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Rincon (PR) for 5 days - Best Places to Eat?


Me and my boyfriend will be in Rincon for five days end of December/beginning of January and were looking for some restaurant recommendations. We are going to go to San Juan for one day and I already have a reservation for Marmalade (dinner). Is this too much? Is it fine driving back at night?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for Rincon/nearby areas? It seems like most of the places to eat are in San Juan/searching the boards brings up a lot about San Juan but very little about anywhere else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Steamed Chicken with Ginger Scallion Sauce in Manhattan?

Hi all,

I've been looking for the steamed chicken (half/whole) that is served, on the bone, cut into chunks with the skin on, with a side dish of grated ginger dipping sauce with oil, scallion and salt? I don't actually know the name of it...

Does anyone know where the best is in Manhattan? I've been craving it! I've seen it in Chinatown but there are so many places and I don't know which one is good. Plus, if anyone knows of places that serve this and also take credit card?

Jan 05, 2011
lovexdreamer in Manhattan

Need recommendation-- where to take boss out to make her feel cool?

I've been trying to get a reservation at Bohemian. Would you be willing to share the number? I would be forever grateful.

Dec 01, 2010
lovexdreamer in Manhattan

Halloween Trip: Del Posto, Babbo, Bohemian, Jean Georges, Locanda Verde, Totto, Bouchon, Doughnut Plant

I have really been wanting to try out Bohemian. I've been trying to get the number for awhile with no luck. Is there any way that you would share the number with me? It would mean so much to me and the boyfriend. Thanks!

Dec 01, 2010
lovexdreamer in Manhattan

Colombia - Cartagena, Bogota, Santa Marta. Cheap/Authentic Eats?

thanks so much! i realized after posting that there is one in bogota...

in terms of where we are staying, i believe near the city center (near the gold museum?) we haven't really decided just yet. though if you have recommendations that would be great!

Colombia - Cartagena, Bogota, Santa Marta. Cheap/Authentic Eats?

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I will be in Colombia at the end of July for two weeks and wanted some recommendations of places to eat. We are interested in authentic Colombian food and are looking to stay with mostly cheaper meals with a couple "nicer" meals ($30+).

I read about Andres Carne de Res but am worried because it is 40 minutes outside of Bogota. Does anyone have experience on how to get back to Bogota in the early morning? Is a cab safe?

We both really love fish and would love some great ceviche recommendations.