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Best burgers in manchester nh?

whats out there?

red arrow has good burgers, but what else is there?

May 04, 2008
simon_C in Northern New England

900 Degrees in Manch.or other good pizza?

i LOVE this place! i went with a few friends on friday afternoon for lunch. The pies are some of the best ive ever had! i eat a lot of pizzas too. for the quality of the pizza and the quality of the toppings they could be charging a lot more per pie. i mean seriously, $14.50 for a loaded pie is immensly cheap! the service is quick, quality, and competent!

i give a 10/10!

as for the best delivery style pies i love Beauty's on Webster st. absolutely great pizza. i usually get a pepperoni and red pepper pie. luisa's has good 'zones though.

Trip to Portland

buns! not dumplings! either way, yes you must!

Trip to Portland

yes!! i just got back from portland.
if you want the best pizza EVER go to Portland Pie Co. on the cross of Center and Fore St.

if you want the best coffee in town go to Breaking New Grounds on Exchange St. They also have a huge selection of imported Teas as well.

Theres also this great place on Commercial St. that has GREAT bubble tea and the best steamed buns ive ever had. Bubble Maineia Tea Shop i think its called. if you cant find a place feel free to ask anyone on the street and theyll happily direct you where to go.

Awesome Sushi north of Boston - what's your vote?

i second that! Thousand crane is my fovorite place to eat ani believe has the best (and frankly very innovative) sushi. i know the owners and their sons personally. very nice people who work hard to keep the place running smooth. i recommend the Tropical Dragon special sushi and their various daily specials.

Aug 18, 2007
simon_C in Northern New England

Is Instant Miso Soup Any Good? (moved from Home Cooking)

i buy Edward&Sons MISO-CUP soup packets. each freeze dried soup packet makes 16oz of soup. its all natural too. i think its fairly tasty

Aug 15, 2007
simon_C in General Topics

cheap easy good junkfood near manch?

ok ya i know most of these places. lets see what i know:

Red arrow diner (good food terrible service)

cremeland (been there once, was good)

Goldenrod Drive-in (not really a drive in, AWESOME food)

Pappys (everyone says their food is awesome, i disagree. its ok)

Makos Pizza (all-you-can-eat pizza for 5$ before 2pm, its actually GOOD)

that cart outside home depot (not really cheap, good though)

never been to clam king. whats chez vachon like? (mmm poutine) never heard of Belmont hall. i think i know where pizza express is but i prefer beauty's pizza on webster st. am i missing anything?

cheap easy good junkfood near manch?

hey all just found chowhound. i live in manchester NHand im looking for the best, cheapest, junkiest junk food. pizza, hot dogs, burgers, cafes, cafeterias, drive-ins, and anything thats just GOOD old fashioned pig-out food.
know any good places? there used to be that hot dog joint on elm street downtown but theyre gone now.