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It's official. Key Food coming to Fleetwood

I've drove by CVS and saw a "Key Food coming soon". Hey.. I'm all for it! No more driving far places to get groceries. Save on gas too! Sure A&P was a pretty crappy store but not all "Key Food's" will be like that. I sord of think the one in Fleetwood would be a nice touch. I was too annoyed that they put ANOTHER CVS there when we already had a duane reede close by. Forget the Walgreens! WE HAD DUANE REEDE! But the fact CVS is open 24/7 is pretty good. And now there will be a quicker way to pick up groceries because key food is coming. All I want is a job over there. I know its going to make alot of money. Any ideas on how to get a job at the Fleetwood Key Food? Please post!