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Jardiniere has one of the most fabulous, classic caviar presentations in the city. Blini that come out warm (and will be replaced with more warm ones before you need to ask), creme fraiche, minced egg white & yolk, chopped parsley, shallot, lemon. And the mother of pearl spoons, of course...

A 3-Day Weekend in SF in mid-March

yanks26dmb couldn't be more on the money. GO TO KNEAD!! Best bakery in the entire city. Get the pomme d'amour and a fresh croissant - some of the best pastries in the city. Get a coffee from Philz next door, one of the best coffee shops in SF. So that's breakfast. For lunch you can stay in the mission, Pizzeria delfina is always solid and if it's a nice day you can take it and sit in Dolores Park which is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. And bi-rite creamery is right there for a great scoop of ice cream (humphrey slocombe is also some of the best, innovative ice cream parlors you can visit, also in the Mission).

Skip perbacco, replace it with SPQR or Cotogna for dinner for sure.

NOPA is also very solid, and Bar Crudo is very good if you're a seafood lover.

Lots of other places I could suggest, depending on which spots you're trying to fill.

Restaurant recommendations for an upcoming visit

1) Zuni is the same as ever. You can still get the chicken with bread salad for two!

2) For good meals at reasonable prices my top suggestions would be: SPQR, Aziza, Tataki for sushi, One Market for lunch, Bar Tartine, and NOPA (best burger in town). My favorite for cocktails is Bar Agricole.

3) Local Mission Eatery has a couple of communal tables that you could book in advance for 10 people - one of the few spots I can think of that has awesome food, is small, and can do that. Highly recommend contacting them to set that up!

One night in san Fran - where to go

I second SPQR. I wouldn't consider it glitzy or touristy at all. It's a casual neighborhood restaurant that doesn't get the attention it deserves and is really reasonably priced. It's easily my favorite Italian restaurant in SF. But you can't walk here...worth a cab though!

Cafe claude is in walking distance and has very solid french food. It's right across the alley of Gitane, which is excellent for cocktails and owned by the same people.

1911 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

Gitane Restaurant & Bar
6 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108

For our last meal in SF, Perbaco or Aziza? Want something I can't find in Philly or NYC.

Hands down Aziza. Perbacco is not even in the same league. Aziza is really special and its food is incredibly unique.

230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Four Day San Fran Trip - Critiques Please!

I'm sure a lot of people would raise an eyebrow at this, but for breakfast on Sunday skip Tartine and go to Knead Patisserie - also in the Mission (or make time for it another morning) I love Tartine and think it's excellent, but I think Knead is the best patisserie in SF. They're croissants are the best I've ever tried, and I spent a year in paris. And her signature pastry is called a pomme d'amour and is like creme brulee with a salted caramel sauce in puff pastry. It was written up in SF Weekly as one of the top 50 things to eat in SF.

Knead is not as well known, but TRUST me you won't be disappointed. I've sent dozens of people there and every one of them has agreed that it's incredible, and have gone back for more.

Knead Patisserie
3111 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Four Day San Fran Trip - Critiques Please!

When Frances first opened I didn't get the hype, but with over a year under their belts the food is definitely worthy of the praise it receives. And the staff has become more like family than employees, which I know is just a personal reason to like the place, but they really make anyone feel like they're home. The problem is that unless you have an "in" or are okay with waiting for a seat at the bar, you need to call 2 months in advance, to the day, to get reservations.

Skip lolo's. There's better food to be eaten with only 4 days in the city.

But, pauliface is right on one thing: Aziza. It has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants in SF, and serves food you won't get in San Diego. That would be my #1 pick, over Frances.

I'd also recommend SPQR for dinner if you're interested in incredible Italian food at reasonable prices. It's very highly regarded by others in the industry =)

1911 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

Four Day San Fran Trip - Critiques Please!

Agreed, that is quite the drive. Also, I'm not sure if you're familiar with spring mountain (my favorite area for wine tasting in napa!), but I'd put a couple of other wineries on the same road much higher on my list.

Barnett vineyards has some incredible cabs and an amazing view, as does Behren's - which was one of the most intimate, awesome experiences I've had wine tasting. Plus the view there is also incredible. Pride feels much larger and more commercial than these others, which is why I don't rank it as highly.

And if you're set on Sushi that night, you can go to Morimoto in Napa on the way home? You'll beat the traffic back and be able to spend more time in the valley. It's more pricey than an avg restaurant but I've heard great things.

Otherwise I'd say Tataki in SF is my favorite sushi. I mentioned it earlier in the thread but it was taken down because I linked it to something I wrote =( But all of the seafood is sustainable and delicious!

610 Main Street, Napa, CA

Favorite markets and grocery stores in SF -- esp. the Mission

I'm actually surprised Bi-Rite wasn't mentioned in every single response. It's by far my favorite market in the Mission - in the city for that matter. Yes, it's quite expensive, but the quality of the ingredients is worth it, and they have the most hospitable staff of any grocery store I've visited. Not to mention one of the best cheese selections in SF! As someone completely obsessed with cheese, that's my go-to spot to find my favorites or new, exciting things to try.

Costco to stop selling unsustainable seafood

The whole thing begs the question "So, what happens when major chains all start stocking the same breeds of sustainable fish? Wouldn't those fish then be in such high demand that they become unsustainable?"

Costco's move is definitely a step in the right direction, but the issue is tricky. For more national companies to start selling sustainable seafood in mass without depleting the stocks, companies would need to constantly receive/use up-to-date information on fish populations. Also, responsible management at the government/fishery levels would have to be in place so info is accurate and rules are followed.

And, when you add imported fish and other countries' fishing policies into the mix, the subject gets INCREDIBLY complicated and cloudy. Clearly the whole issue is complex, and everyone jumping on the sustainable bandwagon isn't by default a perfect solution.

Mar 03, 2011
KelsEats in Food Media & News

Costco to stop selling unsustainable seafood

Casson is one of the leading figures in the sustainable movement. He leads by example in his own restaurants (Tataki and Tataki South in San Francisco) and his work with Greenpeace deserves a big pat on the back. I'm sure changing Costco's seafood policy wasn't an easy process...

Mar 01, 2011
KelsEats in Food Media & News

Best SF Breakfast

I second Bar Tartine, fantastic French Toast. Absinthe has a really delicious brunch as well.

Bar Tartine
561 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Where to Eat in Paris

I wish I would've had this website when I was living in Paris! Even if it's Paris, that doesn't mean all the food is incredible - many places can be sub par, and on the flip side there can be soooo many hidden gems. Such a great site! I'm sending it to all of my friends that live there =)

Jun 09, 2010
KelsEats in Features