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Whole beast dinner

You say "Whole Beast" but did they use the offal? or just the "good" parts?

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine on Bloor closing after today

Puck is old... relagated to food court Airport food. He actually had a lease In the same building as Dynasty but on the west side of the building (2nd floor). It never went anywhere.

Charles Kabouth is opening a french Bistro in the space.

Buying Bottles

Starbucks had to recall 12,000 glass water bottles made in china due to defects which caused them to "explode" when inserting the lid / stopper... Also there have been many reports of the paint used in china to print labels on glass bottles containing not only higher then acceptable levels of lead but also some reports of radiactive elements such as cadmium. (McDonalds recall of 12 million Shrek glasses)..

Buying Bottles

if you are not worried about using chinese glass the Ikea bottles are great. This place has a similar bottle but it is made with Italian glass:

Loblaws I hardly know you....

And they just bought Ace Bakery!

Dynasty Chinese Cuisine on Bloor closing after today

From: Shinan Govani, National Post

End of an era - Dynasty Chinese Cuisine on Bloor is closing after today. ... Space to be Khabouth-ified.

Guess those summer rumours WERE true...

Scarpetta in Toronto

but how did the final price compare to Mistura?

Tipping with credit card machines (split from Ontario board)

Basically they just type the total into the credit card machine.. it has no idea what amount is cost and what is tax so you are definatly tipping on tax if you do it right on the machine and choose percent as the option.

Oct 14, 2010
chowspotting in Not About Food

Tipping with credit card machines (split from Ontario board)

My bad!... the autograt was only on Banquets not regular dinners..

Oct 14, 2010
chowspotting in Not About Food

Tipping with credit card machines (split from Ontario board)

[ NOTE FROM MODERATORS: This thread was split from the following thread on the Ontario board: ].

Was it on the bill or the debit/credit machine?

I know some of the new wireless debit / credit machines that restaurants are using now come with a feature to make things "easier" for the customer. They give you a choice between: 0 tip, $ tip, % tip, 15% tip or 20% tip... if you choose the second or third you can type in your own number all others calculate for you (on the after tax amount).

BTW I just read that at Batalis new restaurant in NYC there is an automatic 23% gratuity which the staff is sueing over as they are not receiving their fair share...

Oct 14, 2010
chowspotting in Not About Food

HADLEY'S 940 College St -- new BBQ joint

You forgot the first part of the quote... "I'm not sure how the BBQ snobs on Chowhound missed it"

2010 closings

Signs in the window that it will now be a Hero Burger..

Hero Burgers
100 Wellington W, Toronto, ON M5H3X7, CA

The fate of Salt Wine Bar?

Your understanting is wrong Amy Pataki did a revew on them a week or so ago and they admitted in the newspaper that they were breaking the law by serving food and liquor without the proper licence... ie NO liquor licence and where only licenced to sell takeout food.

I am sure the poop hit the fan in the licence office when the story appeared in the paper and that they were promptly stut down.

Problem is once you break the liquor laws it becomes harder to actually get a licence. The locals and government will use them as an example of the "lawbreakers" that ossington is attracting and use it as an excuse to not give others a licence..

Bad move all around...

Scarpetta in Toronto

Many restaurants remove tables when they do not have full bookings to make the dining room seem fuller. Susur was a master of this the condo behind would see his staff bringing table to the roof each day at the start of service and then back down at night.

At Scarpetta that side is a lttle tight but not that long just removing one table would have made the difference between cramped and ok..

601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

Scarpetta in Toronto

She is talking about the long banquet along the north wall just as you walk in, the ones covered floor to ceiling in ugly vinyl . They have a whole row of tables for two there and they are spaced VERY close together. Every time the table beside us was served foor teh waitresses bum was almost touching our table. The could take out a couple of tables to make it more comfortable. Yet we commented that the rest of the restaurant looked very well (almost too) spread out.

Other issue with teh space is that as cars are exiting the parking lot across the street the headlights shine right into the restaurant. feel sorry for the people who asked for window seats as we were along the back wall and it was distracting to us (there was a fundction that night and is seemed like many parked at that lot and all left at the same time)

Need catering company for cocktail hour at work - casual affair

Pickle Barrel does platters of all the bar snack kind of stuff you would expect.. I have not used them but have heard they do a decent job.

Scarpetta in Toronto

I usually disagree with Pataki.. and did not find the same things she did when I ate at Scarpetta BUT I was not impressed either.. The Spahgetti was justa silly rip off no flavour and mushy, the goat tasted bitter and burnt, the fish my freind had was OK but again no flavour and the Raw Wagu was just bad.. I was expecting a carpaccio and it was more like a Tartare but with no seasonings.. and the colour was brown not appetzing when you are eating raw beef.

The only good thing (great) was the pollenta, but one dish does not make up for $200 of "ok". Everyone I have taked to has said the same thing.. good to try but we will not be going back...

Now I am sure they will do fin because right now it is the place to be "seen" but what is going to happen next year when all these other Hotels open? Trump, Shangrala, 4 Seasons, etc all of a sudden I think Bathurst and wellington will feel like a long way to go for "ok" Italian...

2010 closings

True Restaurant (69 Yorkville Avenue) has closed.

2010 closings

The first downtown location of local Lebanese restaurant chain Paramount is coming soon to the address near Yonge & Dundas recently vacated by Superior (253 Yonge Street).

Brunch: What is it?

If you Wiki has none of those attributes that you stated.. in fact it says that it should include the standard breakfast items but added to that some other more filling options. It says it should start after 11 or else it is breakfast. No mention i smade of fixed price but they do say it can be either / or a buffet or ordered off a menu.

All Buffets tend to be fiexed price and most ordering from the menu is individualy priced as that only makes sence for a restaurant as it is very difficult to pay for individual items at a buffet or to have a fixed price when you can order anything you want off a menu.

I would pick better sources for your information...

Sep 04, 2010
chowspotting in General Topics

Toronto Food Challenges

The new sports bar in the AAC (name escapes me) has a large steak that you get free if you finish it with all teh trimmings in an hour. I guy at work tried it and did not make it. He was disapointed that it was not a real "steak" but a slab cut off roast with a lot of fat. He siad if it would have been a grilled steak more of the fat would have rendered off and he could have finished. With his there was just too much fat for him to eat. They did rave about the bar said it was more like an upscale lounge then a sports bar.

New Restaurant Zoning rules for Toronto - BAD

The new rules forbid restaurants from opening rear patios south of Bloor Street??? Why? if there is space and it does not disturb residents what is the difference between a back patio and a front patio? or a side patio? and what is the difference which side of bloor you are on?

Pataki on Salt Wine Bar in Ossington.

is it just me or did Pataki call every insoector and councilor in Toronto and "report" Salt for not having valid licencing??

"Bruce Robertson, the city’s director of licensing services, says Salt’s operators could be fined “several hundred dollars” for serving sit-down meals and could have future licensing applications rejected. “I’m looking at his licence right now and it says right on there no seating. That doesn’t jibe.” Roberston is sending in an inspector."

"Silva seems unfazed by breaking the law. “The worst possible scenario is that they shut me down, at all locations,” he says."

Crown Prince Fine Dining - New Chinese Restaurant in North York

walked by today at 6pm and only one lonely old lady on the patio. seems the new windows they put in are a bit rippled so hard to see in but did not see many people inside. It may be a soft opening because there are no big banners or anything announcing the opening. The patio is different to say the lease very ornate metal work but in a copper / brass colour that is unusual..

Toronto Star $29 jam article

On Twitter he says that they sold out of the Jam today at all locations except their Eglington and Bathurst location. Guess everyone wanted to try it after reading the article.

2010 closings

I have heard that Superior will be converted to a swarma shop.

Well, THAT'S a new one. A strip club with a ChefDb listing.

Sara Waxman reviewed the Landing Strip, by the airport, for the Toronto Sun a (long) while back.

How did she like it? here is her quote: "Before anyone recoils in horror and gasps that the Landing Strip is a strip club, let me state unequivocally, that I had the best darned hamburger in the city at lunch here today"

Luminato - 1000 Tastes (June 19th and 20th 2010) - Queens Park

There were acouple of rip-offs.. $5 for a cob of corn, $5 for lemonaide, $5 for 4 tiny lamb scewers and $5 for one spring roll from Susur.

I had Poutine from Poutinis but the fries had a very burnt taste to them. Paella from the southern vendor was really good, pulled prok was great again from the one on the south side... the roast pig on the north end was not good, typical canned beans and pork that looked and tasted like it had been boiled.. think they added water to the tray so that it would not dry out as they were not cutting direct;y from the pig.

I found the sinage terrible most vendors I could not see what they were serving as some kept everything hidden from view and in turn they tended to have no one lining up.

One bit of excitement happened when the Young Thailand tent caught on fire not sure how it happened but flames shot 3 feet up from teh chaffing dishes and set the tent above ablase.. the staff just backed away not knowing what to do and the customers ended up picking up teh tent poles and moving it away from the flame. None of the organizers seemed to notice and the keot serving the food that had burnt tent drop in it\!!!! attached is a photo of the burnt tent...

601 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

1112 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Pat Riley at Amuse (in the beaches)??

Do not take the view of a one time visitors opinion of the typical dress of the peeople at this restaurant... any restaurant in the city can have people walk in dressed like trash. I have been to Anuse several times and have usually found the people well dressed and well behaved. The last time the table beside us were in suits and dresses and the ladies at the chefs table in cocktail dresses. We on the other hand were in slacks and polo shirts and I felt a bit under dressed.

I have heard good things about Franks Kitchen but with the soccer going on College st may not be the best place for a business dinner as the fans tend to get excited...