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Ramen Danbo (Kits)

I walked by around 8 pm tonight - looked hopping, lots of happy ramen slurpers inside and a lineup outside.

Decent ramen a short stroll from home? Yes please!

C Prime at the Century Plaza Hotel - ehhhhhh.

Huh, so that explains where he went post Bis Moreno. Oh how I loved his cooking there! Interesting to know he helmed things at Umbertos for a while too.

Best of luck to him in Qatar - he's a wonderful chef.

La Brasserie

We went during the week as well. SO had the burger. Fries tasty, fried onions piled high - looked great. Burger itself was disappointing - over-seasoned and 'like meatloaf' SO reported.

I had the green salad to start. Nice mix of greens (baby mustard, kale, chard, romaine, escarole etc) ruined by far too much dressing. About a 1/4 of the dressing used would have been sufficient. This was an oily mess too eat.

My main was the lamb cheeks. The little cheeks were lovely tender morsels. Would have liked more of these on the plate. Not a fan of the carrot mashed potato buried under the chard - bland, orange, and better suited to baby food.

Didn't notice any big changes to the space. Service was great.

Retirement Dinner in Burnaby

Pear Tree is superb - tops in Burnaby for me, and one of my faves in the whole region. Very special occasion worthy. A particular aspect that folks near retirement age would appreciate is a sound level that makes conversation easy for all.

Hart House is a lovely setting but can be uneven. They've had many changes of chef in recent years. Haven't been since current chef has taken the helm.

Ordering Vietnamese dishes

I thought ordering by menu number is more the norm in Vietnamese restos?

Thanks for the link! I'm delighted to find the pronunciation for yoghurt. Now I can try ordering "ca phe sua chua" locally that I so enjoyed in Hanoi.

May 04, 2015
kinnickinnik in General Topics

SS Dim Sum hit the rocks in Cowichan Bay

Inn at the Water - or is it Ocean View restaurant at Ocean Front Suites resort? They're advertising a Dim Sum event on May 10.


Jurgen Gothe, local oenophile, national radio celebrity - dead at 71

A nice story on him from a few years ago, when DiscDrive was winding down http://www.vanmag.com/News_and_Featur...

Jurgen Gothe, local oenophile, national radio celebrity - dead at 71

Aww, what a loss :-( RIP and thank you for all the pleasurable listening (and drinking ideas) over the years! Condolences to his family.

St. Paul's area

There's a Nando's nearby on Davie that would offer a GF meal of chicken and rice (ask which sauces are GF).

Saj and Co about a block east on Davie is great - the grilled sandwich/wraps aren't GF but salads could be. Everything is made fresh so there's opportunity to confirm GF status.

Takis Taverna for Greek, which I think would be GF net of pita bread.


Vancouver Pizza Culture

And their pizza's pretty tasty. I love the dense chew and char of their crust, good mozza.

We've had a couple via a Groupon deal they offered. Will keep it in our pizza rotation for take out on busy nights.

Hawksworth #2 in Canada?

So true, though for a French meal, I do love Bistro Pastis (mean to visit their Left Bank sib on Denman one of these days soon).

Recent meal at Le Crocodile (SO's birthday dinner at the Gout de France event was terribly underwhelming and crashed our hopes for a stellar evening).

I was saddened by Campagne (Seattle) closure - that hit the right note for me.

Hey GE - I'll be in PDX in May too - our long weekend.

Dream burger

I quite enjoyed the Koerner's burger! Simple, beefy, mine wasn't as rare as pictured or as I'd like but plenty moist anyway. Good bacon, I'd prefer processed cheese over cheddar. Side salad was limp (they must be dressing a batch then letting it sit) but the dressing was zippy. Decent selection of craft brews on tap.

Boston hound visiting Richmond

Or as we call it, the Lower Mainland ;-)

Second Dollar Meat's for the lap cheong, noting that you can get their vacuum packed sausages in T&T stores throughout the area and other grocers (if you're Yaohan Centre, the supermarket there is a T&T).

Boston hound visiting Richmond

LR, you mean AFTER 6:30 on weekdays for $2.75 fare from Richmond to Vancouver. Before 6:30 it's $4.00 as zones apply.

One $ saver if you plan a return trip across zones during the day, and don't want to worry about 90-min fare expiry is a day pass. $9.75 gets you unlimited travel on the Translink system (buses, skytrains, seabus) though the entire day

I like Aberdeen Centre's food court for Leung Kee's Cantonese, Mambo cafe's baked rice and other HK dishes, and Wu Fung Dessert's chicken wings.

En route to UBC, Hitoe sushi on w4th is very good, not cheapest but great value.

Sliders (new - Broadway @ Cambie)

Oh, La Taqueria needn't worry. Just means we'll orient ourselves toward Cambie more often for both them and Sliders. Nice to have two options for speedy, tasty dinners en route to our all-too-frequent Home Depot trips these days. Also want to hit up Shishinori soon too.

Sliders (new - Broadway @ Cambie)

Yep - at the Kits end of Fairview but walking radius for us is anything within a half-hour or so walk.

Service is counter service - friendly folks. They mentioned it was their 3 month anniversary since opening. Self serve fountain drinks (it's a Pepsi house), name called when food is ready, self bus back to a designated area at the counter.

They have a 'slider passport' with an icon for each variety to encourage sampling across the menu. I'm heading back soon to try the braised beef cheek one (yum!). They had a black bean special that sounded good but two were enough for each of us.

We were actually on our way to a taco dinner but sliders beckoned.

Sliders (new - Broadway @ Cambie)

SO and stopped in for quick dinner tonight. I had porchetta (lovely fennel flavour in the roast, nice crispy rind bits, pickled onion among garnishes) and chickpea patty (curry punched up with pickled onion). SO went for beef dip (generous bit of shaved roast with a jus dip) and cod bits (chunks of moist battered cod with coleslaw). All delicious and the 2 slider combos were satisfying for us for dinner. I had coleslaw with mine (freshly dressed, creamy with bits of pineapple). SO had great fries with his (crispy, creamy on the inside, great Kennebec flavour)

Big space, very quiet when we were there. I expect they'll have a good lunch trade - the combos are very good value IMO. Variety is not a bad thing for lunch regulars where too limited a selection can be tiring. Maybe they'll whittle it down a bit depending on how different options sell.

Not licensed .. yet - they say about a week to go. That'll hopefully draw folks in the evening.
We'll be back - it's in our walkable radius and sliders with a beer would hit the spot on many a night.

Quality cafes and coffee shops in Vancouver and nearish by

Strolling past Beyond Bread today, noticed their sidewalk sign advertising they're serving Heart coffee from PDX

Bon Appetite says Sirarcha's "Totally Over." Agree?

Along that downward spiral (of the trend, not sriracha itself - long live sriracha!)


Hawksworth #2 in Canada?

Ditto - love Jaeger's elegant and delicious cuisine. Pear Tree is a very rare trip for us as we like to indulge and that's not a transit nor cab friendly distance.

Lucky for me, he kicked off the new monthly Greasy Spoon Dinner series at Save On Meats. I had the great pleasure of attending this on Monday and loved it. Great food, great pairings of Deep Cove ales. Great cause. Win all around!
My phone died so had to hunt online for pics found this. I would love to find his pickled tomatoes again - utterly amazing. He plays so well with details of flavour and texture.

Ramen coming to Kerrisdale!

Yeah, saw that a while back on Jinya's corporate page. Can't wait!!

Finally some decent ramen on the west side that's more or less on the way home (with a little detour through K'dale).

Nutty cake, not too sweet?

Transylvania Traditions makes a number of cakes that are nutty. Sweet but not as much so as typical cakes (though some are syrupy which can be on the sweet side)


ISO Epazote

The Mayan gardeners at UBC farm grow it, available when in season at the UBC Saturday market (get on the farm's market mailing list for info on when the Mayan gardeners will have their sale on)

Possibly Los Guerros? http://www.losguerreroslatinfoods.com...

Or grow your own:

Black bean pasta

The red lentil pasta I saw in Costco was by Tolerant but the black bean was something else IIRC.

Black bean pasta

Was at Costco (downtown YVR) today and can confirm that the black bean spaghetti is still available there (at the end of an aisle near pastas). Ingredients are black beans and water only.

Also saw some red lentil pasta (rotini? fusili? can't recall) that was made from red lentils and water only.

Have not tried either so can't speak to quality.

Hawksworth #2 in Canada?

"I figure it's just some kind of old-school chefs club where all of the older guys vote for one another."

Yah, somewhat, some younger chefs too, and restauranteurs. With assorted other personalities thrown in. Though wonder how many have eaten at all, and how many votes are given based on reputations and such.

I sure wouldn't put Hawksworth at #2. Not even #200 based on my experiences there.

Quality cafes and coffee shops in Vancouver and nearish by

Great Dane coffee tucked in behind Gage Tower on UBC campus (or behind law library if coming from that direction) is a great little spot hidden away from campus hordes. Service friendly, tasty grilled sandwiches (haven't tried other eats).
Coffee is from Victoria's Bows and Arrows.


Kishimoto Sushi to close for Spring break (March 9th-23rd)

Oh sure, right after Dennis puts this out and has me Jonesin' for it

Asian Lunch downtown Saturday

*happy dance* :-D

Good news - thanks!

Storage Containers For Freezing Food That Are NOT Plastic

What an excellent re-use idea for milk cartons. Thanks for that tip!

Feb 25, 2015
kinnickinnik in Cookware