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Looking for Pumpkin Ravioli

Does anyone know a store in the Northern Virginia area where I can purchase Pumpkin Ravioli? My wife loves it and I am trying to get it as a Christmas Gift.

Good brunch choices in DC/VA area

I do not know where in Virginia you would be looking to go to but here are a few places I have gone for brunch. Most are in the Fairfax area.

Brions Grille-Across form GMU on Braddock Road.
Hops Frog-Burke area
Kilroy's-Springfield off Braddock Road
PJ Skidoos-Across from Fairfax High School

Looking for Good Barbeque in NOVA

I have tried a few barbeque places in Northern Virginia and haven't been all that impressed. The main ones I have tries are:

King Street Blues
Rocklands Barbeque
Red, Hot & Blue
Famous Daves

So far Famous Daves seems to be the best one. Does anyone know of any other barbeque restaurants they would recommend over those I mentioned.

Northern VA w/toddler

I have a one year old so I know how you feel. Some of the places we have found to be friendly to us and the kid are:

Kilroys-American fare in Springfield
Asian Bistro-Old Town Alexandria
Il Porto-Old Town Alexandria
Coastal Flats-Fairfax
Buffalo Wing University-Fairfax
Maggianos-Tysons Corner

Italian dinner in Northern Virginia

Our favorite for Italian is Pines of Florence in Old Town Alexandria. Nothing fancy. Just good food at a good price.

The Mysterious Dad's Backyard Burgers, Merrifield..

Went to Dads today for lunch with a coworker of mine. I tried the 5oz. Dads Original The burger had chopped onion and some green spice I couldn't identify in it. I could really taste the onions in my burger. Overall I thought it tasted ok but not great. It definitely wasn't better than Five Guys.

Now I have seen a few posts where people describe the fries as soggy. I wouldn't say they are soggy. They aren't crispy like Five Guys. They are soft. I have had fries like this before at other places. Me personally I like them crispy so I wasn't all that impressed.

My coworker thought the burger tasted bland. Like me he was not that impressed and thought Five Guys is better.

The one thing I do think they need to change is the fact you can't just order a burger by itself. They only sell meal combos that come with fries and a drink. So even if you only want a burger you will get stuck with fires and a drink.

As a whole Dads will need to improve the flavor of their burgers and fries before I go back. For now it is still going to be Five Guys for a good fast food burger.

Great Pizza In Baileys Crossroads

There is a Greek Restaurant just off Rt. 7 in Baileys Crossroads called Go Greek Athens Restaurant. It is located on 3541 Carlin Springs Rd. Bit of a whole in the all but this place has the best pizza I have tasted in the area. I will say I haven't tried a ton of pieces place but enough to know this place makes a dang good pie. It is out of my way to get pizza from them but it is good enough I don't care.

Give it a shot if you are ever in the area.

Looking for Good Chicken Wings in Northern VA

I am a diehard chicken wing fan and I have yet to find a place in Northern Virginia that is top notch. My favorite place is actually near Charleston, SC where my brother lives. It is a chain called Wild Wing. I use all them as a comparison to all the ones I eat at here and none come close. I have tried wings at Buffalo Wing University, Hooters, Champs, Kilroy's, and Damons just to name a few and they don't compare to Wild Wing.

Does anyone know of any really good places to get a variety of different types of wings in Northern Virginia? I am desperate for a great place not the mediocre ones I have eaten at.