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Empire state south vs Spence? With kids

Although an avid fan of The Spence, I also have to agree that ESS is in a category by itself - it's completely different, both in food and service. As far as lunch - there are many, many options, and it all depends on what you're looking for. I will also caution (echoing Jacque536) that Woodfire Grill did get stuffy after Kevin Gillespie left.

May 21, 2013
Enfantsdoc in Atlanta

Croatia and Bosnia Suggestions?

I'd like to add some thoughts about Split, Croatia: Konoba Tinel and Konoba Matejuska are both very good and very fresh.
If you are looking for a more modern setting, I would strongly recommend Trattoria Grego levante - the atmosphere is unique!
Also - across both countries, don't forget to feast on some burek (for breakfast/lunch) - stuffed cheese, spinach or meat pies and ─ćevapi - a grilled dish of spiced minced meat, not unlike mini-kebabs. Enjoy

May 21, 2013
Enfantsdoc in Europe

Eclectic, moderate South Beach

I was walking near "El Chalan on the Beach" when I read this post, and thought to try it.
What a great spot! Unassuming and set back from the hubbub of ocean drive - the seafood (i only had seafood) is outstanding. The ceviche (mixed seafood) was fresh and bright and had "zing", the fish I ordered (an ajillo sauced fish) was beautifully cooked and the sauce had depth. A great suggestion amidst many, many tourist traps. Thank you!

Armenian produce and spirits

Is anybody aware of any Armenian grocers near or around Atlanta? Buford Highway Farmers' Market carries the occasional Armenian cheese (Ashtarak Lori) in their Russian deli, and an un-named cognac. I am looking for a few more...esoteric possibly? things, like Artsakh, real Armenian cognac, and non-slicing cheese.


Nov 01, 2011
Enfantsdoc in Atlanta

Greek wines -- looking for a specific one, yes, but more importantly who sells them?

I suspect (with some regret) that you were not able to find that wine that you were looking for - but if you don't mind sharing, what was the name of the wine that you were looking for? I am on a quest (in Atlanta) to round up the better Greek wine bottles or to convince someone to import some of the hidden gems - of which there are many - instead of the trite selections that make it to the Atlanta market.

Mar 08, 2011
Enfantsdoc in Atlanta

Need Asian restaurant recommendation in Toronto DT and GTA

I *must* second Ema-tei on St. Patrick off Queen. Very fresh, very flavorful. Black cod is full of flavor, their red miso is very rich. Great food!

Queen Mum? Yes please!

Not being from anywhere near here - I did exactly what I do every time I visit a new city: log on to chowhound and look for some recs from like-minded foodies.
Three free nights, three chances to experience the culinary breadth of this neighborhood (Queen's West/University); tonight was the peak of our culinary exploration.

Now, I know what you're going to say: the "Queen Mother" is far from a new discovery. Judging by the confident and determined stream of Torontons walking in, I knew immediately that the "Queen Mum" as it is referred by many on this blog, was *the* place to go.
For the three Scandinavian foodies joining me and I, the Queen Mother Cafe hit the spot, just right.

We arrived just as the ballet/theater crowd was getting ready to leave - auspicious (yet entirely unplanned) timing which lead to us sitting at a perfect spot in front of the restaurant's bay windows looking out on Queen. Beautiful spot for people-watching, both inside the restaurant, and outside, on the street.

A round of beers - and then to study the menu. Well rounded, without being pretentious - and weaving in/out of the menu were some Laotian dishes. Well - say no more.

We started with sticky rice (in a straw-woven basket ) accompanied by a peanut dipping sauce, Nam Jeun (Laotian spring rolls), fried Calamari with a sweet and spicy chili sauce and a Quinoa salad. Much to our surprise (and to my vindication, having endured the teasing from my partners in crime about ordering the "predictable", "too simple" dish), the sticky rice was remarkable! Rice perfectly steamed (and just as sticky as it needs to be so that you can roll it with your hand and not get your hands all, well, sticky), in a crunchy and zesty peanut sauce - simply delightful. The Nam Jeun came a very close second. Not oily or heavy, well balanced.

Onto our main courses - a special on tonight's menu, Mussels prepared in a Tiger-beer broth, served belgian style, Ping Gai - a beautifully grilled boneless chicken, crispy skin and all, with a lime/chili/fish sauce-based dipping sauce, and Khao Soy Gai - think ginger-based coconut curry with shredded chicken and noodles, only ten times better than that! A series of herbs (beyond the requisite mint, cilantro, bean sprouts) that I wish I could tease out, gave this turmeric-golden broth a life of its own.

Desserts? I wish there was room. And for me (I have a huge sweet tooth) that says a lot!
Our waiter was attentive and knowledgeable; the meal was well priced, the atmosphere was delightful.

What a find! - thank you to the Chowhounders who suggested it.

Queen Mother
206 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V1Z2, CA