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Sultan's Tent or other Ideas?

I went about a year ago with a family group, celebrating a birthday. The tastiest thing of the whole night (and I sampled what everyone ordered because I'm obnoxious like that) was the tea. From what I remember, for the most part, the food ranges in just passable to pretty awful: greasy lamb, poorly made rice. My seven-year-old loved it, though, because it was the epitome of fanciness in her eyes. If you don't mind spending a lot $ for not-so-good food, then go for it, I say. That way you can experience it for yourself, and you and your group might have a lot of fun. (I, personally, get somewhat bitter when I spend my $ on subpar food, but that's because I don't go out for dinner often.)

Where to find Turkish mantı in Toronto?

I've had yummy takeout manti from Shirin Kebab House (north side of Eglinton, barely east of Vic. Park), and recently made some frozen manti purchased from Marche Istanbul (3220 Dufferin).

ISO mini gumball machines in GTA

Great idea! My daughter recently bought one at Blockbuster on Queen E. by the LCBO, but unfortunately I can't remember how much it was.