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All you can eat Sushi? in East Norriton?? And it's delicious???

I'm also not a fan. i think they use some kind of machine that forms the rice into a brick like shape for the nigiri. I also noticed all the fish for the nigiri was pre-sliced and all the "sushi chef" did was place the pre-sliced fish onto the pre-formed rice.

Dec 09, 2009
ibcnunhell in Pennsylvania

Las Vegas: A Joel Robuchon Heads Up

I ate at joel robuchon on sunday oct 4th and the host confirmed that was joel robuchon's first night in vegas. He said the staff was very nervous.

Oct 09, 2009
ibcnunhell in Las Vegas

Minado (East Norriton)

their sushi STINKS. the rice is formed by machines and the fish is precut and not fresh.

Jun 24, 2009
ibcnunhell in Pennsylvania

chicken fingers?

Manny's in the gateway shopping center

Feb 16, 2009
ibcnunhell in Pennsylvania

lakeside closed

I tried going to lakeside today but found a sign saying the owners have retired and they are closed. The sign said to go try out imperial inn, I tried it but wasn't too impressed. Any recommendations for dim sum now that lakeside is closed?

Jan 05, 2008
ibcnunhell in Pennsylvania