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Give the West Virginia Hot Dog its due

I grew up in the slaw part of West Virginia, went to school in the slaw optional part, and I have been in New Jersey for 30 years. The hot dog comparison between the two states is actually pretty simple. New Jersey has better dogs, but the rest of a New Jersey hot dog is utterly forgettable. It is actually a waste of a very good hot dog. The best thing I can think to do with the dogs that are available up here is to take them down to West Virginia and dress up them right.

The classic West Virginia slaw is mayo based, pretty sweet, but light. I actually came onto this site looking to see if any worthwhile chili recipes are posted. I have several, but they are closely guarded family secrets, like the people who gave them to me would never speak to me again.... kind of secret.

Steamed bun; chili (don't even THINK about using that stuff with beans), diced onions, yellow mustard and ketchup. That is the classic West Virginia hot dog, and there is none better.

Jun 21, 2010
thebowl in Mid-Atlantic