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anybody been? thoughts?

Apr 09, 2015
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Marina del Rey

What is the best restaurant - great food, nice ambiance

Jun 17, 2014
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

What restaurant do you really really really miss that is now closed?

Michel Richard - Citrus

Feb 07, 2014
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Water Grill vs The Lobster, Santa Monica

Absolutely agree - Water Grill is horrible - the seafood platter was inedible - don't bother

Jan 20, 2014
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Rustic Canyon with guest chef David Kinch

It was incredible!

Nov 12, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

LA after 45 years

Providence - best seafood in Los Angeles.

Nov 06, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Overrated & Overhyped, 2013

Connie and Ted's is awesome - the best thing to hit the West Coast - Steamed lobster unbelievable - I love lobster roe and they gave me an obscene amount.

Oct 11, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

water grill santa monica anyone been there

I thought the quality and prep of the fish awful.

Sep 21, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Bouchon, first time - review

Bouchon pate is superb!

Sep 11, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Chinois on Main - How's Their Duck?


Sep 05, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

New Menu at Valentino

To be honest Villetta is just not in the same league as Valentino - we will go for a quick pizza and it's close to home. Valentino only does lunch on Fridays - no happy hour. I didn't see the bill, but it is not out of sight crazy expensive and portions are more than generous.

Sep 03, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

New Menu at Valentino

Just had a lot of items from the brand new menu at Valentino. It is fantastic. There were so many highlights that it is hard to name just a few but ---

Cannoli filled with tuna mousse
Cuttlefish with artichokes and bottarga
Seafood rice balls
Veal brain fritters
Spaghetti with sea urchin
Lamb stew with red wine

That's just a few - too many to mention. Absolutely terrific!

Sep 02, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Connie and Teds, a Review

Yes, we tried all three. My Boston upbringing means that I am definitely partial to the New England Clam "Chowda!"

Aug 28, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Connie and Teds, a Review

Finally weighing in. Have been to Connie and Ted's twice and both times have been fantastic. I am a Bostonian so I know my fried clams and chowda - both were as good as you can get in Boston.

Aug 27, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

The Water Grill in Santa Monica

I thought Water Grill Santa Monica was awful. The crudo was 3 slabs of fish - not even cut sashimi style and impossible to eat.

Aug 25, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

The Water Grill in Santa Monica

Absolutely agree - avoid Water Grill Santa Monica. Go to Connie and Ted's for the best clam chowder in Los Angeles.

Aug 24, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Favorite "counter dining" spot?

Connie and Ted's!

Aug 21, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Quiet elegance on the westside!

Valentino - absolutely perfect and great food and service

Jun 01, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Dinner with the Boss, Westside


Feb 09, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Best fried chicken in LA? where is it?

It is worth it!

Jan 31, 2013
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Best fried chicken in LA? where is it?

Just had Bouchon's fried chicken last night - terrific!!!!!

Dec 04, 2012
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Petrossian, Papilles, or Patina?


Oct 29, 2012
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Bar Bouchon

Me too !!!!!

Aug 17, 2012
lizziee in Los Angeles Area


We had had a fabulous meal in April with the new chef de Cuisine Tetsu Yahagi. We were anxiously anticipating our second meal with Chef Yahagi and it was even better than our first experience. Chef Yahagi is a terrific chef who executes to perfection plus has a gift for blending new flavor combinations, textures and ingredients. He combines contemporary technique with classical preparation perfectly. He is also a superb editor – there is nothing extraneous on the plate. Each dish is well-conceived and thoughtful. We opted to let Chef Yahagi create an “omakase” tasting menu and it was spectacular.

Signature dish – Spicy tuna tartar in miso cone cup

Japanese Anago (eel) tempura with dehydrated soy powder – a one bite wonder of taste and texture

Hamachi ceviche with grapefruit, microgreens, yuzu sauce

Another signature dish – House smoked salmon on a corn blini, dill creme fraiche, salmon eggs

Sturgeon mousse in tomato-chili crackers topped with oscetra caviar – another one bite wonder with great texture – soft smooth mousse inside a crunchy outer shell

Bacon Confit en croute

Sauteed Fanny Bay Oyster with Madras Curry Aioli, Mango Chutney, Marinated Cucumber – absolutely fantastic and I used my finger to mop up every bit of sauce

Cucumber Sorbet, brunoise of daikon and cucumber with a broth infused with jasmine tea – a lovely palate cleanser

Smoked Kanpachi, olive oil sorbet,farmer’s market mustard greens, cherry tomatoes, balsamic reduction and basil oil candy – again the combination of flavors were incredible plus smoking the kanpachi was a masterful idea

Consomme gelee, cauliflower cream, oscetra caviar, Santa Barbara uni - Chef Yahagi knew that uni is one of my favorite ingredients and wow did he deliver with this dish

Lobster “Boudin Blanc,” Santa Barbara Spot Prawn (poached very slowly in olive oil), Mirugai (giant clam), Pickled Mustard Seed, Sweet Mustard Sauce, Herb “Caviar,” Watercress Puree – this was an incredible symphony on a plate – absolutely sensational

A box of eggs was then presented and set in the middle of the table as a centerpiece – a prelude to our next course

Araucana Hen’s Green Shell Egg “Ueva Da Raviolo” with Summer White Truffles, Hazelnuts, Brown Butter Sauce

“Poulet Roti Grand Mer” – Slow roasted and flash smoked oraganic chicken breast, porcini mushrooms, Bulls-eye onions, ginko nuts and potato foam – this was the most succulent and tender chicken breast that I have ever eaten plus it was packed with flavor from the smoking which gave it a bacon taste. A+

Duo of American Kobe Beef – on the left New York Steak and on the right slow braised Short Ribs, confit eggplant, grilled spring garlic, Yuzu Kosho emulsion – absolutely delicious with perfect portion size

Cheese Course – Midnight Moon (goat), Portugese Azetao (sheep), French Loupbergin (cow) with orange blossom honey and mostarda

Black Forest cake, chocolate and caramel cremeux, Austrian cake, port sautéed cherries, Kirsch whipped cream and cherry sorbet

This was an extraordinary culinary journey. I am totally wowed by Chef Yahagi’s passion, skill and dedication. I can’t wait to go back!

Pics here:

May 30, 2012
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

After Manresa and French Laundry

Usually we go to Manresa on Wed night for dinner, then drive to Napa - light lunch and then dinner at French laundry on Thursday night. Trust me it works out perfectly.

After Manresa and French Laundry

Absolutely disagree - we have been eating at Manresa one night and then the next day driving to Yountviile and eating at French laundry that evening for years.

Bar Pintxo: A Photographic Essay

Happy hour at Bar Pinxto is a bargain from 4 to 6. We were there at 4:15 and again had the 6 Pintxos for $6.00. It was the same selection as previously, but still delicious and a tremendous bargain.

1. Tuna Concerve, Anchovie, Cornichon
2. Mejillones Escabeche (mussel and roasted red pepper)
3. Serrano Jamon, Monchego cheese, fresh tomato
4. Huevos Rellenos con Vinagreta Vasca (deviled egg with Basque Vinaigrette)
5. Mushroom Escabeche (house conserved mushrooms, 25 year old sherry vinegar, truffle salt
6. Chorizo Bilbao, Cherry tomato

Empanadillas filled with chorizo and caramelized onions

Seared Calamari with garlic, lemon, parsley, olive oil – a slightly different preparation than the last time, but a must order!

This is a split order so it doesn’t show Bar Pintxo’s plating – Duck breast, catedral lentils with Bilbao chorizo and smoked bacon – delicious

Bar Pinxto is a fun place for a late lunch/early dinner that is definitely a bargain.

Pics here:

May 03, 2012
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Tar and Roses

We have been anxious to try Chef Andrew Kirschner’s new restaurant Tar and Roses since we enjoyed his food when he was executive chef at Wilshire. I think Chef Kirschner has matured incredibly as a chef – his flavors are powerful without being fussy food or the school of throw 15 ingredients on a plate and hope it works. What he serves is finely tuned and edited. This is gutsy cuisine executed with a competent sureness. Andrew utilizes quality ingredients and knowingly allows each ingredient to speak for itself.

Wood Roasted English Peas, mint, sea salt – this should come with the warning you can’t eat just one

Popped corn in bacon fat, crisp bacon, brown sugar, chili – absolutely addictive! My husband had thoughts of a new TV snack food for sport-watching.

Crispy pigs ears, saffron aioli, pickled vegetables – the vegetables were a terrific compliment to the pigs ears

Balsamic glazed ribs, chili, fried basil – boneless ribs cooked to perfection topped by the fried basil

Chicken oysters on a stick, tamarind – the star of this dish was the tamarind sauce with a hint of lemongrass and ginger – absolutely off the charts A+

Charred octopus, garbanzos, fennel, piquillos, blood orange – what I like so much about Andrew’s cuisine is that the supporting players to the main protein are equally important and essential to the over-all success of the dish.

“Vitello Tonnato” – seared ahi, crispy sweetbreads, pickled tomato, arugula, red wine sauce – again each element was crucial to the success of the dish with the tomato adding an important role relative to the sweetbreads and the tuna. The red wine sauce would have made any French chef proud.

Braised lamb tongue, creamy polenta, pickled peppadew peppers – again each component was essential and the polenta was to die for.

Braised lamb belly, minted apple chutney – another winner!

Wood roasted half chicken, heirloom tomato bread salad – my husband and our friend devoured the salad, particulary the bread cubes.

Baby carrots, currants, chermoula creme fraiche – to me these were more addictive than the popped corn.

Grilled asparagus, bresaola, coddled duck egg

Wood roasted whole branzino served with Meyer lemon risotto

Strawberry ricotta crostata, honeycomb ice cream

Chocolate hazelnut budino, whipped yogurt, candied wheatberry

Bottom line: this was a fantastic meal and I can’t wait to go back to Tar and Roses.

Pics here:

Apr 30, 2012
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Spago Review

No, I didn't request it, but we have eaten there often and they know that is what we like to do.

Apr 28, 2012
lizziee in Los Angeles Area

Spago Review

Kevin, I don't know. My husband paid it!

Apr 28, 2012
lizziee in Los Angeles Area