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Question about Rowe Farms

From the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food:

Too much cereal grain, like corn and barley, can indeed have adverse effects on cows' health.

Best Deli Meat?

Both Scheffler's upstairs, and Dnister downstairs, sell landjägers. I prefer Dnister's but I think Scheffler's are more like the kind you'd find in a typical German deli. You should try them both!

Refrigerate leftover red wine ...... or not?

Thanks for the advice. I'll take your suggestion and keep them in the fridge for a few more months. They'll probably all be drunk by then, anyway! They're aged Spanish reds at the low-ish end of the price spectrum, and so from what I understand they won't benefit much from more years of cellaring.

Jul 09, 2013
5secondrule in Wine

Refrigerate leftover red wine ...... or not?

Hi, wine novice here, hoping for a bit of advice. I usually keep my wines in the back of a closet where it's relatively cool and dark. I had to leave town for the month of June, and, worried that a heat wave during my absence might cook all the wine, I put them in the fridge before leaving. (The heat was, indeed, brutal.) I've opened one since my return and it seemed fine. My question is, should I put them back in the closet? Keep them in the fridge? Drink them as quickly as possible? It's not a lot of wine, about a case and a half. They're mostly Riojas, reservas and gran reservas, nothing older than 15 years.


Edit: they're all reds BTW.

Jul 08, 2013
5secondrule in Wine

Clipper Tea

In case you happen to still be looking: Lively Life in St Lawrence Mkt carries Clipper tea, including white with vanilla.

Clipper Tea

Chabichou on Harbord carries Clipper teas. I can't recall how comprehensive their selection is.

ISO Danish Caterer

I don't know if they cater, and it's possibly too far out of town for your purposes anyway, but Sunset Villa in Puslinch would have everything you need. It might be worth a phonecall at least to see if they can accommodate you with a delivery or pickup. You could order a la carte or go with a few party platters.

North of Brooklyn Pizza (Queen West)

I find the slices at Fresca to be mediocre, at least when eaten on their own. But it's great that they put out dishes of freshly-chopped olives, hot peppers, and garlic/basil pesto on the counter. Being able to dress up your slice with fresh extras makes a huge difference. I wish there were more pizza-slice joints offering that kind of service.

Middle Eastern Pickled Turnips

Loblaws sells sliced pickled turnips. Big glass jars, product of Lebanon, in the pickle aisle. I can't vouch for them because I haven't tried them.

Spanish Olives in Toronto

Seconded. Olive & Olives also carries some nice marinated French olives, sold in vacuum-sealed pouches. Provençal herbed, and especially basil & garlic, two of my favourites.

Best liqour delivery for someone in Toronto?

Ontario liquor stores do not deliver, but there are private companies that will purchase and deliver your order for you. The Beer Guy has a gift delivery service:

You should be aware that the recipient will have to show proof-of-age ID, if asked to do so by the deliveryperson.

Also, you can cross-check your selection on the LCBO site, to verify price and availability. These are all the vodkas the LCBO carries:

ISO miniature milk-bottle creamers

Thanks for the link! They look nice, but at 6oz, they're at least twice as big as the ones we saw.

ISO miniature milk-bottle creamers

Thanks, pavlova. I'm looking for the clear glass ones, and hoping to find a source in the Toronto area.

ISO miniature milk-bottle creamers

We had a wonderful lunch a little while ago at Great Cooks On Eight. The cream for the coffee was served in glass creamers that looked like miniature old-fashioned milk bottles. We asked where they got them from, and the manager told us she thought they had come from Nikolaou, on Queen St. West. We went to Nikolaou to inquire, but the guys there told us they hadn't carried them in ages. Like, years and years. I've tried Sasmart and Tap Phong without luck. Has anybody else seen these things? Does anyone know where I could find them? Thanks in advance!

Friend coming for a few days from London, England. What can't she get across the pond that we do well here?

Some of your points are well-taken, but most of the people mentioning chocolate in this thread are specifically recommending a visit to Soma, which is about as far from mass-produced North American chocolate as you could possibly get. It's a unique experience, one that AFAIK you can't get in London. Even Paul Young doesn't make his own chocolate from scratch.

Friend coming for a few days from London, England. What can't she get across the pond that we do well here?

Chocolate. Most Brits have terrible taste in chocolate. I don't think London has anything quite like Soma.

Also, big comfy coffee shops with GOOD coffee. Places like Balzac's, or Cafe Belong - distinctive, casual, spacious, relaxing, where you can also get excellent coffee - are much harder to find in London.

Friend coming for a few days from London, England. What can't she get across the pond that we do well here?

I much prefer the Montreal bagels from Carousel in SLM. They get them in only on Friday and Saturday mornings, baked by an ex-Montrealer who used to work at St. Viateur. I've done a head-to-head taste test with Bagel House bagels, and the ones from Carousel won hands down. Better taste, better chew, better crust.

(Note: these are NOT the regular everyday Carousel bagels, which I believe are from What-A-Bagel.)

Fresh Tofu sources in downtown Toronto

Ying Ying makes really great homemade, hand-cut tofu. Their fresh tofu is the firm kind. I like a lot of their different smoked and marinated varieties as well. The main store is in St. Lawrence Market, but it's available at various places around Toronto. Check out the "where to buy" page on their website.

Banh Mi Boys

It appears to be owned by the same family that owns Nguyen Huong, the banh mi place on Spadina north of Dundas. (It's the one with the yellow sign.) Their lemongrass tofu banh mi has long been a favourite of mine, and at just a toonie each, tax included, one of the best deals in the city IMO. I haven't tried the Banh Mi Boys version yet. I'm willing to give it a try, but at triple the price it's going to have to be pretty awesome.

Olive Oil Recommendations?

Please excuse me for butting in here, but I've been following this thread with some interest, and found a couple of things online I'd like to share.

Assuming this is the same product mentioned by AzulH, Hermes is imported by Krinos, and is listed in the following link. You'll notice that all their other oils are stated to be Greek, but Hermes is claimed only to be from the Aegean. It's possibly Turkish, then, but I have no idea. If it is, that might help explain the low price point.

Hermes has been caught adulterating its olive oil in the past:

One would hope they've cleaned up their act since then. Having said all this, however, I would agree with AzulH that you can't know how good a product tastes unless you've tried it yourself.

help finding Hengstenberg pickles

I know I've seen some Hengstenberg products at Reither's, on Church Street. It might be worth phoning them up and asking if they carry the pickles.

Holy Chuck... Priest has nothing on this place.

A few random phrases from their website and online menu:

We Don't Chuck Around
Go Chuck Yourself
The Farmers Threesome
The Greek Bahahastard
The Dirty Drunken Pig

I have a feeling they're not all that religious.

DNISTER - Ukranian Deli - St. Lawrence Market

Are ALL their meats homemade? I'm pretty sure they've told me in the past that their dried sausages, like the csabai and landjaeger etc., are made for them by someone else. They're the ones on top of, not inside, the refrigerated case. But maybe that's changed. The landjaegers are certainly the best I've ever tasted.

Also, it's always been in the same location, hasn't it? They renovated the space recently, which may be why it looked unfamiliar to you.

Otherwise, agreed! Lovely family, terrific food.

ISO River rouge cheese

I spotted it at St. Lawrence Market today, and bought a small piece out of curiosity.

Looks and tastes pretty much like a mild gouda.

ETA: with just a bit of Oka-iness on the nose.

The Cook's Place on the Danforth

The discount is rising to twenty percent off everything starting Wednesday the 8th.

In search of Lyle's Golden Syrup

I never would have guessed that it was so scarce at the moment. I've seen the jars at No Frills for $3.99, and the tins at one of those British candy stores - Bulk Mine, near Yonge and Charles - for, I think, 5 dollars. Both within the last week.

Where can I buy tins of Royal Dansk butter cookies in Toronto/Scarborough?

I spotted them in Metro, the location in College Park. The actual Royal Dansk brand, in a round blue tin. Looks like they had 20 or more tins.

The porchetta sandwich at The Sausage King in the SLM

I tried the porchetta sandwich today. I asked for crackling, but they said it was a bit "old", and recommended that I skip it, so I said okay. And perhaps they're reconfigured their prep space, because all the fixings were in full view.

Anyway, I thought it was an excellent sandwich, even without the crackling. Abundant flavourful pork, good fresh bun and toppings, and I liked the herbed mayo. Some people might be put off by the rosemary overkill, but I loved it.

I never was impressed with the usual St. Lawrence Market sandwich offerings, like Carousel's peameal bacon, Mustachio's eggplant, or the Churrasco chicken. I think this one's a winner.

The chocolate box - the british store at donlands and o'connor

Weren't you there four weeks ago and decided it wasn't that great?

It is a small, kind of oddball shop, but it's okay. I was there just before Christmas and they had TONS of Walkers crisps. Seven bags for $6, not a terrible price. Are they all out now? What I like about the shop is that they carry Border's brand dark chocolate ginger biscuits, one of my favourites.

Walker's Stem Ginger Biscuits in Toronto

Fiesta Farms carries them.

Also, President's Choice makes their own stem ginger cookies. I haven't made a head-to-head comparison, but PC's batting average is generally good with regard to cookie cloning.