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Best places to order dessert from?

I'm shocked that no one mentioned Dortoni Bakery in Levittown!

Indian Food in Long Island (middle of the island)

House of Dosas is amazing, but keep in mind the flavor profile and dishes are South Indian, while Curry Club is North Indian. North Indian has meat and creamy curries, while South Indian has dosas and vegetarian curries. You can get a Thali Lunch Mon-Fri for about 7.95 and try 10 little portions of different dishes. If you want North Indian, there are lots of options in Hicksville. Bukhara Grill is one of them, and I suggest the lunch buffet.

Good eats near Hunter, NY/Hunter Mountain or lunch along the way?

I'll be going with my SO to Hunter Mountain in a few weeks and I was looking for some recommendations as to where we could go for some good meals.

So far we're planning on going to The George Mann Tory Tavern when we visit Howe Caverns, and Last Chance Cheese Cafe in Tannersville near the mountain. I've looked up a bunch of other places but many of the reviews conflict with each other - it seems like everywhere else I looked is jacked up to tourist prices and very inconsistent quality-wise. We don't mind spending some money, but it should be worth what we pay, especially given how easy it is for us to go into Manhattan and get something fabulous.

I'm looking for pretty much anywhere to go that is consistently good - it can be a cheap soup/sandwich shop or something more upscale. I don't eat seafood but SO does, I eat pork but SO doesn't, we stay away from organ meats and other exotic proteins (e.g. frog legs). Other than that nothing is really off limits - we like Indian, Greek, Italian, classic American, Mexican, Chinese, and so on.

If anyone has a rec for somewhere we should stop at for lunch on the way traveling to/from Manhattan feel free to throw that in too :)

Thanks in advance!

Seasons 52 Pricing?

Hey all,
I'm in the midst of planning places to eat while we are in the Disney area. Seasons 52 sounds great, but I'm hesitant to make reservations with no prices on the menu. Does anyone have a menu with prices, or any ballpark figures to give me (e.g. appetizers ranged from $9-11, entrees from $14-21)? Thanks!

Jun 22, 2010
jessi5000 in Florida