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Best Burger in Providence??

Looking for the best burger at a full service restaurant in Providence. Any suggestions?

Late Afternoon Drinks?

Being a foodie I dine out quite often but I don't know too much of the bar scene around Providence. I have some out of town friends coming to visit this weekend and are arriving early this afternoon. They want to get a little taste of Providence by having apps and drinks at a few different restaurants/bars around the city. We are venturing out around 5:00. Any suggestions?

Roberto's or Persimmon for dinner in Bristol?

not even close, persimmon.

Thoughts on Restaurant Week!

I like that idea! I have been out of town and haven't heard much about this year's restaurant week. Any different than previous years?

Providence not a foodie destination?

hi idonttryalot, just teasing. providence is a great restaurant city with many high quality places in the surrounding areas as well. Federal hill is filled with Italian places but there are many other areas that have great places. Downtown has New Rivers, Cafe Noir, Ten Steak and Sushi, Gracies, Hemmenway's, and Local 121 all not Italian. The east side has Chez Pascal, Red Stripe, Pizzico, Z Bar, Waterman Grille and La Laterie and the west side has Loie Fuller, Nick's on Broadway and Julian's. None of these places are Italian except Pizzico and maybe the Z Bar.

Chez Pascal Restaurant
960 Hope St, Providence, RI 02906

Local 121
121 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903

Waterman Grille
4 Richmond Square, Providence, RI 02906

Red Stripe
465 Angell St, Providence, RI 02906

Cafe Noir
125 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903

Lunch in Bristol RI?

quito's is great. anyone know what is going into the old belvdere hotel space on hope st? i know they put new apartments from the 2nd floor up but i was told a couple of years ago a restaurant from Providence was moving in there and right now it is still empty.

Nat Porters, warren RI

I used to love the Nat Porter. It was owned by young married couple who were very nice but not all that savvy with the biz. I would love to see Jamie form red stripe open a B&B there. His operations are typically very good.

d.carlo (Smithfield, RI) - anyone else disappointed lately?

Update on Rocco's. The sign outdoors is covered and it says coming soon.

Barbeque in Providence

I ate at LJ's about a year ago and it was terrible. I never usually complain to anyone when I dine out but when you receive the wrong food, never get drinks that you ordered and see mice in an establishment I can justify complaining. Management did respond well, our meal was comped and we received gift certificates for a future visit. The gc's still have never been used.

d.carlo (Smithfield, RI) - anyone else disappointed lately?

I inquired with someone in the business and Rocco's will not likely reopen in the Fall. It's too bad, I really enjoyed the two meals I ate there but the place was empty both weekend nights I was there.

Thoughts on Restaurant Week!

i also forgot to mention the service. Service is typically appaling during restaurant week. A friend of mine told me yesterday that she went to Parkside last year where they offered the restaurant week menu as well as the full menu. When telling the server they would be ordering off the rest week menu, he confirmed their choice by refering to it as the "cheap menu". First of all Parkiside: nothing special at all to begin with. It's sister restaurants are Davenport's and the Little Inn, if that gives you any indication of what you are dealing with at Parkside.

Parkside Restaurant
220 W Housatonic St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

Little Inn Restaurant
103 Putnam Pike, Johnston, RI 02919

Thoughts on Restaurant Week!

Restaurant week is creeping up on us again this year. It's a wonderful thing to see so many restaurants participating in Providence and the surrounding areas and also wonderful that many of these restaurants will be filled on a nightly for nearly two weeks. A word of caution to the m any patrons that eat out on a regular basis. YOU WILL NOT FOOL US! From previous restaurant week experiences in RI, I received low quality food and extremely small portions. I'm not sure the exact premise behind restaurant week but I thought it was to generate new business during a slow time of year. Some diners may revel in the idea of trying Local 121, Gracie's or La Laterie at a discounted price but the majority of them trying the place out for the first time will go back to dining at Chelos until the next time you offer a discount. So what do restaurateurs gain from this? Is it worth it to fill your establishment with a bunch of regs from Chelos who will eat just once a year and give low quality discounted food to your own regulars? Please fix restaurant week and reward the people who do dine out regularly.

Local 121
121 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903

Chelo's Restaurant
45 Newport Ave Ste D, Rumford, RI 02916

Best Fries in Providence?

Actually it is difficult to find many restaurants that know how. Many restaurants use frozen fries. to make fries:peel and cut potatoes into matchsticks, soak potatoes in cold water for about 5-6 hours, blanch in peanut oil at 275 and fry in peanut oil at 375. season however desired after removing from oil. must use peanut oil! any other oil will ruin the fries!

Top Ten Restaurants in RI

how could i forget. i love haven bros.

Best Fries in Providence?

This is a topic amongst many friends of mine. My favorites are from Tini on Washington St. What are some other favorites around town?

Top Ten Restaurants in RI

Many friends when visiting RI ask me where they should dine. So here you go. My top ten list in RI plus a few others(in no particular order).

Chez Pascal
New Rivers
Castle Hill
Al Forno
10 Steak and Sushi
Capital Grille
Mill's Tavern
Local 121

The interesting thing about this list is that tourists alwats want to venture to Atwells Ave and not one restaurant from the Hill has made this list. Many good options there but none good enough to be on any top ten list.

Best Burger: Paragon
Best Pizza: Al Forno
Best "Old School" Italian American: Old Canteen
Best Casual French: Loie Fuller
Best Fries: Tini