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My Search for a Decent Sunday Brunch (Ongoing)

You're spot on. I've had many fabulous dinners at FF....but brunch there is just never up to snuff.

SF area food carts- who do you follow?

Fabulous! That's a great resource I hadn't yet found. Thank you!

SF area food carts- who do you follow?

Hi! I'm coming to SF next week for a conference and staying a few extra days with my boyfriend. I've been following your board for months and have read so many of your excellent recommendations. But we're hoping to be economic (and trendy) by filling in our lunches with the food carts. I've learned that you need a Twitter account to find them (got it!) Which ones do you recommend I follow? We're staying on the wharf for the three days of the conference, but after that have more mobility, including staying one night in Berkeley. Thanks!

Planning a weekend. What do you think?

That's pretty representative..... except go to 2 Amy's or Pete's for pizza and get to Matchbox for their burger ( I prefer the regular sized menu burger to their sliders).

Also, if you're feeling adventerous I'd get to Granville Moore's for mussels instead of Beck. It's got far more character and you'll see a different part of our fair city (by different, I mean "up and coming"....but definately worth it!)

Good breakfast sandwiches in DC?

I was just thinking to myself "is it crazy to post that the GW deli has the best sandwich?" i wholeheartedly agree and am glad you said so! My standby was always the everything bagel with egg, cheese and tomato.

Dark 'n' Stormy Recommendations?

Patty Boom Boom on U Street. Get a Jamaican Patty while you're at it! Their rum punch is a little sweet, but the ginger beer is perfect.

Old school DC restaurant for parents' 50th Anniversary? 15-20people

Perhaps try Ris in the West End. It's the new restaurant of Ris Lacoste, formerly of 1789. I had a delicious lamb shank there and the staff was very hospitable. It's a new restaurant but the food is very classic.

Five Super Supermarkets

Friend, I don't have the patience to complete such a lovely algorithm but I have a similar background to you: grew up in western new york with a Wegmans but spent two years in ATX before moving to DC. i adore Wegmans, probably because its like a slice of home for me (be sure to get yourself some Weber's mustard), and in fear that you will be disappointed I want to proactively defend my Weg's: it unfortunately doesn't compare to Central Market. CM is just too good, too beautiful, too comprehensive. Wegmans will not have that many jellies or jams: maybe a few artisanal brands in one of the international aisles set apart from Smuckers. It won't have the crazy fruits and veggies and the sourcing of their fish is sometimes questionable. However, they are well-managed, a fortune 500 company with significant local philanthropy and community ties, and in the Buffalo stores they often feature produce from local farmers. It's well-organized, has a wide variety of international foods, a wine cellar and awesome catering department. CM and Wegmans are in two different classes, but both should be commended for what they offer.

Some people on here complain that Wegman's is too busy on the weekends. Isn't that a sign that its a good grocery store?

Five Super Supermarkets

Two cheers for Rodmans! Sure, you're probably not going to find an unbruised lemon, but you can find dulce de leche, the most comprehensive selection of beer around (reasonably priced) and random party goods in the basement. You need to save time to go to Rodmans....they have so many interesting things I'm like a kid in a fun house.

Five Super Supermarkets

I also lived in Austin and just went back for a business trip...and visited that Whole Foods three times in a 48 hour time period. Now I live across the street from the new one in FH and its gorgeous, but man do I understand the "whole paycheck" thing. I walk in to get coffee and walk out 20 minutes later with things like emu eggs, which they actually carry everyday. The issue is: how can emu eggs, which I am sure very few people buy, be qualified as a sustainable grocery item? Don't they all go to waste?

I agree that I actually prefer the CM to Whole Foods as well. Gorgeous!

Hit up Patak Brothers in silver spring for your whole spices. Amazing prices, interesting imports if you like to cook Indian or Asian food.

Romantic Italian in DC

Try Iron Gate on N Street. They don't have a website and I don't think they take reservations. The restaurant is entirely outside in summer under a canopy of grapevines and lit with candles. The food is considered "american/middle eastern" but its not too adventerous or fussy. As romance goes, I was taken for a date there 3 summers ago and while the relationship went nowhere, to this day it was the most romantic date ever...