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Hanafin's Pub in Glastonbury CT

Went to Hanafin's last night around 9pm. I was excited about how many people were still there (I am a Glastonbury native and so many restaurants except Chili's clear out by 8pm. I ordered the Reuben and chips and my boyfriend ordered the Mac and Cheese. Reuben was EXCELLENT, the corned beef was clearly the homemade corned beef from the corned beef and cabbage. Juicy, tender it was so good. The "chips" or fries on the other hand left a little to be desired, they were brown, but not crispy at all, almost seemed like they had been cooked in oil that was not hot enough, the taste was good, but I would not have called them fries with no crispness at all. The mac and cheese was awesome, it had a great flavor, little bits of prosciutto and panko on top. Also had a Guinness and a stoli and cran all for around 32 bucks, not a bad dinner in Glastonbury. I am very hopeful about this place like others have said, more casual but not chain restaurants would be awesome in Glastonbury, esp for us 20-somethings that don't want to go to Plan B or the Diamond all the time. All and all I give it 8 out of 10 stars, just need to work on the fries a bit!

Plan B
120 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT 06033

Aug 16, 2011
thecof in Southern New England

Avventura Deli Waterbury CT

MY FAVORITE! I used to work in Waterbury (Post University) and Avventura was one of my favorite lunch places (and to be honest there is some great food over there). I studied abroad in Sicily in college and Avventura is the closest thing to an Italian deli I have seen. The paninis, fried artichokes, gelato and baked goods are to DIE for. Seriously I work in West Hartford now, live in Glastonbury and legit contemplate driving all the way down there for lunch some days.

72 America St, Waterbury, CT 06708

Jun 01, 2011
thecof in Southern New England

Lunch near I-84/CT-8

I used to work in that area (Post University) and I love to eat! My favorite places around there are:
Aventura- An Italian deli/bakery/takeout place in town plot. Honestly it is awesome. It's not cheap, my lunch was usually 15 bucks or so but its because EVERYTHING looks awesome so you get more than you need. I spent a semester traveling around Sicily in college and let me tell you, Aventura is the real deal.
Denmoos- Southbury, this is a year round burger shack. Totally outdoors, not indoor tables but worth the cold in the winter. Some of the specials are AMAZING! (softshell crab sandwich, clam chowder, crab cakes) loved this place.
Frankies- not healthy, not classy, just delish, fried veggies, corn dogs, all junk food but always cooked perfectly and burn your mouth hot.
Leo's- This place is right in front of Post, its a Deli/diner sort of feel. The chicken cordon blue panini was really good, so was the tuna melt. Simple but well executed.

Overrated places- Maggie McFlys. I love the menu here, it has so much potential, great bartenders and servers, but the food is super hit or miss. You could go in there and eat a great mean and a week later order the same thing and it could be terrible. IE the Thai chicken pizza- you just never know!
Duchess- terrible, cross between Friendlys and McD's never good
DIIorios- Expensive, fancy tastes likes cruise ship food blech

Maggie McFly's Restaurant
6 Woodside Ave, Middlebury, CT 06762

May 05, 2011
thecof in Southern New England

Reuben's Deli, West Hartford

I work in WH and have been there twice. I just can't get over how overpriced they are. Lunch should not cost 16 dollars for a sandwhich chips and a water. Its ok tasting but not 16 dollars worth of good when I can go to GINZA in bloomfield and get two rolls and a soup for 9 bucks. To many other good places around to be that bad and that expensive.

Jan 03, 2011
thecof in Southern New England

Piatti, Glastonbury, CT

I have been to Piatti's 4 or 5 times now and have always enjoyed my meal. My boyfriend and I sit in the bar and let me tell you the bartender Bob is awesome. The orzo salad with the paninis is great and so are the stuffed burgers. I am a big fan!

Jan 03, 2011
thecof in Southern New England

Sushi in CT--let's talk about our favorite places

I am a West Hartford Sushi lover and have been to what seems most of the restaurants in the area. Ginza is my hands down favorite, always fresh and delish it never dissapoints. Sakura in South Windsor is a hit or miss. My SO and I used to go the the Glastonbury one and very much enjoyed it. Then with a few friends we went to the South Windsor one where we ordered Hibachi. The Salmon was obv old and not fit for sushi so they cooked it. My SO was so sick with food poisoning I had to take him to the hospital. We called the restaurant to tell them and they said it was not from them. We ate the same meals that day for breakfast and lunch, and the only thing we ate different was the hibachi. Ming Ghung in Glastonbury is tasty but always creepily empty, makes me wonder about the freshness of the fish....

Sakura Restaurant
231 Wickenden St, Providence, RI 02903

Jun 23, 2010
thecof in Southern New England