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New musts in Brooklyn?

I had a very good meal at Aska a few months ago

Nov 12, 2013
Hasan in Outer Boroughs

Cricklewood lunch [London]

It's not filled with options.

Depending on how much walking you want to do

Win Yip is a big chinese supermarket which also serves dim sum i believe.

Sushi Sey is quite well regarded if you walk down to Wilsden Green tube.

Lihiniya is a Sri Lankan place on the Broadway. I can't vouch for any of these places but if i was eating in the area i would probably go for one of them.

Nov 11, 2013
Hasan in U.K./Ireland

Interesting Ethnic Cuisine in North London?

Unless there has been a big change then i think graphic bar might be a bit of a let down on the craft cocktail front. When i went it was very mcuh an afterwork crowd but i may be wrong.

Are you happy with your cocktail itinary or looking for recommendations?

Aug 13, 2012
Hasan in U.K./Ireland

Lost in Downtown Brooklyn

I enjoyed Colonie recently and you are not that far from Vinegar Hill House. Although tbf the later appears to divide opinion.

Jun 20, 2012
Hasan in Outer Boroughs

Question about Sapori D'Ishcia Truffle menu

Has anyone had the the truffle menu at SDI? From what i have read it sounds like they are mostly using truffle oil, not actual truffle shavings. Is this the case?

Sapori d'Ischia
55-15 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

Nov 15, 2011
Hasan in Outer Boroughs

Urgent help needed for reception venue, UWS.

Thanks for all the help so far!!

Nov 05, 2010
Hasan in Manhattan

Urgent help needed for reception venue, UWS.

I'm trying to help someone out and i'm stumped. They need a venue suitable for a post Christening reception for 40-50 people. The Christening is happening on W.82 so close-ish to there would be best.

Any suggestions gratefully received as no where comes to mind right now. Its in a week as well so time is of the essence.


Nov 05, 2010
Hasan in Manhattan

Searching for decent tacos in Manhattan

I have enjoyed the Tacos i have had at Taqueria y Fonda (especially the tongue and the tripe). However i don't have a lot to compare it to. What are peoples thoughts on the place?

Oct 21, 2010
Hasan in Manhattan

London - Best beer spots in central London

Cask is good and the Rake does Brewdog beers which are about as hoppy as they get here. For a great range of varied beers and mighty fine pies try the Bree Louise in Euston

Oct 20, 2010
Hasan in U.K./Ireland

Best Ethiopian restaurant in London?

I would guess the former is Eritrean too given the name, As mentioned above the cuisines are fairly similar, Eritrean restaurants tend to have more seafood options. Merkato was very enjoyable when i went, but that was about 3 years ago.

Aug 26, 2010
Hasan in U.K./Ireland


You might well be the only Littlehampton native on here. I grew up in Worthing and have also made the jump to NYC. (Well its a work in progress to make it permanent).

Aug 16, 2010
Hasan in U.K./Ireland

Worst Beer Ever?

I agree on the licensing issue. Where is normal guinness sold in the US produced?

i think your view on the cask issues is as valid as any. There are UK pubs that don't turnover enough Cask ale and would probably benefit from it. In the US it makes sense to use a breather. It also doesn't help that most CA producers make very strong beers, limiting personal consumption. Obviously if they where to operate at a weaker level to become a session beer then turnover would be higher.

I do wonder though if the production of strong beers is because the taste of a more mellow, less strong beer is too adversely effected by a breather.

I'm not a fan of Keg conditioning of Real Ales as it is done in the UK. however many keg kept Ale style beers i have tried in the US are very enjoyable. i don't know where you are based but Dogfish are going to be doing a range of cask conditioned, hand pulled beers to be sold at the bar being opened in conjunction with Mario Batali in NY. Be interesting to see how they do with them and whether they have the turnover to dispense them traditionally.

Aug 16, 2010
Hasan in Beer

[London] Great food for a special weekend

I can't speak for anywhere but DB, but they where doing good dosas last time i ate there. Sure there are better places to eat in Greater London, but if someone is asking for recommendations in the area i think it is decent.

Aug 15, 2010
Hasan in U.K./Ireland

Worst Beer Ever?

I will take your word for it on Carlsberg, i was referring to the licensed version in the UK. Export isn't too bad though. I also remembered the terrible lower alcohol Heineken they used to sell in the UK 'cold filtered' i think it was called. I have slightly mixed feelings about breathers, to be honest though the pubs that have strong CAMRA support probably have the turn over not to need them.

Aug 15, 2010
Hasan in Beer

Restaurants Near Shepherd's Bush, Notting Hill Gate, etc [London]

Agree with Racine spot on, will bear that in mind about Polpo. I think East Ham might be a bit of a trek, as opposed to tooting (when combined with Brixton), however i have heard very good things, never got round to going that far east shamefully but will make the effort next time i'm home and West Ham are not. Any favourites? Am i correct it is mostly a Gujarati area?

Aug 13, 2010
Hasan in U.K./Ireland

[London] Great food for a special weekend

I agree with the suggestion of Indian food as it is about the one cuisine NYC doesn't do well. i liked Tayybs a lot but they may have unusual opening hours during ramadan. The food is Pakistani / N. Indian in style, with a focus on the grilled meats, and rich sauces. Quilon is Kerelan i believe so the dishes are focused more on vegetables and seafood, dishes are generally lighter and sometimes more fragrant. just as hot though.

I didn't dislike Hibiscus' room and i enjoyed the food a lot. If the menu appeals then i would go. Harwood arms is very good but is a sophisticated take on rustic british food.

If you are thinking of St john, hereford rd might interest you as an alternative option.

Russell square isn't great, it is close to Euston where you can find a very good Gujarati restaurant Diwan Behl Poori and also a good pub, the bree louise. They do great pies and have a great range of beers. Don't know much about Chilli Cool but Chinese food can be hit an miss in England especially in comparison to NY.

I would also not go out of your way for middle eastern food unless there is a specific recommendation as i think very good examples can be found in NY. especially in Astoria around Steinway.

Aug 13, 2010
Hasan in U.K./Ireland

Restaurants Near Shepherd's Bush, Notting Hill Gate, etc [London]

Racine is nice, but i think for the money there are more exciting places to eat. Terroir appeals t me a lot and i have heard good things with a question mark over value for money. I have heard great things about a Venetian place Polpo (small plates) haven't been yet but plan too when i'm back in London.

i have heard good things about Launceston Place, again haven't been. is a good site for a view on dining in London. There are a lot of excellent lunch deals on at most of the cities top restaurants so i would bear that in mind. Umu is by all accounts extremely expensive and i have heard mixed reports about how good it is.

The consensus appears to be that Gordon Ramsey has spread himself a bit thin and standards are not what they where (Claridges lost its star for instance). Marcus Wareing as i mentioned above is a former Ramsey restaurant and Marcus was a protege of his (there was an acrimonious split a couple of years ago. Maze is popular but i had a very poor meal there and have had no desire to give it another chance for the money.

It hasn't always received positive press but i had a great lunch at Sketch (Pierre Gagnaire) earlier in the year. They had an excellent value lunch menu with good choice of dishes and water, wine and coffee all included. Each course is made up of smaller dishes to be eaten in a set order. This results in getting to try a large number of plates of food for the money. Great time and care had gone into each dish as well making the cost seem very impressive. (it also included Hors d'ouvres, amuse bouche and petit fours). The place is an experience in itself. Christian Dior's old mansion with Lewis Carol inspired interior design. Although the main dining room is much more classically appointed). If the menu appeals then i would recommend it for a lunch (It is v. expensive at dinner)

The reason i asked where you where from was to get an idea of what you might get a lot of at home. I'm not overly familiar with the Omaha dining scene but i wont be recommending steak houses. I would recommend taking advantage of the different regional indian cuisines available in the city (unless i'm underestimating Omaha for South Asian cuisine). They generally involve a bit of travel to areas outside of the centre. So i can't offer too many recommendations without doing so.

Cart food isn't really a thing in London but the same niche is met by ethnic takeaway restaurants
(and market stalls) and small cafes especially in places like those along the uxbridge rd and shepherd's bush mkt.

Brixton is good for Caribbean food and a good experience i think for people visiting the city. Its reputation is undeserved for being unsafe especially during the day. It could be combined with a trip to Tooting for excellent S. Indian food. There are not the most salubrious of areas but i think will give a balanced view of London.

If you are really willing to travel for food then the SPortsman is a wonderful restaurant, but takes a good two hours to get too. Well worth it, but would obviously take a large chunk out of your a day.

As mentioned above Hereford Rd, not sure if its just me, but i love the place and i am borderline evangelical about it.

It wont be cold, cold in September as long as you have warm clothes you will be fine on that front. It may well be very wet though. I would avoid cabs at all costs. i loathe them and bigoted con artists that drive them. Tubes are good. London is not as hard to walk around as some think, spend a bit of time looking at a map and it will become clear how to get around. I wouldn't rule out bus use either. Its worth getting a unlimited travel card if you will be using a lot of public transport.

Aug 13, 2010
Hasan in U.K./Ireland

Restaurants Near Shepherd's Bush, Notting Hill Gate, etc [London]

No need to feel embarrassed.

I have to echo the person who mentioned hereford rd. i have eaten there several times and i love the place, excellent british cuisine, changing on a daily basis. The head chef is from the famous St John's. Harewood Arms is also a very good place to eat.

You are also lucky enough to be close to Loftus Road, i would recommend taking the time to watch QPR play whilst you are there. ( i jest unless you want the unique lower league football experience). However near by is the Uxbridge Rd which has a large number of ethnic eateries, from Jamaican to Syrian. Esarn Khew is very good, specialising in the food of the eponymous Esarn region of NE Thailand, two caveats though; the decor and owner do not add to the experience. Tolerate both though, its worth it.

Borough Market is good fun but gets packed quickly. if its a nice day a stroll along the river as far as Butlers Wharf is nice. Tapas Brindisa is a nice place to eat there. The Southwark Tavern on the corner is a nice pub, especially the downstairs. if you walk along borough highstreet past the hostels and turn left onto Tabard street there is one of the best pubs in London for cask ale the Royal Oak which specialises in beer from the excellent Harvey's brewery

. Another great beer pub is the Bree Louise nr. Euston, they also so a 'pie of the day' (the savoury english kind) for a fiver. Near by is also a very nice Gujarati place, Diwarna bhel phoori although i hear the generic 'curry' dishes there are best avoided.

As for your expensive night out, the only one in your list i have eaten at is Hibiscus and it was excellent. If the menu appeals the execution shouldn't disappoint. Although i would still credit by best London dining experience to Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley.

Where are you coming from? this might give a good idea of things to recommend you might not get at home.

Aug 11, 2010
Hasan in U.K./Ireland

informal in fort greene on a tuesday night?

It might be too informal but i liked 67 burger a lot when i ate there, they have a few beers on as well. Its usually a quick turnaround so you could always head on elsewhere.

Aug 11, 2010
Hasan in Outer Boroughs

Worst Beer Ever?

Bier La Rue (vietnamese lager)
Stella (Don't know if it is different in the states as i wont pay to try it, but in the UK it is chemically enhanced filth)
One of the light versions of your big breweries (Miller i think but can't be definite)
PBR (not the worst taste but the worst inducer if hangovers in the developed world)

Cask kept ales have the potential to trump anything when kept by inexperienced hands.

Jun 28, 2010
Hasan in Beer

What to order at Cheburechnaya?

Cool, maybe you can give an opinion on any differences! Cheers for the heads up on corkage, any idea on the charge?

Jun 17, 2010
Hasan in Outer Boroughs

What to order at Cheburechnaya?

Is there a discernible difference in quality or price between the Queens and BKN restaurants. Does anyone know if you can bring your own wine and pay corkage if their offerings are that poor?

Jun 16, 2010
Hasan in Outer Boroughs

Food, drink and the world cup.

Thanks for the suggestions

Jun 14, 2010
Hasan in Manhattan

3rd Annual Burmese Food Fair

Really enjoyed myself, go there about 1ish, Had the fish noodle soup, fermented tea leaf salad, pork internals, puffy layer bread with prome style chicken, chickpea fritters and Shan Noodles.

All were really enjoyable although i wish i had got a different second noodle dish as it had a slightly disappointing taste of Bolognese. Wish i had got the pork belly too, the fish noodle soup was probably my favourite of the day.

i also tried the grass jelly and another desert with rose water and vanilla ice cream. Both were very enjoyable. All in all, a very enjoyable event with a good quality of food. I also enjoyed the Burmesse cover music adding to the ambience.

Jun 14, 2010
Hasan in Outer Boroughs

Food, drink and the world cup.

New to the board. With little else but the world cup to occupy me over the next month i plan to try and enjoy the games in some casual places surrounded by people cheering on their respective nations. I though it might be fun for people to post recommendations for such places

The list of countries participating is below, all recommendations welcome, hopefully i will get to report back on a fair few. (i'm also going to post the same thing on the outer boroughs board).

South Africa
Cote d'ivoire


Asia - Pacific
N. Korea
S. Korea
New Zealand


Jun 10, 2010
Hasan in Manhattan