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Asian Lunch downtown Saturday

*happy dance* :-D

Good news - thanks!

Storage Containers For Freezing Food That Are NOT Plastic

What an excellent re-use idea for milk cartons. Thanks for that tip!

Feb 25, 2015
kinnickinnik in Cookware

Yaletown lunch on a Sunday in March with gluten free options?

Might have to do with Josh Wolfe leaving last summer. Didn't visit after so can't say if things took a slide but his leaving the restaurant bearing his name may well be a factor.

It was a bright light in Yaletown and a great place to go with a group.

UBC Asian food court - the forgotten international food court in GVRD

I mentioned My Home Cuisine above too - friendly folk and great value. Glad to hear Pizza Garden is good. Funny, it's my pick of pizza-by-slice downtown but I haven't checked out the UBC one yet.

Delly sandwiches made to order are great, though I find myself hungry very soon after due to stinginess with the protein.

I have to say, the Moon has improved a tad since its operating management changed. Still not great, but in a pinch between meetings, I'll run their for an (overpriced) rice and whatever bowl.

UBC Asian food court - the forgotten international food court in GVRD

One More Sushi is where I and my colleagues often gather for group lunches. It's OK but I wouldn't make a point of going there otherwise. Just one of very few destinations for groups on campus.

Kobob Rice Burgers on Main St

I was eyeing this while noshing on my burger at Camp-Up this week (burger thread got me a powerful burger craving so needed a fix). Thanks for the report - sounds like a gooder (and I see they have pajeon (pancake) on offer too).

I see Dennis was right on top of it. I should catch up on his blog posts!


Dream burger

Oh yeah, forgot about Stackhouse - that's a gooder!
Remember you can ask for extras on CU's - a double patty amps the beefyness big time.

Romer's falling apart Brioche Buns and all too often overcooked and dry burgers ruin them for me.

Dream burger

Hmm, maybe a consistency issue (or my judgement clouded by one too many a fab cocktail ;-) )

I'll have to go retest soon, think it's been about 8 months since last visit (I don't head out for burgers too often, and when I have lately have made beelines for CU).

What makes CU soooo good for me is the synergy between bun, melty processed cheese and just right burger (with chicken skin when the mood strikes).

I'm contemplating a trip back to Chicago for another stellar burger at Au Cheval - that was my idea of burger perfection ;-)

Dream burger

While definitely denser than the loosely packed patties at CU, I can't say I find the Pourhouse burger sausage-like. I quite like the seasoning and texture of it and find it reads good, beefy and toothsome (figure the brisket component contributes to that texture). I don't like too-loose a patty and a falling apart patty would not appeal (CU's teeters but doesn't fall over the falling apart degree of looseness). If I want steak-tarter, I'll order that :-)

UBC Asian food court - the forgotten international food court in GVRD

I work on the UBC campus and the village food court is one of the few passable options in the food wasteland that we have.

I usually bring a lunch but if I don't I'll usually get a small combo from the "My Home Cuisine" stall in the food court - it's the one at the back straight as you arrive downstairs. Nice homey stuff - liberal use of chilis where applicable and fast turnover (huge lineup at lunch) so generally fresh.

The Donair Town on your right as you enter is alright too.

On campus - grilled items from the Gallery Lounge (formerly downstairs as Pendulum) are good though a bit of wait involved when busy. I like the T-bird breakfast sandwich.

Recently opened in the Ponderosa commons - Mercante is making pizza in a stone oven - great when fully baked but last visit was underdone. Will ask for extra dark crust next time. Gnocchi with cheese sauce is pretty good and very cheesy. Far and away better than most of UBC food services offerings.

Behind the law school, Great Dane coffee makes some tasty grilled sandwiches and offers a nice space away from the trongs of students.

I'm looking forward to the new AMS and Alumni buildings opening. Granville Island's Stock Market will have a spot there and I'm hoping the Korean rice bowl place will be back in action there.

South Granville dining - last minute

Seina? I think they leave a few spots for walk-ins.

Dream burger

My burger itch is most satisfied by:

1. Campagnolo Upstairs - perhaps not as thick as you wish, but adding an extra patty will amp up the beefyness. Grilled bap bun holds together with just the right burger/bun balance. Burger is house ground, gently hand shaped and super juicy (and done to your liking). Fries are good, not the best, but very good. I prefer their pickles (when avail) as a side. Veggies are simple lettuce, tomato (and when the latter are ripe and in season, utterly sublime).

2. Pourhouse - simple plump juicy beefy burger (done med.) with excellent fries. Bacon and cheese w/o veg may not meet your #3 but it's a highly satisfying burger.

Both offer superb cocktails and craft beer.

Victoria for two days

I suggest Uchida for a delicious gluten-free friendly, homestyle Japanese lunch.

It's a tiny place, has a handful of tables and offers take out. I went on a recent o/n trip to Victoria and loved it - had the panko grilled salmon that was on that day. Thanks to Dennis The Foodie for writing about it as it was his blog post that led me to it.

Group dining / anniversary dinner

How about the Abbey? Nice private room seats up to 30-32. Reasonably priced gastropub dining - hearty and comfortable food. I don't see a problem with little ones there.

Getting your growler on in Vancouver

Nice find GE!

To add to that:

CAMRA Vancouver maintains a list here:

Also look for the just released print guide released by Glacier media:

Help ! Need a St. Honore cake for Sunday/8th

I had an unhealthy obsession with their pithiviers for a long time. Thankfully not in walking distance any more so lay off of those but for the occasional treat.

Help ! Need a St. Honore cake for Sunday/8th

Fratelli's Vancouver location is open Sundays.

Help ! Need a St. Honore cake for Sunday/8th

Cafe Linh (formerly Cafe Regalade)

Also add an e: rĂ´tie

Asian Lunch downtown Saturday

Just checked their FB - they'd planned to re-open first week of Feb but have had a setback. No date yet.

Asian Lunch downtown Saturday

Has Santouka re-opened?
If not, Motomathi Shokudo on Denman is a nice bowl of ramen.

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

From KDK's emails and Scout, I see that Mike Robbins (ex-Oakwood) is taking over the space with his new restaurant "AnnaLena"


looking for a decent Japanese restaurant with fresh Uni On Sunday (Feb 1)

For a cheap and cheerful uni fix - Kyzock (formerly Zero One - I haven't been since the name change - still the fellow from (iirc) Nara?) (still?) does a great uni don.

ETA - oops - closed Sundays.

Who makes the best sausages in Vancouver?

Oh no - they've closed??

Chinese roast piglet

No personal experience but doesn't Dollar meats on Pender offer this?

Cinnamon Rolls in Gastown?

If you're looking for a cinnamon bun but don't want the usual gooey, iced variety (Acme on Hastings does a good one of those) - Bonchaz did/(does?) an apple cinnamon variety of whatever it is they do (I've not tried) http://www.urbanspoon.com/rph/14/1497...

Cinnamon Rolls in Gastown?

Could it be La Luna?

Closed, in that space is Smart Mouth cafe

Haven't been to either so can't attest to cinnamon rolls found at either former or present cafe.

Kerry Gold butter? Best Cdn brand butter avail in BC?

Thanks! Pricey but worth it once and a while for pastries that need the high fat.

Return of the refuel burger at Campagnolo, Vancouver

You can also order from the Campagnolo downstairs menu - salads and lighter choices can be found there.

Minimum charges/orders paradigms in Vancouver dining establishments

If I see too many table campers - I turn and leave (and don't really see this at places I like to frequent). Especially if it's a seat yourself setting and no seats to be had thanks to the squatters.

I used to get so peeved when some years back I was doing a lab job that would run round the clock. Leave UBC campus past midnight looking for a quick bite. Not many options, Calhouns is on the way home - nope, EVERY table taken over by students cramming for exams. Me, prepared to shell out a meal's worth of cash, or at least enough for a substantial snack. They not spending much, certainly not enough for the time they're there and driving other business out. Head home to instant ramen.