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Bachelorette Party Recs: The Foundry, Campanile, or Others?

Thanks for the replies so far!

From what I know, it seems like the girls in the group are foodies (especially fine dining). They're planning to go out after dinner and have some more fun afterwards too anyways so I guess it's okay if a place is a little less happening for dinner as long as the food is good. It's also a small group of girls... i think like 4 or 5.

My girlfriend is the biggest foodie of the group apparently which is why they told her to pick a place... but she hasn't been in the LA area for almost three years (been on the east coast for grad school). I'm not from the LA area either so we're really appreciating the suggestions!

The Viceroy did look very nice! She did add that to her short list of possible places. It seems it has somewhat mixed reviews on the food though? Or am I just finding bad info? :P

They did originally want to check out The Bazaar but unfortunately, it was booked for the night they wanted to go out on. Are there other places that are similar to that?

Thanks so much!

Jun 18, 2010
danahn17 in Los Angeles Area

Bachelorette Party Recs: The Foundry, Campanile, or Others?

Hi! My girlfriend is organizing a bachelorette party for a friend and is looking into some nice restaurants. She showed me the Foundry and Campanile and asked what I thought but since I'm not from the LA area, I really don't have much a clue.

Of those two choices, what would be the best for a group of four girls on a Saturday night? I think she is leaning towards those two restaurants in particular but if there are significantly better options, I'm sure she'd be open for that too.

Thanks in advance!

Jun 17, 2010
danahn17 in Los Angeles Area