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Make ice cream with frozen milk.

In this part of Canada (Ontario) we buy our milk in 4litre (about 4qts) bags - there are three bags of about 1.3litres in each pkg. We buy a few at a time and freeze them, so rarely run out of milk, remembering to pull a bag out of the freezer as one gets low.
There's no detrimental affect on the milk, and we use if for drinking, yoghurt making and cooking all the time. We use 2%, occasionally you see a bit of milk-fat deposited on the side of the bag, but I suspect the result is that the 2% simply becomes 1.5% and it works fine.

Jun 19, 2010
rossgk in Home Cooking

CHOW Ginger Beer

Made a few batches. The latest I'm making with Isabella Beaton's iconic cookbook from the 19th century. I agree that trying to culture a random yeast bug out of the air seems crazy - we have a century or so of yeast husbandry that saves us the work. Use bread yeast, or even better get a good quality beer yeast and benefit from a few generations of work.
Still, macrobiotics are fun, so if you have a closet biologist in your make-up, go ahead and culture yeasts from the air - but it's a bit of a Russian roulette regarding what your animals will taste like.

Jun 19, 2010
rossgk in Recipes