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Where to buy Scotch in Boston?

Agree with everyone above who recommend Joe at Federal Wines. He has excellent recommendations and will steer you right on just a few flavor hints. He has a ton of unusual stuff but as the others mentioned, the markup for Federal is pretty high (Stocking all of those oddball bottlings comes with a cost I suppose).

My usual go to's when I'm looking for something not too unusual are Gary's in West Roxbury, Macy's in Roslindale, and Marty's Big Buy in Brighton (They've occasionally got some ridiculously nice deals on scotch).

Other spots:
Marty's, Newton - Wide selection, decent prices
Julio's, Westborough - Wide selection, a bit expensive depending on the bottle. They do have a scotch tasting society (Loch & Key) that meet weekly. They also have a fair amount of interesting bottles (including one of the wider selections of indy bottlings in MA)
Gordon's, Waltham - Wide selection, some pretty good deals, check the sales. Otherwise, on par with Julio's on pricing. Has a fair amount of interesting bottles
Brookline Liquor Mart - Expensive and somewhat dwindling selection (I was there recently and it looked like the shelves were about 2/3 of what they used to be)
Martighnetti's, Brighton - Wide selection of the popular stuff, not too many oddball things

Hope this helps!

Jan 26, 2015
abceng in Greater Boston Area

Bergamot - outstanding!

I jumped in on this after reading the good reviews. I can't wait to try it out!

Jun 19, 2010
abceng in Greater Boston Area

Best Indian resto's in Boston (for musicman and others)

I'll have to hat-tip for Namaskar and India Quality as well. I've liked Punjabi Dhaba in Somerville as well.

Punjabi Dhaba
225 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139

India Quality Restaurant
484 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

Jun 19, 2010
abceng in Greater Boston Area

Meals in/around Santa Barbara recommendations?

Hi everyone,

I'll be in Santa Barbara staying in the East Beach area. Looking for some lunch/dinner recs within walking distance of that area (may have access to a rental but not counting on it). $$$ is fine, just looking for some good eats while I'm on vacation :)

Thanks in advance!

Jun 19, 2010
abceng in California

Pittsburgh - North Oakland - Recs for Breakfast/Lunch

Thanks for the replies everyone. I ended up at Pamela's for a quick breakfast. It was alright, ended up with the strawberry pancakes. I wish I ended up at Crepes Parisiennes, sadly I found out about it after the fact.

Crepes Parisiennes
207 S Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Jun 17, 2010
abceng in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh - North Oakland - Recs for Breakfast/Lunch

Hi all, new to the PA boards but a longtime CH lurker. I will be in Pittsburgh this weekend (staying at the Holiday Inn University Center) and am looking for some breakfast/lunch options in the area (Dinner plans have already been made)

I was reading that Pamela's Diner should definitely be on my list but I was curious if there are other recommendations in that area as well.

Thanks in advance!

Jun 10, 2010
abceng in Pennsylvania