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Good salads in Van?

I quite like the salads at Aphrodite Cafe - variety of veggies, nuts/seeds, legumes in the mix.

Also, Cactus Club's rainforest greens fills the odd salad craving.

about 6 hours ago
kinnickinnik in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Best Italian pasta in Vancouver - what's your vote?

For very good to sometimes great, Adesso Bistro on Haro. It's a lovely room (and if still warm out, superb patio). Cork flooring keeps noise level down if that's important.

Fruit beer of another stripe -- any in Vancouver?

Those remind me of all the fruit juice + beer cocktails I saw all over Japan. Eg: http://www.hakodate-factory.com/beer/...

I thought them more akin to a lager shandy. Grapefruit, yuzu, peach, lemon, strawberry all pretty common. Tomato too (which I had to try in honor of all the morning after prairie red-eye cocktails of my youth).
Apparently, Asahi was promoting a calpis-beer cocktail (bleah).


What I'd love to see here is more ji-biru (see Baird and Hitachino nest at times but would love to see Minoh, Yo-ho (Yona Yona), Shiga-Kogen...


Fruit beer here, I've been enjoying the grapefruit radlers (eg. Stiegel's and Parallel 49's). Brassneck's raspberry sour is tangy and lovely (much stronger than radlers).

Pickling Jar

There's this place on Hastings:

Don't know if they have Chinese pickling jars but they do carry a range of crock sizes, air locks and other supplies. I haven't been to the shop myself (bought my crock in PDX).

Knifewear coming to the Coast in July 2014

Good suggestion. I'm after a veggie (nakiri) knife but undecided beyond that (other than budget). Might try and get there tomorrow if they're open late enough.

100% vegan/vegetarian food trucks ?

Loving Hut is one http://lovinghutvancouver.ca/

Knifewear coming to the Coast in July 2014

Oh drat - can't get away from work. Will see what's left on Friday (want to get a Japanese Veggie knife).

new to north shore

If you haven't yet, do sign up for Marquis email list - that's the best way to keep up on new and expected shipments, futures, deals, etc.

Morning coffee/muffin in Vancouver

The Cafe on Railspur on Granville Island is Agro, not Argo

Morning coffee/muffin in Vancouver

The space is much improved since their redecorating (nicer outdoor tables, big communal table added). Muffins are hit and miss - I find them pretty stodgy but flavorful. Coffee not that great - passable only.

As for Whole Foods muffins - great but not constantly so. Had a fresh from the oven blueberry bran this morning. Nice texture and all but skimped on the blueberries.
I do like the Allegro coffee they sell.

Best Price for Pork Shoulder?

I don't recall what I paid but Windsor meats on King Edward and Main had a good price on high quality pork - I bought a huge shoulder for a big batch of carnitas some time back.

Who (bakery) makes great fresh cherry pies ?

Jobst-Hof are the only ones I know of that do. They'll be at Kits and Kerrisdale markets this weekend with a limited supply of sours (just got an email from them confirming this).

Knifewear coming to the Coast in July 2014

Yay! Thanks for the intel Grayelf!

Four Days in Vancouver

As with all subjective matters, YMMV :-)
I've been very pleased with PH's burgs over the half dozen times I've had it.

Four Days in Vancouver

Great burger but I beg to differ on " the only burger in town worth the candle". Pourhouse's burger is hella good - and also with a killer cocktail (don't like what's on the list, they'll invent something to taste).

Who (bakery) makes great fresh cherry pies ?

Do you know whether they're making their cherry pie with sour or sweet cherries? Thanks.

40th Birthday Dinner for a Group

Baru Latino? Lot's of nice cool ceviches and other hot-weather friendly tapas, salads, mains. I've been with groups about that size and it's a good space and many cocktails offered by the jug

Who (bakery) makes great fresh cherry pies ?

The Pie Shoppe? Never had 'em. Just checked their twitter feed - mentions cherry, cherry-vanilla, cherry-buttermilk in recent days.

Morning coffee/muffin in Vancouver

+1 for Elysian, I love the muffins they sell at the Broadway and Ash location.

Who (bakery) makes great fresh cherry pies ?

Oh I love good cherry - preferably made with sour ones - pies.

Stongs on Dunbar sells Savary Island pies.
I've seen sour cherry pies at Whole Foods on occasion - more often at the Kits location. OK when nothing else there (they make them out of season from frozen/preserved cherries).
Farmer's market Granola King features pies "Her Majesty's Pies" (something like that) - tried their sour cherry and it was too sweetened for me - all the tang character was gone.

If you want to get some great local cherries (including sours for a brief while - possibly just this week and maybe next, Jobst-Hof cherry growers are at Kerrisdale and Kits markets this coming weekend. Great eating cherries (various incl Bing and Rainier) and sours for pies/bread/muffins/savoury.

ETA: oops, forgot Tartine's sour cherry pies.

Any place selling duck sausage ?

Best spot to eat as a single woman?

i agree on Fable (can't comment on Baru as I've only been there with big groups). Didn't mention earlier as I was thinking downtown places were more what was sought after.

Whether alone or with a dining partner, Fable's bar is a great place to spend some time - I prefer dining there over the room - makes sharing easier. SO and I were there a week ago and had another superb dinner - tomato tart and salt cod (a sub they made after planned headcheese had run out) stuffed zucchini blossoms were to die for! Fable's very solo friendly throughout - counter or otherwise.

new to north shore

Regarding French wines - nothing here to compare to SAQ Signature but the private wine stores offer a good alternative to the BC Liquor stores. I really like Marquis Wine on Davie - while not on the the north shore, they'll deliver (free at $200 plus). They often bring in lesser known products they've found on buying trips and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

Best spot to eat as a single woman?

While I love L'Abbatoir, I find the noise level at the bar just too overwhelming for solo dining. Good with my spouse or close friend to lean in and chat close to though.

Best spot to eat as a single woman?

I really enjoy a little solo bar counter dining when my SO is travelling on biz and can't round up the dining buddies. Favourite spots for conviviality, comfort and tasty food, wine and cocktails (and beer in the case of the latter 3):

Yew (in Four Season's Hotel on Howe)
Chambar (on Beatty - just moved or about to move to new space next door my experience is in the current/old space).
Pourhouse (on Water in Gastown)
Tuc (on Cordova in Gastown)

Enjoy your brief visit and have a lovely cruise!

Would love some help on really beautiful settings and budget finds in Vancouver and Victoria? Breakfast, lunch, drinks and apps? Someplace with a special setting we won't see in Los Angeles? (Even if we have to put up with good, not great food?)

You can't beat the Galley at Vancouver's Jericho Sailing Centre for a decent bargain lunch with stunning view

any good place for Rum baba

Baguette and Co? Locations on W Broadway (about 1/2way betwen McDonald and Alma) and Davie.

I think La Bagueet et l'Echalote sold Rum Baba's when they had their retail space in Granville Island but they seem to be focussed wholly on breads now that they're out the space.

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

Cafe Regalade has signs advertising a [Cafe?] Linh opening in the space. Implies French-Vietnamese fusion to me.

Good Bread in Van

I love the lavender-rosemary (and honey?) bread. Beer bread (made with spent grain) is a gooder too.

Sea beans or sea asparagus, (more) reasonably priced in Vancouver?

Not much less, but Seafood City (?) the fish and seafood vendor at the east end of the market has it for 15.90/lb

FaS had but I can't recall how much.

I've not been around for the past month so have missed most of the early markets but in the past, I've seen sea asparagus/samphire from a vendor at the farmer's markets (Kits mostly). Not there this past Sunday though. I'd get a generous bag for about $5.