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Justin Wilson and other lost cooking show classics...

Thanks Coney, I remember it differently but then I have gotten a lot older. That is the show after reviewing on the web. You might be interested in reading the following...seems like good ideas come around again just like fashion. Thanks was driving me crazy trying to remember.

Copy of part of web article below...

On May 15, 2010 at 2pm the Culinary Center in Lincoln City is hosting a competitive cooking event and fund-raiser based on the 1990s BBC show with the same name. Ready.. Set... Cook! was a cooking game show that debuted on the Food Network in the US on October 2, 1995. The show's format was based upon the UK series Ready Steady Cook, and originally hosted by television personality Robin Young.

Chefs will compete head to head. Each chef is given a set pantry, a mystery ingredient and a time limit. Here's the twist: members of the audience serve as sous chefs and judges.

Justin Wilson and other lost cooking show classics...

Question...please help

I signed up and enjoyed reading posts over the last few years. Brought back lots of memories from the Cajun Cook to Gramham Kerr.

However, I have a question that I hope someone can answer as I can't find the answer on the web by various searches.

I believe there was a cooking challenge show either on Food Network or regular network in the 90's or early 2000's. It was similar to Chopped but used more "normal" ingredients and I don't believe the people that cooked actually had a lot of professional training. I think two teams were given a basket of the same ingredients and once unveiled had so many minutes to use them and create a meal. I remember that across the country people had get-to-gethers to emulate the show and I think videos were shown on each show of some of these.

Am I imaging this or was there such a show. It so, what was the name of the show. My best fried who has always been an avid cook and cook show enthusiast doesn't remember it at all.

Does anyone have a clue...trying to find the answer is driving me CRAZY!