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Heading to St. Lawrence Market for the first time...what should I look out for?

Paddington Pump's traditional peameal bacon in a bun was awesome when I was there. It's a pretty basic place, in a British 'greasy spoon' kind-of way, but the staff were great and the food was better. Cheap, too.

18 Ontario N, Grand Bend, ON N0M1T0, CA

Eggs bacon chips & beans

Why would people travel to feel at home? (Didn't think much of Duke of Gloucester...)

Send them for some genuine Canadian flavour and some peameal bacon in a bun at the St Lawrence market (if you must feed them unhealthy processed meat.) It's the best bacon I've ever had, and I'm from Ireland!

Just don't give them ketchup.... Canadian ketchup is nasty, incredibly sweet, sticky stuff, even if it comes in the same brand and bottle as the UK and US varieties. It was the only thing I didn't like about Canada! :-)

Rowe's omega 3 eggs taste like bad fish!

Marketing gimmick, it may be, but the best reason for eating Omega-3 eggs is NOT to get Omega-3. It's to AVOID getting so much Omega-6 that is normally associated with factory-farmed chickens, usually exclusively corn-fed. Some standard supermarket eggs contain almost no Omega-3 and large amounts of Omega-6. Typical ratios are 30:1 instead of 1:1!
If you enjoy eggs and don't want to pay for 'real' free-range, then Omega-3 eggs are a reasonable trade-off. I wouldn't stop taking my fish oil every day, but at least I can continue to eat eggs without worrying about adding even more harmful oils to my diet.
Best of all, if my local farmer has spare eggs and I get to the farmer's market in time, I buy his eggs produced from genuinely free range chickens that wander about his farm at will, when I'm feeling flush. The yolk is deep yellow, the shells are thick, and the taste is just wonderful compared to any mass-produced egg. He's never had them analyzed, but the taste alone tells you it's a healthy natural product.
Mass-produced 'Organic' eggs are a dubious buy. You can feed hens exclusively on organic corn and their eggs will still be extremely unhealthy, because it's not a natural diet for a chicken..

How to Eat Less Meat

Seriously, if you want to eat less meat, just eat less of it. You don't have to go to ridiculous lengths to try to imitate something you're trying to avoid. I've experimented with all kinds of bean and veggie burgers over the years to try to create a more rounded diet all the family will like, but success has been spotty at best. I'm not a vegetarian, I just want to eat less meat and improve our nutritional content with more fiber and more variety. In the end, the best veggie burger I've ever made has about 1/4 meat in the mix! My carnivore kids even prefer them now to all-meat burgers. 'Veggie' doesn't have to mean 'vegetarian'.

Jun 13, 2010
davewee in Features

What Is Chunk Light Tuna?

Most everyday brands of 'light' tuna in the US could be better described as 'shredded', and appear to be the waste product left over from bits and pieces that weren't big enough for 'solid'. Even the so-called solid canned tuna are likely to be only partially recognizable as once being part of a real fish. Throw in severe over-cooking and excessive amounts of salt, and the whole package seems designed for people who don't actually like fish for food.

Jun 13, 2010
davewee in Features