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Boneless Pork Rib Roast - slow roasting - need help

They brought me a thermometer when they got back. I had just taken out my pork and it was about 150 or so, before resting. A bit overcooked but I made gravy and it was pretty good. Next time I'd cook it slower but longer and have the thermometer first.

Dec 09, 2012
TheFoodEater in Home Cooking

Boneless Pork Rib Roast - slow roasting - need help

I also agree unfortunately that's just not an option as the guests I'm cooking for also took the car, and I must serve when they get back to keep a tight travel schedule.

Good idea about finishing it in the pan if it's still too pink after it rests. That'll be the lifeline that makes this work :)

Dec 09, 2012
TheFoodEater in Home Cooking

Boneless Pork Rib Roast - slow roasting - need help

I need a little help. I have a small 1.8 pound boneless pork rib roast. Here is what I've done so far. I made a brine with pineapple, mango juice, salt, bay leaf, water and peppercorns. Soaked it 8 hours. Then I dried it, made little cuts in it, and stuffed some garlic in there. Then I browned it, and I just put it in the oven at 275 fat side up. Planning on slow cooking it 2 1/2 hours, resting a half hour.

Is my pork gonna be edible? Am I cooking it to high? I need to serve it in 3 hours, so I'd rather adjust the temp then the cook time, or let it rest in a cool oven. Can I let it rest in the oven at 150 or so until it's time to serve it if it gets done early? Is 275 too hot for 2 1/2 hours cook time?

Normally I could just wing it with a thermometer but my thermometer is broken and I forgot to replace it, so I'm kind of uncertain about how to proceed.

Any advice?

Dec 09, 2012
TheFoodEater in Home Cooking

Top Chef Texas - Ep. #15 - 02/15/12 (Spoilers)

This is perhaps the worst episode of top chef I have ever seen, in the worst season of top chef I have ever seen.

Someone needs to get fired. There are many ways to incorporate some unusual elements without turning it into this clusterf...mess. I feel bad, because there are obviously some talented people here. But, they get screwed by the challenges (Nyesha is obviously as good as any of the surviving bozos, but she gets screwed in a partner challenge, then screwed again when she has to trade ingredients). Sarah has some skills and pedigree. Other than these two exceptions, I don't see anybody in the same league as michael voltaggio or bryan voltagio or kevin or the goat girl or michael blaze or angelo. And I don't see any of those people excelling in this kind of circus freak act this season has become.

Maybe this show has always sucked, and I'm just now realizing it. Or maybe it sucks more now. I dunno. It better improve fast if it's gonna have any credibility at all. I remember when Top Chef was a show you didn't have to be embarrassed to say you watch.

The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs (Episode 5: "New York On A Plate") [Spoilers]

You don't know that at all. For all we know, she spends 90 percent of her time talking about it and it all falls to the edit room floor.

The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs (Episode 5: "New York On A Plate") [Spoilers]

I like Alex best too. I think the reason many people don't like her is because she presents as intensely introverted, which is easy to misread in many different ways. I'm an intensely introverted person, as are most of my friends, and so i recognize it when I watch her. I think her anxiety in the first few episodes stems from that introversion as well.

The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs (Episode 5: "New York On A Plate") [Spoilers]

i'm rooting for Guarnaschelli and i find Burrell insufferable. Of all the chefs on the show, Guarnaschelli is the one i would want to make my last meal, dine with at a really great restaurant or cook my food each day. Burrell is more grating to me, like nails on a chalkboard.

Guarnaschelli's insufferability is the same kind of temperament many introverted artistic and creative people have.

Where to buy anise oil in seattle?

this is where i ended up and got exactly what i needed. thank you very much.

Nov 27, 2011
TheFoodEater in Greater Seattle

Where to buy anise oil in seattle?

Does anyone know of a store in the greater seattle area that sells anise oil. My mom wants to make my great grandma a loaf of this anise bread my great grandma made when my mom was a kid, and we can't find it anywhere. At this point we need to buy it at the store, as the oil will not arrive in time from ordering it online, and this will probably be my great grandma's last christmas. Anyone know a store where we can by the oil, not the extract?

Nov 26, 2011
TheFoodEater in Greater Seattle

Popular flavors that you don't care for

cucumbers, dried coconut flakes, processed meat and cheese.

i'm surprised by these lists. especially how many people hate fresh herbs. mint, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, oregano, etc.

Nov 07, 2011
TheFoodEater in General Topics

Popular flavors that you don't care for

i thought the same thing till i had a maple donut with bacon on it. it made sense, the same way mystical poetry or js bach masses make sense.

how should I respond to microwaved restaurant food?

I went to a thai restaurant. We're seated immediately, quite a few take out customers. OK so far...very nice ambiance and friendly staff...the only red flag is that there is an open kitchen, and two microwaves in full view. I order thai style BBQ'd half chicken. I watch them put something odd shaped in a bag into said microwave, and my entry was served a couple minutes after said microwave is emptied.

So I know my high priced BBQ'd chicken was microwaved. As soon as I was served, i could tell. some parts were way hot and some parts were just kinda hot. The yellow curry sauce was over reduced, like it had sat overnight, the skin was rubbery and the meat had that twice cooked texture. It tasted alright and since I was with my mother and tired, I did not complain.

I feel we shouldn't of paid for it. We were promised BBQ chicken and served microwaved chicken. I am quite sure this chicken was made yesterday, did not sell and reheated for service tonight. Do I have the right to refuse to pay for something like that? Should I complain now? No use to complain because any restaurant with 2 microwaves in full view of the dining room obviously doesn't care, right?

Nov 01, 2011
TheFoodEater in Not About Food

Angry man not only stiffs on tip but steals tip jar.

Whatever happened to just remembering the person who stiffed you, being super nice to them next time to their face, then spitting in their food before you serve it to them and laughing at them behind their back? Doesn't tradition matter anymore? The penalty for stiffing waitstaff is getting your food spit in next time you come in. Everyone knows that.

Survey: Do we cook worse than the previous generations?

a. better.

i'm in my 20s. I cook good food. my mom cooks regularly makes the same mistakes. (won't season things before cooking, overcooked dry meat, etc). Edible, sometimes it's quite good (stir fry especially) but most of the time, meh. My grandma cooks horrible food (cream of mushroom soup, can of green beens, fried onion pieces from a can). I hate big family dinners. (no, great aunt, your jello with canned fruit is not a speciality). gag.

I'd guess that it's easier to be a good cook now than at any other point in time.

Sneakiest Chef Ingredients... a MSG rant

if truffles tasted exactly like msg and msg tasted exactly like truffles, you'd make the same argument. you decide "there's no mistaking umami from natural glutamates" first, then you assign the natural one the better taste sensation.

i wanna see blind taste tests. i bet a lot of people like msg better than truffles, too, also, btw.

Sep 29, 2011
TheFoodEater in General Topics

Is tipping in cash better for the server?

My understanding is that you buy your coke, weed and party drugs with your cash tips and pay your rent and bills with your wage and credit card tips.

So were they "let me pitch in for your eight ball" good or just "let me help pay off your student loan" good? that's the question. i bet most people would prefer an eight ball today rather than student loan money paid out weekly.

Weird/Bad Food Related Dates

I think at this point in your story "That is very heavy; she will have something lighter" you are entitled to throw your drink on him. I couldn't even imagine ordering a drink or an entree for someone else, unless they told me what they wanted their order to be and asked me to order while they ran to the bathroom or made a cell phone call outside or something. His telling the waiter "no" after you order what you want just blows my mind.

Sep 10, 2011
TheFoodEater in Not About Food

We're adults, aren't we??

lol maybe summa u r adults, but languies inevitab mutaties by peeps sis howa languie evolves yo. B4u no it, given current Δlangconvent, u wudn't be able 2 talk to ur grand kiddies as Δlang(u) /= Δlang(culture), u grok? u aimin 2B most articulate corpsie in the graveyard? u wanna ur tombsto 2 b readen "Here lies Mr. Gordo, who always spoke like an adult." cuz omnipeeps, includin ur grand kiddies grandkiddies be all "WTF FSM gave this dood selfreflexi consci + capac2grok+participay in Δlang and he jus xeroxed utha dead/dyin primaties gruntin n groanin patterning exact? srsly wtf? wherz da jazz, da improvizaties, da majik, wherz da evolu?"

here is a thesis: if the way language is changing bothers you, you're actually mad at the fact that you're gonna die. It's not the change in language that's bothering you, it's the way the change of language mirrors your impending mortality. That irritation that you feel when you hear 'sammie,' that's your brain reminding you that in 20 years, you'll be dead. Not only that, the world didn't even wait for you to die before moving on like existence didn't/doesn't matter at all. Besides the fact death is inevitable, life was completely inconsequential on almost any scale of space and time, the world has moved on, including phasing out huge chunks of your language and worldview. Even worse, reality is not even polite enough to hide it's utter indifference to you. Maybe that is why you get irritated at a 'sammie'. srsly.

if this is depressing, i'd recommend enjoying a delicious sammie while you still have a few fleeting chances to let go of anxiety related to things you can't ever change.

Sep 02, 2011
TheFoodEater in Not About Food

What's the meal made 'specially for you' ...and you have to choke it down?

I hate saying this, but entering the world of real foodies, i've realized almost everything my mom cooked for me was bad. My mom cooked most every thing too long, with no seasoning. And she has an irrational fear of trying ingredients that were not available in a supermarket in 1965.

One of the worst offenders, tuna noodle casserole, consisting of frozen Peas (which is a fine ingredient), canned tuna, white sauce (with no salt), noodles (over-cooked in unsalted water). No matter how much salt you added it never tasted seasoned. Another was hormel chili with melted velveta and fritos. Now she has learned to cook better, thank god, and can serve up some good salsas or thai food recipes or make delicious veggies. But during my childhood, the only winning dish my mom had was kale based stir-fry.

I was never good enough with social norms to realize i was expected to pretend to like stuff that tasted like crap, so i avoided this trap with other people. I don't know how it would sound to fake praise some of the stuff people described here. "You really nailed the ratio between velveeta cheese and frozen broccoli." "The combination of celery pieces, canned garbanzo beans and mayo really makes this cool whip sing." "if only all cooks were as skilled as you at adding cans of cream of mushroom soup to things."

I don't lie well, so i don't think i could heap praise on this stuff and not sound incredibly sarcastic. Thinking about this has me dreading the next time i have to be polite about being served bad food. Don't wanna lie, can't be honest. "After eating that, i'd be happy to die right now." maybe? Dear God, why can't i just yell at people like Gordon Ramsay. "You cook like a donkey, grandma." "Grandma, go clean your dentures then come back and taste it again." "Not good enough." "maybe it's time to send you to the old folks home if this is the best you can do in the kitchen."

Aug 09, 2011
TheFoodEater in Not About Food

Master Chef 6/20, spoilers

i love this show

for one, it shows people with merit yelling at people who suck. Nothing like listening to Gordon Ramsay yelling at the proles that their standards are too low to brighten my day. America is dying partly because it's built on a foundation of 'my unedumacated ideas have as much merit as your informed one.' so anything that shows the reverse is good. since 3/4's of idiot america stares at television for 8 hours a day, they might as well watch something that encourages good taste.

for another, it's a great expose on both the mental health problems in America, and class issues that are normally repressed in the media. "my parents made me become a neural engineer and when i told them i wanted to cook they said 'you want to be a servant?'" this kind of classism and narcissistic projection of self worth onto children is endemic and motivates so many problems in the world. "my parents are so rich joel robuchon cooked my infant formula. i never worked a minute in my life and i'm still better than all of you." hahaha. Gordon saying "I'm not rich like your parents, i had to get the experience by working super hard. so i should resent you, but i care about results, so i don't."

finally, i love joe B. Joe's facial expression of "this would be delicious if it weren't for the fact breathing the same air as you for even a minute drenches my nostrils in your stink so bad i can barely taste it." even when he likes the food. Joe finding food that sucks and going after the people who made it the same way a psychopathic toddler with a magnifying glass goes after an anthill on a sunny day. He absolutely humiliated the woman who cooked those soups. when he tasted those potatoes with flour, you could tell he was thinking about the good old days when Romans were allowed to throw servants into tanks of man eating eels that were later served (by extremely motivated servant cooks) as delicacies.

what's not to love?

(please calibrate sarcasm detectors before responding)

Am I alone in the thought that EVOO...

i blame rachel ray, dean of the "you can be as dumb, tasteless and unschooled as i am and still cook" school of cooking shows.

May 13, 2011
TheFoodEater in General Topics

Top Chef Masters Season 3, Episode 4 [Spoilers]

i'm glad gael and gail and padma will be back and i'm glad to see ruth.

watching restaurant girl judge these chefs is like watching my fat slow blind grandpa ref professional sports. i want to see her do one of those blind taste tests where she has to tell ingredients apart blindfolded (like dill and fennel) before i take her opinions seriously. i mean seriously, why not go to the mall and grab the loudest person at the food court? or ask a dog to judge the meat cooking challenges? you could hardly get a worse judge.

the idea that grub street and restaurant girl have votes that carry the same weight as ruth's vote proves, without a doubt, that democracy as a whole is a flawed concept.

Inventors and Entrepreneurs: We Need You!! Please Give Us:

you can buy #6 at amazon:

Apr 29, 2011
TheFoodEater in Cookware

Top Chef Masters, Season 3, Episode 2 - Spoilers

i guess a better example would been letting a person who just took their third piano lesson judge between Glenn Gould and Martha Argerich, and then saying "she's also a pianist."

Top Chef Masters, Season 3, Episode 2 - Spoilers

watching this 'professionally trained' chef critique these folks dishes, without eating the frakking bread, was like watching a physics BA with a B- GPA critique equations by stephen hawking and roger penrose, then saying "he's a trained physicist too." well yeah, i guess, but... absofreakinlutely ridonkeydiculous, i thought.

é really is THE best!!!

i ate their twice, my stand out dishes were the tomato and the duck with foie gras, cherry, almond and cherry jus. these were the culinary equivalent of a first orgasm, or the way hippies must of felt taking acid and listening to hendrix play electric guitar for the first time. i was dumbstruck these dishes were so good, and i've had several dreams where i was eating them again.

Apr 14, 2011
TheFoodEater in Las Vegas

The truth behind Olive Garden's "Tuscan" Cooking School

Here's another truth behind olive garden's 'tuscan' cooking school. There are a ton of studies that show changing the context of an identical food item has dramatic effects on people's perception of it's value and worth. For example, if you plate a brownie on a nice plate with a doily, people will say it's better, and would gladly pay more, than the identical brownie handed out on a paper towel.

well, it turns out that adding words like "tuscan" to menu descriptions has the same effect. People will pay more for, and rate higher, "tuscan bean soup" than an identical tasting "bean soup" for example. I could dig up the studies and exact numbers later but i'm eating and nursing a cold, so i'm gonna be lazy and not dig through my library right now.

But, another truth behind Olive Garden's Tuscan Cooking School is that it's clearly and cynically based on research around effects of labeling on perceptions of the taste and value of crappy food. It's like someone took the study on the effect of labeling on food, and decided to make a shitty restaurant and boatload of money off of it.

What's Growing in Your Herb Garden?

this year i will have dill, fennel, chives, thyme, lemon thyme, cilantro, sage, pineapple sage, rosemary, tarragon, basil, thai basil, chervil, catnip (for tea), mint, flat leaf parsley and oregano.

Apr 12, 2011
TheFoodEater in Gardening

restaurant attire

I like a dress code, because it keeps out poor people. Nothing ruins truffles and caviar for me like sitting next to a poor person also enjoying truffles and caviar. I'd be fine with relaxed dress codes as long as each person not in a jacket passes a credit check before being allowed to sit down in their jeans. When I am enjoying decadent excess it's important to me that no prole beta wage slaves are enjoying the same thing. It just ruins the atmosphere for me. For decades our great restaurants had proud traditions of humiliating poor people who tried to eat there, and these traditions are important to my enjoyment of my lavish excess.

Please, lets not allow proles without proper, expensive evening clothes in the nicest restaurants. The only poor people i want to see in my restaurants are the cooks and dishwashers.

Now, if only we could have bathrooms with dress codes so poor people didn't get to use the same toilet as me.

Apr 12, 2011
TheFoodEater in Not About Food

Least appetizing food ads?

the ads for buitoni products on hulu drive me nuts.

"italian masterpiece" is not how i would describe these barely edible raviolis. every time i see those ads i want to vomit in my mouth.