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Just a few suggestions here... My father and his side of the family is Argentinian so I know this recipe well (although I haven't made them in quite some time). They make this recipe with added FRESH grated lemon peel (I don't have my recipe in front of me but we used several large lemons). It's very subtle and it gives it a light fresh taste. Also if you can't find a jar of dulce de leche in stores or online, my mother always got a can of sweet condensed milk, removed the label, and added the whole can (not opened) into a deep pot of boiling water for a few hours (always watch the pot to make sure there is ample water inside it). Then let the can cool. Then when you open the can you add a little bit of real vanilla extract and mix it in. Mmmmmm!

Jun 16, 2010
Mesmerize in Recipes