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Ground turkey?

Thank you everyone, I'll start by checking IGA and head to J-T market if I'm out of luck!

Ground turkey?

I'm in Mtl and for some reason, I can't seem to find any ground turkey at grocery stores that isn't seasoned with rosemary. Any recommendation in terms or grocery store, brand or butcher? I really don't wish to grind it myself. Thanks!

Pata negra? *urgent

I need this for tonight! I'd like to know where to find real pata negra in Montreal. Where have you seen/purchased it?
Thanks a lot!

Pomegranate Molasses [split from Quebec]

To make muhammara and as a glaze for meat

...and where can I find pomegranate molasses?

Thank you all for your input!

I found a bottle of Cortas brand concentrated pomegranate juice. I realised it's the same as pomegranate molasses, but I did boil it down to make it sweeter and thicker (and it did smell like molasses in the end).

...and where can I find pomegranate molasses?

Title says it all. Thanks.

Where to find brewer's yeast

I'm looking to make my own carbonated drinks using brewer's yeast. I don't think this type of yeast is available in regular grocery stores. Does anyone know where I can find some?

En cachette speakeasy

Has anyone been there yet?

I came across this on Google. Looks like it's a new bistro/bar in Quartier Latin. Do I have reasons to be skeptical about this?

I used to like the speakeasy concept (in US cities anyway, since it's absent in Montreal). I mean, really? A so-called speakeasy right on St-Denis in Quartier Latin?!? This kinda kills my interest.

Buying caviar

Norref wouldn't sell less than 50 grams. I'm looking to buy just 1 oz of sturgeon. Anyone knows if Atwater market would sell just an ounce?

Best butcher to buy a chestnut stuffed turkey roast

That pretty much says it all. I'm just fishing for the best value in town. Has anyone tried this before? Too busy to make my own this year. Thanks!

Restaurant with great music or pub with great food... ?

I kind of forgot about Reservoir. Good idea! I'll have to try Helm. Music taste is a subjective matter indeed. I'm not that picky, but I'm not into dance music or just crappy stuff. Good music just helps the atmosphere!

Restaurant with great music or pub with great food... ?

Actually, I think a gastropub is what I'm looking for. I don't mind reserving, but not way in advance. A good playlist is alright, no need for live bands. I like the Sparrow. I was actually picturing a place like Icehouse, but maybe bigger, a bit more comfortable - to enjoy a long evening - and with a bit more upscale food (although I LOVE the food at Icehouse).

Restaurant with great music or pub with great food... ?

I'm looking for a restaurant with great food, music and vibe to celebrate a birthday with a bunch of friends. I'm not the supper club type, but I would be interested in an establishment where the music is great and the food as well. I know I should try Garde-Manger, but reserving a table is such a pain. Great interior design and decoration would be appreciated (cool place, but not necessarily fancy-smchancy)!

Buying steamed buns

I went to Kim Phat and bought frozen plain mantou and just sliced them in half. Worked out great!

Buying steamed buns

The buns I'm looking for are not mantou... I should have been more specific. Pictures of the buns are found here (a blog by someone who bought the Momofuku recipe book and made them all) : Help please!

Buying steamed buns

Where can I buy (chinese) steamed buns in Montreal? I'm trying to make my own Momofuku-style pork buns!

What to do with bad peaches?

I love peaches from Ontario. Last week I bought nice peaches at the market, that looked almost ripe. I waited a few days, but it turns out it was a bad batch. The texture (grainy and dense) and taste (unsweet) were just wrong.

My question is: Instead of throwing them away, is there a way I could them in a recipe that would actually turn out nice?

Best soba noodles brand?

Thanks so much! I'll try that!

Best soba noodles brand?

I should have been more specific... when I reduced cooking time, they were somehow uncooked in the center and still soggy on the outside...

Best soba noodles brand?

I love soba noodles. I often try to recreate noodle dishes I order in japanese restaurants... but I always end up buying unedible soba noodles. I tried Shirakiku brand's zaru soba noodles, but they ended up soggy before the 4-5 mins cooking time were up. I gave a chance to thick pre-cooked noodles, but they didn't cook evenly... I'm tired of wasting my time and money.

I'm looking for the best dried soba noodle brand available in Montreal. What are your favorites? And were do you buy them? Maybe I'll be get lucky asking the staff at Epicerie coréenne et japonaise...

Please help!

Best fine dining in Montreal?

Le Club Chasse et Pêche and Europea are so far my best dining experiences in Montreal. You'll have a fine dinner and a great time at both restaurants. It goes without saying both offer great food (5-star restos), but each have their special features. The location of CCP (Old Montreal) is great for tourists and the restaurant's decor is so cool. Plus they have a terrace. What I loved about Europea is that between the meals, they bring you small surprises (like a truffle-infused lobster bisque in a shot glass). You end up getting more than you expected for your money and everyone loves surprises!

1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

Kazu izakaya: OISHIII!!!

I completely agree with kellyhay about Kazu closing too early. I went for the second time this weekend to try new stuff. I waited on line for the place to open, so I could take my time once I'm in. I did follow the suggestion to not order everything at once and it worked out well. I still felt a bit rushed, especially considering the lineup outside. Still, I tried new snacks I want to comment on.

We had the salmon and tuna bowl, chicken yakitori, the pork cheeks, and the grilled octopus.

The (raw) salmon and tuna bowl was very good. The taste is very delicate. I liked the crispy kind of noodles they put on it (what is it?). Chicken yakitori rocks, as usual. The pork cheek tasted alright (it's a dip, with torilla chips). I didn't expect that, but I hadn't asked. I wouldn't order it again. The grilled octopus just melted in my mouth. It was sublime, with tasty seasoning... but too small a portion for the price, IMHO.

Speaking of prices, I think everything is a little overpriced. The ingredients are fresh and of good quality, but ...meh. Imadake is a cheaper option, although I prefer the atmosphere at Kazu.

Still, I will go back to try new stuff again. That (beef?) rib just makes me drool. And next time, I'll save room for ice cream.

1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

Indian in Montreal.

I love the food at Punjab Palace. Plus you bring your own beer.

There's one thing I'd like to share about Golden curry House on St-Laurent. After eating there twice, I don't think I'm going to give them another try. Everything is too sweet! They ruin perfect nans by adding too much sugar. They were hot out of the tandoor with great texture... but super sweet. Same goes for the butter chicken which was even sweeter than my mango lassi. Even the lamb dansak was sweet. What's the deal???

Anyone else had the same experience?

Kazu izakaya: OISHIII!!!

What was so disgusting at Big in Japan?

I went there only once and had a lunch special. Sweet and spicy grounded pork (I think it said pulled pork on the menu.. that was disappointing), with rice, coleslaw(?) and daikon. It was very tasty though. I've chatted a bit with the owner while paying and he's very nice (young too). I really need to try other things on their menu to make my own opinion.

Accords bar à vin

I've been to Les Accords last night and had a great time.

For starters, I've had the "redneck raviolis: Oxtail stuffing, butternut squash, shiitakes, cooking reduction, reggiano" with the suggested wine pairing, a Pessac-Leognan 1999. Perfection. My main dish was the "surf and turf of sexy scallops and pork belly: foam of milk and smokey bacon, honey fungus, du Puy lentils" (there were also small green beans). Very delicate and balanced flavors, paired with the suggested red Burgundy that worked really well. For dessert, we opted for the "Mega Coffee Crisp: Layered «Coffee Crisp» Style cake, ground cherry liqueur lollypop, stewed ground cherries, vanilla ice cream". Very good dessert, way better than I expected. The ground cherry was sweet enough. As sweet wine pairing, we were suggested a 1996 amber Rivesaltes that was to die for (and inexpensive) and perfectly suited. Surprisingly made from white grapes (can't remember the varietal), this wine has a rich dark brown color, a nose of moka, dates and spices, a refreshing mouth and a sublime roasted hazelnut retro-olfaction. I don't know if the wines they carry are all private imports, but I think this one is available at SAQ.

The only disappointment: wine pairings being the main concept of this restaurant, the waiters don't proactively talk about the wines, we had to ask to know more about them. I had the feeling they didn't know their wines so well...

Overall, a great dining experience: dishes are carefully created, executed and presented, the service is very professional without being overly formal. More talking about the wines, please!

Curry leaves and fenugreek seeds

Thank you keramel. Your post is over 3 years old, but I went there yesterday and they still had big bunches of fresh curry leaves in the fridge for 99 cents. Also found black mustard seeds there for the same price. Spices ARE overpriced in a lot of stores!


I tried Imadake this weekend and had a completely different experience than yours. I loved it.

The beef tataki was succulent and very much like a carpaccio: completely raw and thinly sliced.
I had squid yaki which was simply grilled, not overcooked. A good spicy mayo and lemon on the side. Mmm.
The seafood okonomiyaki was to die for. The best one I had so far. It had lots of seafood, which was grilled. The smokey flavor was enhenced by the bonito flakes that melted in my mouth. Cabbage, yes! Topped with seaweed, pickled ginger and those dancing bonito flakes. I often find there's too much sauce and mayo and this time it was just perfect. Yum!
I ordered the Imadake ramen (pork) in miso broth, which was the let down: Only two small pieces of pork that looked like simmered bacon, without the smoke. A few spinach (I think) leaves. Tasted good but I expected meat in my noodles.
Great service. They had a group of 20 loud youngsters (that didn't bother us at all), they warned us the service would be slow, but it wasn't slow at all and they were paying attention. They apologized about 5 times about the noise when we left... (dudes, don't worry about it!) I love japanese service.

Kazu izakaya: OISHIII!!!

That waitress may be a weirdo, but believe me: she means well. A busy bee, smiling and always making sure everything is alright. We were charmed by her service. The beer thing was really unexpected, but that's her personality.

There was always something good and bad (or ordinary) about each dish I tried, except for the Yakitori chicken, which I loved. That said, I did like the experience. I really like japanese food and this was what isakaya food is all about. I was just not completely amazed as everyone seems to be. Everyone talks about the food like it's 5-star grade. It's pub food, and it's not pretending to be more than that.

Kazu izakaya: OISHIII!!!

Thanks jay!
I didn't know about Imadake.. I'll definitely have to try this one too!

Kazu izakaya: OISHIII!!!

I finally tried Kazu on Friday night and definitely will be going back, although I was a bit disappointed with the food. It was good, overall, but considering the hype...

As expected, my boyfriend and I waited about 20-25 minutes before getting in (we arrived at around 7:30pm). The service was amazing. Our waitress was a bit of an oddball in a very good way (my boyfriend has just had the first sip of his beer and she took it away without saying anything and brought it back with a larger head of foam). Plates arrived very quickly, which is great after a long wait, but you might feel pressured.

We had chicken Yakitori and fried dumplings for starters. I wholeheartedly recommend the Yakitori: so yummy,juicy and tender. The dumplings filling was vegetables, spinach or kai-lan (don't know the japanese word for it): different from what we're used to. Great texture, but... it tastes like greens, you know.

We shared a shrimp okonomiyaki, the 48h pork and the pork neck. I'm sad I didn't like the okonomiyaki, since there aren't many options in Montreal. There was too buch batter, not enough shrimps. As far as I remember, there was no cabbage. They topped it with lettuce (?), the sauce and mayo only, no bonito. The 48h pork is yummy and melts in your mouth.. I found there was too much fat (which I usually discard.. would have had to discard half my plate). The rice was great. It was the first time we had pork neck. It looks like ribs, but you have to work hard to get all the meat whithout getting sauce all over your face (use your hands). The meat is tender (and fat) and yummy... but the one thing I really disliked about this dish - to the point I couldn't finish my plate - was the saltiness. It's just WAY too salty. Even when washing it down with Sapporo.

I will be back to try the octopus, salmon and tuna bowl, and the ramen.

I'm wondering if weekdays lunchtime is very busy.. Anyone?

1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA