Jam in Toronto

Durian spread?!?! Where!?

Does this sound OK? (Toronto weekend)

Skyline, I've actually never had the lobster-4 way at Omei before. It's something I've written down in my "To Eat" list.......

Malaysian uptown?

Just passed by this new Malaysian restaurant, it's called Villa Malaysia. Looked pretty empty on inspection, so I decided to go to Destiny instead.

Kaya - Coconut Jam in Toronto

I agree with Charles also, Yeo's is a great brand for kaya.

Kaya - Coconut Jam in Toronto

It's great to see people suggesting making your own kaya! I love it, especially on thin slices of toast and butter, soft boiled egg to dip it in, and a cup of teh tarik.

If you want to save the time, I suggest simply going to a Chinese grocery store. There are several varieties available too. T&T Supermarkets will surely have it and is probably the safest bet in terms of availability. I'm not sure which aisle you'll find it in though.

If you are even more desperate, you can also buy a bottle online and get it shipped here. Maybe I've never purchased anything on it and in no way endorse the site, but the items are authentically Malaysian/Singaporean.

Malaysian uptown?

I am aware that Restauran Malaysia opened up a new restaurant by the Destiny Bubble Tea on East Beaver Creek by Highway 7. I passed by it but haven't had a chance to eat there yet, I forget the name of the new restaurant.

Destiny Bubble Tea
633 Silver Star Blvd, Toronto, ON M1V5N1, CA

Malaysian uptown?

South Asia Malaysian Cuisine isn't bad for their Hainanese chicken rice. I also enjoy the appetizer bak kut teh soup they provide for each guest. I've been dying for find another great place for chicken rice.

Restauran Malaysia is great, though I agree that it's come a little down hill. But the chicken curry, chow kuay teow, teh tarik, and mee goreng are still pretty solid.

I've never been to Gourmet Garden yet, so I would love to know people's review on it.

If you're not too picky on fanciness, I discovered a Malay/Singapore stall in the First Markham Place food court that serves SUPERB curry laksa so authentic, it makes me cry with the accompanied sambal chili. It's the stall closer to the Japanese sushi stall.

I'm planning an eating trip to Malaysia in January, you've got me all fired up!

Gourmet Garden Restaurant
4465 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA

South Asia Malaysian Cuisine
3380 Midland Av, Toronto, ON M1V5B5, CA

Cherry Street Restaurant is open

Thanks for the info! Every time I pass by that restaurant on Cherry Street on my way for grocery shopping at T&T Supermarkets, I've always been curious as to the success of the restaurant. I had my doubts to the success of this restaurant since it doesn't get much traffic and it's in a heavily industrialized area. The renovation of the place on the outside looks fantastic, and now with your review, I'll stop by on my way to T&T one night. Is there also a bar available? Probably not since it closes at 6pm?

Good Food in Hamilton?!

Thanks guys for the fantastic list of places.
I've been meaning to check out Mex-I-Can for a while now, but always get turned off by the interior decor of the place. But hey, the grungy look adds to the atmosphere, I'm sure it serves great Mexican street food. I DID try some of their booth during Hamilton's Food and Wine exhibition at Cops Coliseum and it was fantastic. That's how I also found Wass.

Toronto's Best Fried Chicken

Stockyards is great for fried chicken. You may want to try Korean fried chicken in Korean town on Bloor like SZW suggested, a very interesting alternative.

Good Food in Hamilton?!

I've only recently moved to Hamilton (to my dismay) and I always go to Toronto to eat out on weekends. I admit that I haven't explored Hamilton's food scene enough, if it even has any, but I'd like to know what you guys suggest!

Of the places I've tried, these are my favorite and the ones I tend to frequent the most:

- Pho Dau Bo
- La Cantina
- La Luna
- Wass Ethiopian Restaurant

Any other suggestions to make my stay in Hamilton more tolerable?!

La Cantina
60 Walnut St S, Hamilton, ON L8N2L1, CA

Pho Dau Bo Restaurant
15 Cannon St E, Hamilton, ON L8L1Z6, CA

La Luna Restaurant
834 Brant St, Burlington, ON L7R2J5, CA

WASS Ethiopian Restaurant
207 James St S, Hamilton, Ontario, ON L8P 3A8, CA

Does this sound OK? (Toronto weekend)

LRS, this is a great eating itinerary in Toronto.
However, might I suggest you change O'Mei to another restaurant that's also located up north? O'Mei is your typical Cantonese style restaurant which you can get anywhere in Toronto or NYC. Since your up north of Toronto, I would suggest more Northern Style Chinese such as the fake Ding Tai Fung, A La Kitchen, or Peach Garden. If you want to try something outside Chinese, I highly recommend Restauran Malaysia up by Major Mackenzie and Bayview. Malaysian food definitely doesn't get enough rep, but I highly recommend it.

Peach Garden
45 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B2H9, CA

A La Kitchen
21 Fairburn Dr, Markham, ON L6G0A5, CA

Spending $443.48 on Dinner at Whole Foods

This is absolutely ridiculous, why would you spend this much money on food at Whole Foods? It already burns your wallet already, why do more damage?! I personally go to Whole Foods for the fresh meats, deli, and seafood. Other than that, I spend my money of produce and artisan stuff elsewhere.

Oct 07, 2010
jingloh in Features