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Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

So very glad to read this - great (I'm anticipating) Vietnamese on my way home from work. Perfect!

about 7 hours ago
kinnickinnik in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Your pick for happy hour in Vancouver (food and drink)

Yup, not too happy for this 9-5 working plebe. Add commute time (no options near my office) and I'll need HH til 7 pm please.

Ditalini noodle?

Pretty sure I've seen at Donald's market - both locations.

Your pick for happy hour in Vancouver (food and drink)

As mentioned in the A/C thread: Steel Toad for their pizza and beer special for $11. Beer is superb (includes any of their house brewed craft ales), pizza is pretty good and space roomy, air conditioned and comfy. 3-5 pm on weekdays only. The time is a challenge as I typically work past 5.

Tuc's 1/2 price cocktails and $5 ales are great too (theirs run weekends too, I think. Most don't). Dunno if there are food specials too but nibbles are reasonable.

More ideas

Where can I find nduja in Vancouver?


Hot in the city: Chow-worthy restos in Vancouver with air conditioning

Personal size - 12" I found one plenty enough for me.
See happy hour menu (annoyingly, their menus are on pdf)

Sunday evening rec for party of 5

Yew offers their wine list at 1/2 price off a bottle on Sunday nights, that may help keep the tab within budget (as their menu can run high).

Otherwise I would favour l'Abbatoir, Pourhouse.

I hear good things of Annalena on West 1st avenue (a short bus or cab ride from downtown, or a little ferry boat across False Creek (with a bit of a walk)) but I've not been myself.

Hot in the city: Chow-worthy restos in Vancouver with air conditioning

Beer worthy happy hour deal at Steel Toad: thin crust pizza, (proper) pint of house brewed ale with a/c for $11 3? to 5 weekdays. Don't know what rest of menu is like but beers are excellent, pizza was fine and space cool and comfortable on a hot afternoon.

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

Chungs chips are pretty good - a little scrappy but good flavour. They use Ladner grown Kennebecs so points for being very local. Slaw was tasty too, very fresh and light.

Very low key place in the old Ladner town center. Quiet when we went on a weeknight but I imagine it gets very busy on a sunny weekend day.

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

I've been to Chungs. Very light, lacy batter that lets the fish shine. I went on a coupon deal that set the menu as the salmon and chips with the candied salmon salad. The latter was ok - fresh veggies but the salmon was more a moist smoke than the chewy candied salmon I think of. Fish was nicely prepared - moist with a very thin layer of crisp batter.

As a bonus, they offer Four Winds beers by the bottle (though were sold out when we went).

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

I quite like C-lovers halibut and love their chips - prefer their Kennebec chips over the scrappy ones from Go Fish.

Sunday lunch spot-Broadway &Cambie

Great sliders along with really good fries and coleslaw. SO and I will typically get 2 sliders each and one get fries, the other coleslaw, splitting the sides between us.

Kitsilano Daily Kitchen - another try in a tough spot

Looks like you were :-)
I think just short of 5 years is a good run in this town, and in that spot.

Hope to visit AnnaLena, that is now in that space, soon. Hear good things.

Where to buy pre- marinated meats for Korean barbeque

And fresh tofu! (I haven't bought nor looked for meat there either so can't say)

Need Victoria dinner recs. It has been 6 yrs!

Some seriously delicious food at Uchida Japanese Eatery. Tiny place, gets busy so best to be there at opening but worth waiting - or get your meal to go. Weekday lunch only.

The Churchill @ Bedford hotel is a bright light on Victoria's beer scene - great selection (mix of local and US mostly).

Mission coming to West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

I like the look of the remodel - previous incarnations have been rather dreary places. Yay for Blueicus setting up shop so much nearer to me :-)

Dining in Banff National Park

As Banff is in Alberta, you'll probably get more info at the Prairie Provinces board

Here's a recent discussion from there:

OH NO !!! Cartems coming to Main & 6th

Oh gawd - donut sundaes!


And on the way home after I indulge at Campy-Up or Brassneck.

The most intriguing spots in YVR

I haven't been to the Eatery for ~20 years either, as it was pretty awful when I went and never felt the need to go back.

The most intriguing spots in YVR

For Ethiopian, I love Fassil on Broadway

Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato - implications for BC/Vanc and PNW users

Agreed. I get much more out of following bloggers I trust (Sherman, Dennis, Chowtimes, FMF, et).

Urbanspoon Becomes Zomato - implications for BC/Vanc and PNW users

Yup, this is why I uninstalled the app after a brief peruse. Useless.

VCBW - May 29 - June 7

This was a gem (from 2011):

Tickets still avail for a number of events:

Also - parallel goings on such as Brassneck's open house with Meat and Bread making porchettas on site:

Four Winds pop up (thanks Dennis!

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA on tap -- who has it in Vancouver?

Thanks! I'm book-ending VBCW this year. Darby's to open, the big fest to close. Not generally inclined to do the big fest but going with a group.

A choice non-ticketed event is this Saturday - May 30, 12 to 4 pm - at Brassneck. Open house with Meat and Bread in the house!


Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA on tap -- who has it in Vancouver?

That's a superb IPA - this year's was soooo good on cask at their PDX pub on my recent trip. My SO was just stateside again and enjoying it by the bottle - any brought home for me? No :-(

I'm hoping some turns up at Darby's Rare Brews and BBQ event on Sat!

Ramen Danbo (Kits)

I walked by around 8 pm tonight - looked hopping, lots of happy ramen slurpers inside and a lineup outside.

Decent ramen a short stroll from home? Yes please!

C Prime at the Century Plaza Hotel - ehhhhhh.

Huh, so that explains where he went post Bis Moreno. Oh how I loved his cooking there! Interesting to know he helmed things at Umbertos for a while too.

Best of luck to him in Qatar - he's a wonderful chef.

La Brasserie

We went during the week as well. SO had the burger. Fries tasty, fried onions piled high - looked great. Burger itself was disappointing - over-seasoned and 'like meatloaf' SO reported.

I had the green salad to start. Nice mix of greens (baby mustard, kale, chard, romaine, escarole etc) ruined by far too much dressing. About a 1/4 of the dressing used would have been sufficient. This was an oily mess too eat.

My main was the lamb cheeks. The little cheeks were lovely tender morsels. Would have liked more of these on the plate. Not a fan of the carrot mashed potato buried under the chard - bland, orange, and better suited to baby food.

Didn't notice any big changes to the space. Service was great.

Retirement Dinner in Burnaby

Pear Tree is superb - tops in Burnaby for me, and one of my faves in the whole region. Very special occasion worthy. A particular aspect that folks near retirement age would appreciate is a sound level that makes conversation easy for all.

Hart House is a lovely setting but can be uneven. They've had many changes of chef in recent years. Haven't been since current chef has taken the helm.

Ordering Vietnamese dishes

I thought ordering by menu number is more the norm in Vietnamese restos?

Thanks for the link! I'm delighted to find the pronunciation for yoghurt. Now I can try ordering "ca phe sua chua" locally that I so enjoyed in Hanoi.

May 04, 2015
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