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New burger spot on Ossington?

The burgers at BQm are very juicy, mainly because you can order them done medium, which measn that the beef will not be cooked through and will still be bloody in the middle. They can do this without making people sick because of the quality of their beef. This burger should not be compared to a Lick's burger - they are simply not in the same league.

However, one thing should be noted. Their beef is grass-fed, but grain finished. Grain finished means that for the last few months of life, the cows are taken off the pasture and fed grain, which really fattens them up before slaughter. Without this added layer of fat, the beef simply would not be all that tasty, and would not be suitable for hamburger beef. This is common practice with Canadian grass-fed beef, and there currently are no laws that govern whether grain-finished beef can be called grass-fed or not. You can find out more by looking up the farm's website published on the menu at BQM.

I'm not making judgements about whether this is right or wrong - I'm just stating the facts. It is very hard to find completely grass-fed beef at any restaurant in Canada, let alone a chain (even though it's a small one). The quality of the beed at BQM is still superb to most I have tried.

BQM Diner
354 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V2A2, CA

May 11, 2011
azwix in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Need luch recs in the 905 King St W area

Just walk up to Queen Street and you'll have tons of places to choose from.

Apr 04, 2011
azwix in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Need good restaurant rec downtown/Queen W for special diet.

I eat like this all the time. You can go anywhere. They will just order some kind of protein dish with vegetables and skip the rice or starch served on the side. It's no big deal.

Apr 04, 2011
azwix in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anyone tried the new Milagro on Queen West yet?

I went here this past weekend and it was great. The best thing was the service - friendly and knowledgable and missing the usual Queen West attitude.

The food could be described as upscale authentic mexican. We had several apps - the gaucamole was perfection, and we couldn't get enough of it - so fresh and not chunky like the previous reviewers noted - perhaps they have taken your advice to heart? We also had several small soft tacos - one chicken and shrimp - they were tasty but not outstanding. The crab appetizer was amazing, but a little messy to eat on the hard shell flat taco. I used a fork as well as my fingers as there was just so much topping - which was a good thing actually. My main - steak was very well prepared, although the sauce didn't do all that much for it. My husband's pulled chicken was tender and spiced perfectly. The sangria was tasty, and generously portioned, although could have used less ice.

We did use the Groupon mentionned in the above post, and unlike many other restaurants, we didn't suddenly get treated like second class citizens. The manager came over afterwards and asked us how the meal was and then treated us to shots of espresso liquer on the house.

I would definitely go back.

Apr 04, 2011
azwix in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO: Sushi restaurants in downtown Toronto that use brown rice

Sushi Island on College does brown rice.

Jun 18, 2010
azwix in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

I will second the vote on The Wing Company. We ate there a few times, and then ordered with a large group of friends and everyone got to taste one wing from each flavour.

They have 40 different flavours so you can order some done traditionally and some unique ones. Some of my faves turned out to be ones I would not have thought would be great including one done with red wine and another with dijon mustard.

They use "roaster" wings, so the wings are much larger, juicier and not all bone like some other wings I have had.

Jun 18, 2010
azwix in Ontario (inc. Toronto)