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Stroopwafels in Vancouver???

At least one (the one on University Blvd) of the convenience shops at UBC Village sells them (or at least did last time I shopped there well over a couple of years ago). No idea how fresh they are, have never bought.

I've seen them in many independent grocers around town. Eg, Stong's as waver mentioned.

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kinnickinnik in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Good Bread in Van

Ah, yes, that rings a bell now. I think I saw mention that Florin moved on in the last bio of him for the UBC farm bread workshop.

He can be found here:
Good reading!

Good Bread in Van

I make my own mostly too, at least in cooler weather (once I have my annual allotment from Urban Grains CSA. Got rye again this year - woot!).

I do love Swiss Bakery's breads. Pipka III is my usual.

Beyond Bread had slipped for me. The past few times I bought - the bread was poorly formed (too big air pockets between overly doughy - maybe Florian had an apprentice making loaves for a while). I should revisit soon.

Breweries/brew pubs/tasting lounges in Vancouver and nearish by

The fries at Pat's are really great too. If I've had lunch elsewhere and hit the Sat Jazz, an order of fries keeps me happy.

Devil's Elbow, Bomber and Powell are high on my hit-up-soon list.

A couple of tasting rooms further afield that I quite enjoyed:

Yellow Dog Brewing in Port Moody. Lovely beers. My (partially yellow) dog was welcome there. Don't recall any food when we went but any food is via trucks. Follow their fb or tweets to get updates - their website isn't happenin' yet http://www.yellowdogbeer.com

Four Winds brewing. Superb saison and (Belgian influenced) IPA. http://www.fourwindsbrewing.ca/ Don't recall any food. On River Road, Delta, EAST of the highway (not west like I first assumed when hunting for it).

Good Bread in Van

How did I miss this? So near home. Love a good dark rye!

Thanks neveziss, for the added intel!

Breweries/brew pubs/tasting lounges in Vancouver and nearish by

I love the Saturday afternoon jazz series at Pat's - pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Haven't been for a while - must rectify that soon. Evening shows are very reasonably priced too. Layout kind of sucks (too many posts interrupting sightlines) so get there early to score best seats. Food is quite serviceable.

Brassneck's beer is also on offer at Campagnolo upstairs. Now that's a winning food and beer combo!

Breweries/brew pubs/tasting lounges in Vancouver and nearish by

Brassneck is where I go to most - they're ever changing up their beers and tinkering with new recipes, including sours (the Changeling series) with more to come courtesy of "Big Bertha" http://instagram.com/p/utYEhARaCx/?mo.... Food is whatever truck is scheduled that day, plus goodies like dried sausage and jerky goodies from various suppliers. Really loving the current Changeling made with Gewurtz must. http://brassneck.ca/ I like Via Tevere's wood oven baked sandwiches on Thursday evenings.

Area provides a good mini-crawl opportunity with Main Street, 33 Acres and now Steel Toad nearby. Anyone checked out Steel Toad yet?

Speaking of hoppy goodness - loving Powell's Ode to Citra!

Best izakaya for a Birthday party?

Agreed - Kingyo FTW! Have some sake and enjoy the fun (and great eats).

Non Cantonese in Vancouver

Oh no! Haven't been for ages. Sad to hear that. Loved his WBF and Dan Dan Noodles, and boiled kidney.

Where to go for WBF now?

Fresh Tofu in Vancouver-ish?

I've bought fresh tofu at the Korean grocer (Kim's?) on Broadway, a little east of Kingsway.

Where to buy Ras El Hanout in Vancouver?

The Gourmet Warehouse sells this one:

Cafe Linh (formerly Cafe Regalade)

Hmm, didn't look to hard but the menu looks like mostly straight up French bistro with a couple of token Vietnamese dishes. Would like to check them out but they're not doing evenings (yet?).

I was hoping for a Vietnamese inspired take on French something like this:

Take Out/Delivery Pizza

good to know Martini's is still great. Haven't been for years but it used to be a fave.

Take Out/Delivery Pizza

Or if you eat it like this (tee hee / ewww)

+1 for DD - nothing fancy, old school thick crust with good cheese and sauce and well made crust, cooked through (and conveniently on my way home from work).
Plenty of piccies here http://www.urbanspoon.com/rph/14/1435...

Purebread 'n the Hood-It's Open!!!

yeah, crap luck that is.
I was hoping to get a banana brownie fix

Bucatini pasta?

Not west of Main but the Donald's markets are a good bet. Big pasta selection.

West - Parthenon as mentioned above

C restaurant gone?

The vendor is the Vancouver Island Salt Co.

Products are available at a number of vendors, list here:

C restaurant gone?

Can't say I'm surprised - they've been trying to drum up business with coupon vouchers (eg. Groupon) for a while. Based on my last couple of experiences there, even a discount wasn't enough to bring me back in.

New Produce Place @ GIM

Nice crop Sam!

Australian Wagyu Beef at Costco.

Mechanical tenderization is a deal breaker for me - no matter what the source, the risk introduced of contaminating the meat interior with surface bacteria (I like my steaks rather rare) is unacceptable. True wagyu is so tender there is no need of mechanical tenderization.

Taiwanese braised pork belly inside bun ("gua bao" / 割包)

Taiwanese braised pork belly inside bun ("gua bao" / 割包)

Taiwanese braised pork belly inside bun ("gua bao" / 割包)

Dunno but thanks to that link, I'm seriously craving too now!
Not the same but would Le Tigre's pork bun or Kick Ass rice (inspired by gua bao) fit the bill?

Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

Blue Moon/ Flying Swan cafe? Still there if it's the one you're thinking of

Operation in more recent was by Julie and Bogdan - lovely people and motorcycle riders who sadly both perished in separate accidents. She was the daughter of the original owners, who resumed operation. Still very much a family operation. ETA: original name was Span Grill

Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

I think Art's is closed now?

Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

The Kerrisdale Ice cream: Art's Place?

After Mark James was gone from that Bayswater location, Tomato relocated there for a while before finally closing. I liked Tomato for lunches and brunches once upon a time when they first opened on Cambie.

Mark James Group still goes quite strong http://www.mjg.ca/

Then there was Barbara Jo's place on Cambie before she became a cookbook maven. One can relive that nostalgia here:

Nigari for Tofu making @ Vancouver


Good salads in Van?

I quite like the salads at Aphrodite Cafe - variety of veggies, nuts/seeds, legumes in the mix.

Also, Cactus Club's rainforest greens fills the odd salad craving.

Best Italian pasta in Vancouver - what's your vote?

For very good to sometimes great, Adesso Bistro on Haro. It's a lovely room (and if still warm out, superb patio). Cork flooring keeps noise level down if that's important.