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Chayote Squash???????

What do i do witht his thing anyways?
any recipes out there?
thanks guys!

Apr 07, 2008
cheffrankotte in Home Cooking

Julia's Kitchen Napa, to eat there or not to eat there!

I havent been but my wife and I love this place! Good home style fused with lots of newschool love!

How to peel 240 hard boiled deviled eggs

Why are they so hard to peel? Any tricks? I have been cooking for a long time but this always makes me crazy! Like I learned in school a long time ago eggs in pot, cold water, bring to a boil, turn off let stand 10 minutes covered and shock then peel!

easy right????NOT!!! shells always stick!
ok help me out!

Aug 09, 2007
cheffrankotte in Home Cooking

Key limes??? Nelly and joes????

Are the Mexican "key limes and the real Florida key limes that different? Have you ever seen the Florida ones for sale in the Bay area? Also does Nelly and Joes Juice really taste like the real thing??? thanks guys!

Aug 08, 2007
cheffrankotte in General Topics

Kaffir Lime Leaves? Where to buy?

99 ranch market for under a buck you can get a good handfull. I buy a huge amount and frreze tehm. They seem hard to find a few month out of the year! They thaw perfectly.