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A to Z in Fresh Meadows Closing

I was in the store yesterday, and their stock is low on everything, nearly no fruits or vegetables either. I asked the owner and the conversation went like this: " Whats going on"; Owner: Oh everything is wonderful (without irony) ; "So why is the stock so low""; Owner: "oh, we're shutting down operations".
Whats up?

Jun 26, 2012
gmal1 in Kosher

Burgers Bar coming to Teaneck

I went there once, they have no idea how to serve/make burgers or serve customers. They put the burger on teh grill when you pay, and it sits there until they are good and rwady for your "order" by then, its way way overcooked, but they dont care. You can wait all over again. Seven dolalrs is LOT for a burger, all you get is a "special sauce" you can make yourself. If you got 5 toppings with it, then ok, but its kust a sauce. Whats teh big deal? And certainly teh burger, being overcooked, made it a waste.

Feb 14, 2010
gmal1 in Kosher

Kosher near Mt. Sinai Hospital- NYC

Also try the Jewish Museum on Fifth Ave and 92nd st. they have a very nice cafe downstairs.
MSH has a great hot food selection at extremely reasonable prices.

Aug 19, 2009
gmal1 in Kosher


Try Gottlieb's in Broolyn, * Address: 352 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211-6240
* Phone: (718) 384-9037
They make their own and its great!

Oct 18, 2008
gmal1 in Kosher

New Kosher Restaurants on Main Street (Kew Garden Hills)

Several in our family have been to the Thai place, and the food is certainly different than the Chinese places, its very similar. The big problem is that they dont explain the food to you, or tell you the difference between one dish and the other. They spend a lot of time with each other behind the couinter, and we noticed that their friends get special service. If they keep that up, they wont last.

Sep 28, 2008
gmal1 in Kosher


Just saw it yesterday in A to Z on Union Turnpike. I am sure the Israeli grocery stores on Main St carry it too.

Sep 02, 2008
gmal1 in Kosher

The Flame Grill in Queens

Anyone know anything about The Flame on Union Tpke in Queens? In contrast to Grill Point, there is no one in there. They were closed for a few weeks laste last year, so I am wondering if the owners are new?

Mar 23, 2008
gmal1 in Kosher

Carlos & Gabby's in Cedarhurst

We were very pleased with C&G, much much better food than Smokey Joe's, and much closer. Everything they make is made fresh, you can tell by the taste. This is the only kosher place ever to serve real tortilla chips, made from real tortillas, not those corn chip things from a bag. And those blue corn tortillas, seem to be made with blue corn.
The comparison to Burger Bar is stunning. Now thats aplace I will never return to. They throw "your" burger on the gril, and leave it there until they get to your order. Could be five minutes, could be, but more likely the 20 minutes we waited. So its completely overcooked. So they have sauces? who cares, the burger was inedible.

Mar 04, 2008
gmal1 in Kosher

Smokey Joes in Teaneck

I went a few months ago and we were quite diassappointed. Th eportions especially left a lot to be desired. A tiny bowl of the "special" cole slaw could not have had more than two forkfuls, a small piece of cornbread, etc. I ordered a "large" order of ribs, was quite surprised when I received four small bony pieces. What would a regular order be? The meat was definitely over rated, way over rated. I have made homemade pulled beef sandwiches that are way better than anything we had there.

Dec 22, 2007
gmal1 in Kosher


check out, they have an up to date list. there about a dozen places to eat. The Mt Tremblant condo has a active Chabad, look it up on internet.

Aug 18, 2007
gmal1 in Kosher