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Long Layover + Braves Game

Hey all!

I have two 13-hour layovers in Atlanta coming up, I'm renting a car both times and will check stuff out. The rest of the threads on this board gave me a lot of ideas for brunch/dinner everything (but feel free to add anything else here!)

Main question: I'm checking out a Braves game, anything good to eat around/inside the stadium? Decent sports bar before/after game? I'll be by myself and it's a day game.


Jul 02, 2014
feedmiko in Atlanta

I NEED to eat REAL BBQ in South Florida. Where do I go?

Dude. Go to BO LEG BBQ it's out of the parking lot of a laundromat (which means it's LEGIT!!).

Best ribs I've ever had!!!!

Awesome ribs?? Anywhere near the Miami-ish area

Ended up going to BO LEG BBQ because we were trying to find a Vietnamese grocery store (long story) and drove by this place randomly and it looked totally awesome, so a few days later me made a point of traveling back out and eating there.


If you all haven't tried it... here are some links I found after we went there

Seriously. The ribs were that good. Everyone go there now.

Awesome ribs?? Anywhere near the Miami-ish area

Thanks everyone!! Sounds like a lot of good places in here. I'll reply back with the results later this month :)

Sounds like Sparky's might be the place to go..... ?

Awesome ribs?? Anywhere near the Miami-ish area

Hey all,

There's a few of us coming to Miami for business for about a week in May. We've all been to Miami before and know some decent spots to eat...

But... are there any REALLY REALLY GOOD RIBS anywhere?

We'll have a car and won't mind driving, in fact we may be going from Jupiter to the Keys on this trip so really, anywhere that has awesome ribs. And yes we know ribs aren't really a Miami thing but this is the closest we're getting to the South for a while.

Thanks for any help you can provide!! :)

All-you-can-eat ribs anywhere near Seattle?

Thank you for the tip!!

Jan 17, 2011
feedmiko in Greater Seattle

All-you-can-eat ribs anywhere near Seattle?

I called them and they still have it on Mondays. Thank you for the tip!

Jan 17, 2011
feedmiko in Greater Seattle

All-you-can-eat ribs anywhere near Seattle?

My friends and I used to hold an annual rib-eating contest, where we'd overtake a Tony Roma's and eat as much as possible. Unfortunately, Tony Roma's has closed down and the past year we have been unable to find a replacement.

Or are there any other all-you-can-eat deals that aren't for buffets? We thought about the WIngdome option and switching to wings, but it's not all-you-can-eat (although it is delicious!).

Thanks for your help!

PS: Before I get flamed for going to Tony Roma's in the first place, our priority was on quantity, not quality, of the ribs! :)

Jan 16, 2011
feedmiko in Greater Seattle

Driving from Bayonne to Arles - Suggestions?

My boyfriend and I will be driving from Bayonne to Arles in one day (long drive, we know) next week on the 24th of June. Are there any good spots along the way to stop for lunch?

Toulouse is right in the middle of the drive, but if there are any small villages or anything with great scenery or food please let me know!

Also, are there places to drink/buy great Armagnac along the way? Or I hear it's a great foie gras region too. Orr... is that too far away from the drive?

Thanks for your help!

Jun 15, 2010
feedmiko in France