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looking for a decent Japanese restaurant with fresh Uni On Sunday (Feb 1)

For a cheap and cheerful uni fix - Kyzock (formerly Zero One - I haven't been since the name change - still the fellow from (iirc) Nara?) (still?) does a great uni don.

ETA - oops - closed Sundays.

about 10 hours ago
kinnickinnik in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Who makes the best sausages in Vancouver?

Oh no - they've closed??

Chinese roast piglet

No personal experience but doesn't Dollar meats on Pender offer this?

Cinnamon Rolls in Gastown?

If you're looking for a cinnamon bun but don't want the usual gooey, iced variety (Acme on Hastings does a good one of those) - Bonchaz did/(does?) an apple cinnamon variety of whatever it is they do (I've not tried) http://www.urbanspoon.com/rph/14/1497...

Cinnamon Rolls in Gastown?

Could it be La Luna?

Closed, in that space is Smart Mouth cafe

Haven't been to either so can't attest to cinnamon rolls found at either former or present cafe.

Kerry Gold butter? Best Cdn brand butter avail in BC?

Thanks! Pricey but worth it once and a while for pastries that need the high fat.

Return of the refuel burger at Campagnolo, Vancouver

You can also order from the Campagnolo downstairs menu - salads and lighter choices can be found there.

Minimum charges/orders paradigms in Vancouver dining establishments

If I see too many table campers - I turn and leave (and don't really see this at places I like to frequent). Especially if it's a seat yourself setting and no seats to be had thanks to the squatters.

I used to get so peeved when some years back I was doing a lab job that would run round the clock. Leave UBC campus past midnight looking for a quick bite. Not many options, Calhouns is on the way home - nope, EVERY table taken over by students cramming for exams. Me, prepared to shell out a meal's worth of cash, or at least enough for a substantial snack. They not spending much, certainly not enough for the time they're there and driving other business out. Head home to instant ramen.

Return of the refuel burger at Campagnolo, Vancouver

And the fries portion is HUGE - more than enough for 2 of us typically. Get the pickles if they have any-always brilliant (if not, there are some tucked in the olive bowl).

Had the schmaltz 'candle' last time for a giggle - tasty enough with flavourful remoulade and bits of fried chicken skin but the schmaltz got cold on the plate.

Yeah, they've been doing a brunch since the fall. Been keen to try but it hasn't happened yet. Menu looked great. The cotechino hash looks amazing: https://www.facebook.com/CampUpstairs...

HNY: what did you nibble on NYE?

What, no kutia? :-)

oops, just reread and see, of course that's your NYE menu and not the orthodox xmas eve one. My folks aren't around any more so the Jan 7 xmas doesn't get its due. Was fun to have 3 celebrations over the holidays as a kid - Dec 25, NYE and orthodox xmas eve/day over Jan 6-7.

Cheese fondue in Vancouver

Now that the hills finally have some snow (not much yet, minimal trail opening)- and if you're up for a little snowshoeing:

http://cypressmountain.com/snowshoe-t... (there's a cheese and chocolate fondue tour
)https://www.grousemountain.com/snowsh... (this one needs min 6 people).

Can't speak to the quality but the setting sure is nice.

Topanga salsa to go: still great after all these years (Vancouver)

Never been to the local one but the one in Edmonton was my first intro to Mexican. Fuzzy old memory now.

Cheese fondue in Vancouver

HNY: what did you nibble on NYE?

We took it easy NYE as we'd been travelling much of the day. I'd planned on dinner of duck breasts with sticky rice but lacked the energy to put it together so I grabbed a Tartine-made tourtier from l'Epicure in granville island with a very tasty Monterey Pinot Noir. The duck made it on the table tonight. This was Quebec-sourced "Peking duck breast" per Armando, was very nice if mildly flavoured.

Dinner with good craft beer selection - Victoria?

I was just in Victoria and very much enjoyed the beer selection and friendly laid-back vibe at the Churchill in the Bedford hotel. http://thechurchill.ca/ They've been there about 6 months, in what used to be (IIRC) a wine bar. It's quieter sib to the Garrick's Head pub (which seems to have an improved beer program)

Can't really comment on the food since we only shared a hummus dip between us - that was tasty - the grilled pita was more like a chapati in texture (thinner, bit of nice chew to it). Didn't take a good look at menu since we didn't plan on eating.

Link to blog posts about them since they seem be slow about getting a site going.

Beer-wise - 50 taps, plenty of local/BC beers along with some choice regional pickings (Elysian Spacdust IPA was our yummy fave). Regularly rotating taps. Proper pints poured properly. Server spoke to regular line cleaning - nice to hear mention of proper tap system maintenance (that too many places don't follow enough).

Where do you like to go in Vancouver BC? [moved from Seattle]

Presumably they use it for the higher fat content: 84% vs 80% of nearly all Canadian butters. This would make a difference to croissant quality. Thomas Haas uses it too. Stirling in Ontario is higher fat but not avail locally? (I think someone reported a Costco sighting but I've never seen it there).


Christmas Openings

Thanks for the info on Mui Ngo Gai being open.

After great Christmas morning walk, we opted for casual comfort food - for us, Vietnamese fits the bill and we made a beeline for Mui Nogo Gai. Bun Bo Hue on Christmas day leaves this 'hound happy and content. Lovely folks there too and the place was buzzing.

Costco - Vancouver BC - "flaked almonds" - are they out of stock?

I picked up some toasted coconut about 1 1/2 weeks ago - downtown location. It was in the front/center areas - aisle with nuts, trail mixes and sports bars.

Costco - Vancouver BC - "flaked almonds" - are they out of stock?

The sliced, blanched almonds from Golden Boy brand (big bag, top part red colour)? I hope not - my bag is running low. So much more economical than alternatives.

Pommery mustard in Vancouver?

Was just at Oyama's @ Granville Island and spotted Pommery among the mustards they sell. It was the Meaux one:

Good restaurant in Vancouver with private booths?

Not super private as it faces the kitchen but if you want a little viewing interest, while being away from other diners - Pourhouse's kitchen table is pretty separate (though there is traffic to and from the loo behind it)

Adesso's little enclosed corner table is probably the most private aside from Japanese tatami rooms (eg Ebisu). That's something they inherited from Parkside and Delilahs before that

What about steak houses? I think private booths, I think steak houses - does Hy's have any booths?

Restaurant recommendation

For west coast inspired seafood, I much prefer Yew over Blue Water - I find the latter a bit inconsistent (have had both stellar and disappointing meals there).

Good Bread in Van

Thanks for the info! Very reasonable prices too. Will check out soon.

Stroopwafels in Vancouver???

At least one (the one on University Blvd) of the convenience shops at UBC Village sells them (or at least did last time I shopped there well over a couple of years ago). No idea how fresh they are, have never bought.

I've seen them in many independent grocers around town. Eg, Stong's as waver mentioned.

Good Bread in Van

Ah, yes, that rings a bell now. I think I saw mention that Florin moved on in the last bio of him for the UBC farm bread workshop.

He can be found here:
Good reading!

Good Bread in Van

I make my own mostly too, at least in cooler weather (once I have my annual allotment from Urban Grains CSA. Got rye again this year - woot!).

I do love Swiss Bakery's breads. Pipka III is my usual.

Beyond Bread had slipped for me. The past few times I bought - the bread was poorly formed (too big air pockets between overly doughy - maybe Florian had an apprentice making loaves for a while). I should revisit soon.

Breweries/brew pubs/tasting lounges in Vancouver and nearish by

The fries at Pat's are really great too. If I've had lunch elsewhere and hit the Sat Jazz, an order of fries keeps me happy.

Devil's Elbow, Bomber and Powell are high on my hit-up-soon list.

A couple of tasting rooms further afield that I quite enjoyed:

Yellow Dog Brewing in Port Moody. Lovely beers. My (partially yellow) dog was welcome there. Don't recall any food when we went but any food is via trucks. Follow their fb or tweets to get updates - their website isn't happenin' yet http://www.yellowdogbeer.com

Four Winds brewing. Superb saison and (Belgian influenced) IPA. http://www.fourwindsbrewing.ca/ Don't recall any food. On River Road, Delta, EAST of the highway (not west like I first assumed when hunting for it).

Good Bread in Van

How did I miss this? So near home. Love a good dark rye!

Thanks neveziss, for the added intel!

Breweries/brew pubs/tasting lounges in Vancouver and nearish by

I love the Saturday afternoon jazz series at Pat's - pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Haven't been for a while - must rectify that soon. Evening shows are very reasonably priced too. Layout kind of sucks (too many posts interrupting sightlines) so get there early to score best seats. Food is quite serviceable.

Brassneck's beer is also on offer at Campagnolo upstairs. Now that's a winning food and beer combo!

Breweries/brew pubs/tasting lounges in Vancouver and nearish by

Brassneck is where I go to most - they're ever changing up their beers and tinkering with new recipes, including sours (the Changeling series) with more to come courtesy of "Big Bertha" http://instagram.com/p/utYEhARaCx/?mo.... Food is whatever truck is scheduled that day, plus goodies like dried sausage and jerky goodies from various suppliers. Really loving the current Changeling made with Gewurtz must. http://brassneck.ca/ I like Via Tevere's wood oven baked sandwiches on Thursday evenings.

Area provides a good mini-crawl opportunity with Main Street, 33 Acres and now Steel Toad nearby. Anyone checked out Steel Toad yet?

Speaking of hoppy goodness - loving Powell's Ode to Citra!