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ISO: Kimchi

There's a small grocery store just west of Clinton on the north side of Bloor, down a set of stairs. I've been buying the kimchi there for years, and I love it. You can buy big tubs of it and, when it goes sour, use what's left to make kimchi chigae or kimchi fried rice.

Edit: sorry, I forgot to add that there's no brand. It's just the store's own kimchi.

J-Town Ramen

Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that naturally occurring glutamate isn't quite the same thing as MSG. As far as I understand it, the sodium is the difference. MSG is an artificially created salt meant to make glutamate (and its umami flavour) easily to distribute.

Birthday dinner in Woodbridge/King City?

I've only eaten there once, but Oca Nera was surprisingly good. It's... well, it's behind a gas station - but both the food and service were excellent. The honey truffle fries that came with my steak were incredible, and their signuature Shrimp alla Strega was pretty great, too.

Tapas or Tapas-like place for anniversary dinner?

Thanks so much for all the suggestions everyone! Cava and Torito sound great, as does Melana. Guu would be great, but I think the noise would put my parents off.

I am wondering though, since my folks don't mind eating late and are very into meat... maybe the Black Hoof? Or would that be no good for two sorta' shy older people?

Really appreciate the help!

Tapas or Tapas-like place for anniversary dinner?

Would really appreciate some help! I'm taking my parents out for a much-delayed 40th anniversary dinner and they'd love to try a mid- or maybe even high-end place where they can sample a number of different things.

We're Indian (Punjabi, to be specific), so they're big fans of spicy food, bold flavours etc.

I'm taking them to the Park Hyatt Rooftop Lounge at Avenue and Bloor for a drink (and the view) first, so near-ish would be ideal, but not super necessary.

I've been racking my brains (well, searching online) to think of a good place but have come up short. Any suggestions? I'd so love for them to have a memorable night of something inventive and interesting.

Stout Irish Pub

I was here for a drink and some food recently, and it wasn't half bad.

Most important to me was that they had Murphy's on tap, rather than Guinness. It was poured right and had a thick, creamy head - though it did seem perhaps colder than it should have been.

The burger had was a bit of a mixed bag. The meat itself was good, and the burger was moist and pink in the middle. But it was also a bit grey (no grill marks, or colour of any sort), and there was neither any mustard on the bun nor on the table, which seemed odd to me. The fries, however, were great.

On the plus side, the vibe and service were great. Too bad I'm so far from this place, or I'd visit more often.

Looking for "Hot 'n Spicy" Place for Parents' 40th Anniversary

And by 'hot and spicy', I mean the food! This is my elderly parents we're talking about here! ;)

So, I'd really appreciate a recommendation for a mid- to high-end restaurant for my parents' 40th.

Unfortunately, their palates and tastes have been numbed somewhat by a lifetime of hot Panjabi food. So I'm looking for somewhere that serves food that is quite spicy and 'intense', but *isn't* Indian. (They're both excellent cooks and are generally unimpressed by places like Host or Dhaba.) Bit of a tough one, I know. I've thought about Lai Toh Heen and Frida, but am unsure if they'll truly be excited about either.

Any thoughts? Hoping for a place near Yorkville as we're taking them to the Park Hyatt Rooftop for a drink first.