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Toronto Dinner Recommendations for a Bachelor Party

How about Safari at Avenue Rd & Lawrence? There is a great patio, good food, interesting beer menu, and after dinner you can go upstairs where there are several pool tables.

Electric knife sharpeners

There's this mystique about knife sharpening while in fact it's not so difficult to do. There are lots of youtube videos that show proper techniques (and some that show you the wrong ways) but you can take a course like justxpete suggested.

Sep 11, 2012
Jean Georges in Cookware

Electric knife sharpeners

Agree totally. Your knives will thank you

Sep 11, 2012
Jean Georges in Cookware

Toronto Knife Sharpening?

Buy a good 1000# whetstone and do it yourself. It's really not that hard to do and the whetstone will last you a lifetime.

Any update on Catch, the new restaurant on St. Clair West?

Wen last night and wouldn't rush back. All the mains we tried were good, although the portions are tiny. The large size trout was 8 oz and the small was 4oz. A couple of baby carrots and a spoonful of cooked greens on the plate as well. We all came home and ate again. Apps and sides are also tiny in size and were nothing special either. Portion sizes are usually a big deal for me but when we all need to eat another meal immediately afterwards there's a problem.

Nice looking restaurant though.

Friends from UK have a 5 hour layover at Toronto Pearson Airport tomorrow

Sushi-Ya at 621 Dixon Road serves reasonable Japanese food in a nice atmosphere.

If your friends from the UK like steak the Keg will be much better than what they can get back home.

Toronto Private Room

I recently hosted a private dinner party for 16 at Eight Wine Bar at the Cosmopolitan hotel. Food and service were both very good. Very nice atmosphere, especially at the bar.

Private dining recommendations

I recently hosted a private party for 16 at Eight Wine Bar at the Cosmopolitan hotel. The restaurant is on the main floor so the accessibility issue should be ok. Food is very good but also fairly simple (i.e. steak with port reduction, glazed salmon, veg pasta).

We had them set up 1 large square table but you could do a long rectangular table for 20.

If you limit the drinks you will be able to go under $150 pp easily.

Any venue suggestions for gentleman's dinner?

You can try the back room or upstairs room at Eight Wine Bar in the Cosmopolitan hotel. Nice spot with good food and wine. Right sized for a group of 15.

Need Rec - Bayview or Mt. Pleasant Restaurant strip

Wen to L'Avenue on the weekend. Very traditional French bistro cuisine with limited menu but everything we tried was very good. Warm knowledgeable service. Good wine selection. Will return.

knife sharpening

What do you use a serrated knife for besides bread and why wouldn't you use a sharp knife?

Looking for private dining for 16 to 18 people

Have decided on Eight Wine Bar at the Cosmopolitan hotel. We will have the bar for cocktails and the back room for dinner, all private. So far they have been very accommodating. I ate there a few months ago and the food was quite good, although the service was just so-so. The bar area is very chic looking and should make for a nice venue. I'll post back here in a few weeks with the outcome.

Eight Wine Bar
8 Colborne Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1E1, CA

knife sharpening

This seems to be a common question on this a high end chef their knives are the tools of their trade and they would never give them to a sharpening service. In chefs school they learn to periodically sharpen their own knives using whetstones, and keep the edge honed using a smooth steel rod. It's really not that hard to learn and the stones and steel will last a lifetime, so it's not a big investment either.

Butchers or meat counters or low end restaurants will rent their knives from Nella who will replace them with sharpened knives on a regular basis. But these are not great knives and would not be used by a serious chef.

A broken or abused serrated knife should be discarded and replaced with a new one. The Henckles Twin Master 9½ in Bread Knife is only $30. These are the yellow handled knives you can purchase from a restaurant supply store, and make great bread knives. Here is a link to a Canadian site where you can buy this knife.

My last point is that a serrated knife should be only be used for bread and nothing else. It should last for many many years before it needs to be replaced. It does not need to be sharpened.

Yes, I am a knife snob.

Looking for private dining for 16 to 18 people

Downtown or midtown, budget is not an issue. For a Sunday night which unfortunately eliminates a number of good fine dining options.

Have considered the following choices so far but looking for other options:

* Brassaii - beautiful space but reviews are very mixed, Seems they are poorly managed

* Ciao Wine Bar - nice space, bad reviews

* Caren's Wine Bar - good reviews but the upstairs room doesn't have as much character as we would like

Not available on Sunday: George, Spendido, Kultura, Corner House

Looking for small private dining room near Delta Chelsea

Looking for a private dining room that is suitable for business discussions and dining walking distance from the Delta Chelsea hotel. 4 people only. Any budget and cuisine will do. Currently the only option I can think of is the port room at Adega on Elm. It's for Sunday night.

33 Elm Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1H1, CA

Why do I do this?

Walk along the street, see a nice looking restaurant, I go in without first checking Chowhound & eat a highly disappointing meal. I know i should check CH first, but I don't. Most recent disappointment was at Momo's on Harbord. Nice patio. Terrible food.

Caffino (King and Dufferin)... any information?

Just had dinner at Caffino last night and I pretty much agree with the previous posts. Room is very very nice and interesting, but the food is uninspired and just okay. Service is consistent with the food.

1185 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K3C5, CA

Need rec for overseas visitors

Our company will have 10 overseas visitors in town later this month, and I would like to take them to a nice restaurant for a Canadian experience. Two years ago I took everyone to Vineland Estates for one evening, and to the Hiding Inn Hockley another night. I am looking for something along those lines, but not as far as going to Niagara. Canoe would be good but I don't have the budget. We would be about 15 people total, so we need a space that can accommodate a group.

The visitors will be from India, Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and Germany. They are not foodies but are somewhat adventurous. For the Asian people especially, the food and menu will be challenging so a simpler menu is better than a complex menu, if you know what I mean.

Hiding Inn Hockley
, Orangeville, ON L9W, CA

The Rectory Café on the Island - Any feedback?

The Rectory Café on the Island seems like it would be a wonderful romantic destination for Saturday night. Take the ferry across, walk the island, eat a nice meal outside if the weather cooperates, .... The menu looks good but there aren't any postings on Chowhound. Has anyone eaten there?

The Rectory Cafe
102 Lakeshore Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto, ON M5J 1X9, CA

Is the fish you buy really the fish?

Restaurants could start doing what I have seen in China. They bring you a selection of live fish, you choose one, and they immediately bludgeon it to death in front of you before taking it back to the kitchen to be prepared.

Since nobody else would ever choose a dead fish, it virtually guarantees that you will be served the fish you selected.

Big Night in Sao Paulo, Brasil-Mocoto Restaurante e Cachaçeria, Gastronomia Urbana in Vila Madeiros

I ate at Mocotó on Wednesday night, along with our Brazilian manager. He had never been to this part of SO so kept making wrong turns and calling the restaurant for directions. A funny think in Brazil is the reliance on asking people on the street for directions, or calling the destination, rather than using a map or a GPS.

So we finally arrive to the restaurant, which doesn't seem to have sign so we have to shout to the people there :Is this Mocotó? Fortunately we are seated right away, at a great table close to the wall of cachaça. The restaurant is filled, with large families including children, people eating alone, couples, etc. All seem to be locals. This is a very simple neighborhood restaurant that has developed a good reputation, even to other countries.

As soon as we are seated a waiter offers some cachaça and pours us a shot glass right at the table. After dinner he came back with more and more cachaça, some aged in balsam, some rare, some common, even a homemade cachaça liqueur which is marinated with vanilla and frozen. Devince.

I ordered the Atolado de bode and a salad and my friend ordered a different dish, but the waitress said that one dish is enough for two so we canceled his. It's a good thing that my friend is a light eater since the dish was smaller than expected.

The food was good but our expectations were so high that we were a little disappointed. It is a stew made with cassava and goat, with an onion broth. It was delicious but not incredible. It is stew after all, something we can all make. In fact most of the dishes on the well worn menu were suped up home cooking, not at all gourmet.

We had 2 deserts, one a home made mango ice and the other was a chocolate mouse made with cachaça that was excellent. From looking at what the other tables ordered, this desert seems to be well liked.

We asked for the bill and noticed that none of the cachaça were ont he bill, so we inquired and we were told they were complimentary! They knew it was our first time there and simply wanted us to enjoy our evening and feel welcome we would come back. Wow. And my friend, who is Brazilian and lives in SP said this had never happened to him. The total was 72 R$ for 2, which is about $40 USD including 2 salads, 1 main, 2 deserts, 1 large beer which was $10 and about 5 or 6 cachaça.

The hospitality was great, the ambience was interesting, and the food was good, but I do not understand how this restaurant became so famous. It is like a warm & good neighborhood bistro that offers many cachaça and good value.

Big Night in Sao Paulo, Brasil-Mocoto Restaurante e Cachaçeria, Gastronomia Urbana in Vila Madeiros

What a fantastic, well-written and entertaining review! Thank-you streetgourmetla. I am off to SP and will try to eat there on Wednesday. If my experience is only half what you had I will be thrilled.

Chega - Never heard of it

We have friends who have reserved a table at Chega for tonight. There isn't any info on CH and even the internet doesn't have any info. It's at 3391 Yonge St, just south of the 401.

Does anyone know this restaurant and what can you tell me? What kind of food is it? Any good? Large or small?

Boujadi - still in business?

Oddly, as of one week ago, the tables are all set as they would normally be. It's as if they left the restaurant one evening expecting to reopen the next day.


I wonder if there has been a chance in ownership, as I have been there 3 or 4 times and had excellent service every time. My last visit was about 1 year ago. I like the cozy room, the nice little patio at back, and have found the food to be quite good. A bit on the expensive side but overall I have liked enough to return several times. But if the service has gone downhill I wouldn't go back - the food wasn't good enough to overcome bad service.

Flow in Yorkville (Toronto)

I posted a recent review here: Scroll to the bottom of the thread.

Summary: Very good food. Excellent service. Would definitely return.

Driving the 401 - Toronto to Montreal

Linguine's Italian Restaurant
151 Pinnacle Street
Belleville, ON K8N 3A5

I know that this will make me sound like a Toronto snob, but I never expected to find such a good restaurant in Belleville. Nice atmosphere, good food. Located in downtown Belleville which is about 5 or 6 minutes off the 401.

Pub w/ Private Room?

Safari Grill would be an excellent choice on Avenue Rd between Wilson and Lawrence. The food is much better and more interesting than a typical pub. The upstairs room that millygirl mentioned would be a good size for 25.

Best Downtown Resto for Under $200

With tax & tip, for 2 cocktails, 1 glass of wine, 1 appetizer and 2 mains: $190.

Best Downtown Resto for Under $200

Went to Flow last night and I want to thank snarf for the recommendation. Sat at table 60 which is what snarf had recommended. From this table 2 people can site side by side on a bench and look out over the restaurant. Defintely the best seat in the house, according to the manager.

The food was excellent but I want to first comment on the service, which was perfect. The hostess was super and set a tone for evening of being personable, fun, professional, accomodating and helpful. The restaurant has a lot of staff, and everyone of them is attentive and unobtrusively makes sure that the evening goes perfectly. The front of the house is a smoohtly oiled machine, but a highly personal machine.

The menu was great and it was hard to choose. We shared an ahi tuna tartar appetizer that was the hit of the evening. It's finely chopped Ahi grade tuna, ginger root, avocado and tart lime, Nashi salad and crisp wonton crackers. In presentation there was the tuna in the middle, with the crackers to one side and the salad (like a slaw) to the other. All 3 components were excellent on their own, and could be combined for sensations of creamy, crispy, salty and spicy. Really an outstanding dish.

For mains we had the striploin and the lamb. The steak was really really good, with delicious mushrooms and onions on the side. The lamb was very good but not quite as good as the steak. It had a thin coating of dates that added a nice sweetness. Both meats were perfectly cooked medium rare.

The menu has many fish dishes that sound really good. The menu on their web site is not quite up to date but does give an idea of the style of food to expect.

The menu has a large selection of interesting cocktails, many whiskeys, ports, armangacs and of course a good wine list. The mojito with fresh mint and lime should be sampled.

Overall a great evening with outstanding service, excellent food, and a beautiful room. One of the city's best restaurants in my opinion.