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What products at Trader Joes to avoid?

Clam Chowder (canned): Absolutely horrible. No taste at all and was super bland. Tried adding some pepper and other stuff into it but it didn't help. Ended up forcing myself to eat it.

Sweet Potato Bisque (boxed): No taste at all. Actually, yes there is taste -- tastes like the box it came in! Again, tried doctoring it up with some other seasonings, but no luck. Ended up tossing it out.

Low Sodium Minestrone Soup (canned): Again, very bland. When I was eating it and tasting it, it smelled like cigarettes or smoke. Also, it had a slightly bitter taste to it. Threw out the entire bowl of soup.

I still have a beef and barley soup in the pantry from them. I'll be trying it out later this week. Hopefully it won't be as bad as the ones listed above.

However, I did find their canned Beef Chili to be delicious. Yes, a lot of chili taste (powder?), but loaded with a ton of beans and meat!

Oct 25, 2011
scoobydrew in Chains

My Hunt for a California Burrito in the Bay Area.

I tried that place the other week and ordered a California Burrito. The fries tasted great, but overall, the burrito was a bit too dry.

My Hunt for a California Burrito in the Bay Area.

Sorry this is a bit late.

Iguana's in downtown San Jose ( offers both carne asada fries and "California Burritos". I've always loved the carne asada fries, but never knew about the California burrito craze. This was all until my friend (who goes to San Diego for school) introduced me to the California burrito.

However, you don't ask for a California burrito. What you do is order a "Super Burrito", select a choice of meat, request no beans, and add french fries. They do add a dollar for the fries though.