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"Boys night"

Mamie Taylors on E. Georgia is good for a group - loud,fun,boozy atmo.

Can't comment on the food as I've only been when stumbling in with my work pals late in a crawl. Good vibe, and my loud group fit right in.

about 20 hours ago
kinnickinnik in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Best Mac & Cheese in GV ?

I've not had it but eyeing the mac and cheese at Acorn has me wanting next time I'm there. I don't think it's on their regular menu any more. Hope they still do it on Mondays

I quite like Burgoo's - great rainy day fare.

Victoria - suggetions for gelato, sorbetto, ice cream?

How about Ottavio in Oak Bay? Haven't been for eons but have had creamy-dreamy gelato in the past. A few sorbettos on hand too, IIRC

First glimpse into new UBC AMS Student Nest food court

Not yet, haven't been up to the long walk for a while. When cooler weather prevails, I'll be there!

First glimpse into new UBC AMS Student Nest food court

Yes, it is the Beanery. Still there AFAIK. Changed hands over a decade ago, dunno what current case is. I liked the Bus Stop too, and Barn (which is now a daycare).

New AMS nest mostly features a re-branding of the old places.

PieR2 same - different ovens and they can't seem to bake a pie through to save their life. I like the roasted cauliflower topping but the raw pie - bleah. Into the bin it sent. Veggie topped seem to suffer more from under-baking.

Bright light is the UBC offshoot of Granville Island's Stock Market dubbed the Soup Market. Same stuff. Hearty soup at reasonable price.

The Grand Noodle Emporium's (Blue Moon rebrand) Bahn Mi was an epic fail with funky pate and a stale, woolly Hoagie bun.

Peko Peko is the Honour Roll sushi rebrand. The upper/lower cases are the cookie place merged with bagels. Haven't bothered yet.

I mostly take lunches when working on campus but if I don't, best bets are
- My Home Cuisine in village
- Loafe in the Alumni center has tasty soups and salads (haven't tried sandwiches), though pricey.
- Wood fired pizza at Mercante (they're prone to under-baking too).
- Great Dane coffee for grilled sandwiches and decent coffee
- Delly's made to order sandwiches (they're still not open in the new location - any day now).
- the Loop cafe in CIRS building - made to order wraps and salads
- Agora cafe - yummy, oat-y, chocolate-y granola bars are a hidden treat in the basement of the McLeod (Ag Sci) building during the fall/winter terms (is student volunteer run)

I kinda miss the Mr. Tube Steak vendors being on campus. Always were handy for a cheap snack.

Best inexpensive but decent knives for sharing at cottage (must be avail in Grter Vancouver)

Dunlevy Food Equipment carries a selection of very reasonably priced, professional quality knifes (good blades, durable plastic handles) that may fit your needs. Not sure what current pricing is like.

May I know is there any french / itlaian restaurant on the top of hill in west vancouver

I think you're thinking of Fraiche. They closed early in 2014.

Doughgirls @ UBC-Outstanding!

Thanks! Good to have your recommendation. I've only ventured to that end of campus for Biercraft of late, but may take a long walk one lunch soon for a worthy goodie!

One Night Solo In Vancouver

My favourite solo (ie, bar for me) dining in town (often dine solo when SO is away for long stints):

Yew - very comfortable, generously proportioned bar, supurb local, sustainable, seasonable seafood and fish. Well made cocktails.

L'abbatoir - great cocktails, superb service, french inspired local foods, bar with noisy and congenial vibe where I'm fine solo.

Pourhouse - prolly nothing you'd not see in NYC, comfy cocktail bar, comfort food (good burger, scotch egg, spag and meatballs).

Fable - bar's my preference whether solo or with my SO. Volume gets loud. Local, seasonal focus.

I think I'd like Annalena for a solo meal too. Bar looks comfortable, food is mighty tasty, small but well curated wine list.

I'm going to your fine city in a few weeks. Beyond exited at so many eating and art immersion opportunities!

Is it my breath?

Saw your other post but as a YVR resident and only occasional visitor to Victoria - draw blanks at your seeking of something comparable to the (excellent) Sooke Harbour House and also vegetarian friendly.

If a lunch or brunch is in the plans - Rebar in Bastion Square is a favourite of mine for a nourishing meal

Ushida Eatery too with caveat the the wonderful veg sides and salads are probably the only veg-friendly options (weekday lunch only

Commercial Drive

The food is fair to good - have only tried the Malay dishes. Aside from Roti Canai, had Beef Rendang and Veg curry other nights - these were ok. Came with tasty sambal green beans and very good optional roti.
On jazz nights - plenty busy. Vibe is laid back neighborhood joint (service varies from very good to forgetful). They seem to have Jazz on Thurs nights too.

Beers are well chosen and seem to be Belgian leaning - Dageraad, Bomber, Upright often figure on tap list. I've not had a good look at their bottled list.

It can be very warm in there on a warm night - though overhead fans help a bit. There's also a slim patio on side.

Commercial Drive

Tangent cafe, particularly on Sunday nights when they have live jazz is a good spot. Small but interesting craft beer list, menu is a mix of Malay and western. Surprisingly good Roti Canai.

Where to buy Lotte Mochi Ice Cream?

H Mart?
Kim's on Broadway?

I Guess It Was Inevitable-Artisan Perogies

Hah, I've pinched 1000s of "ped(r)aheh" in my formative years in Alberta. Nothing like a big wedding in a country community hall. The whole thing a community affair with an army of helpers teaming up to make the dumplings also
- nachinka (like a baked polenta with onions and bacon)
- holubsti (cabbage rolls - but I always preferred my family's sarma)
- nalyshyky (cheese stuffed crepes - we'd make trays of mini ones with a cream sauce over the whole thing)
- lots of other goodies to fuel a night of polka-ing

The wheat-poppyseed-honey dish is kutya. More specifically for Xmas eve - a part of the meatless menu.

Looks like Cheemo are fancying up their product line and packaging

Explains why I can't find the little bags of potato and cottage cheese that I like the simpleness of.

May need to prep a batch for the freezer.

Current fave inexpensive to moderate Victoria restaurants?

Great intel - thanks Cassie!

Current fave inexpensive to moderate Victoria restaurants?

I hope you get there sometime - closest we've ever experienced here to homey cooking we had in Japan.

Our strategy: sign up for Harbour Air's seat sale emails and hop one of their fligths over early on a Friday morning (we also do standby - bring reading in case of long wait), back home Sunday, figure out accoms when there. I make a beeline from HA's term to Rebar for light juice and snack brekky (another very affordable fave for any meal of the day) then over to Uchida for lunch. Day's special, grilled mackerel, salad - oishi des! (or straight to Uchida if on a later flight)

Current fave inexpensive to moderate Victoria restaurants?

I love, love, love Uchida - a humble little Japanese eatery

Visiting Vancouver early August from Toronto: Seafood/veg-friendly and tasty suggestions?

Yew restaurant is my top fish and seafood pic. They offer a vegan menu as well.

For very creative vegan, check out the Acorn on main street. Lovely and very satisfying dishes that this omnivore is happy to have. Great cocktails. No resos - and sit at the bar if you don't want to wait as long (I find the bar comfier too - hate the random kitchen chairs in there).

Any great Thai in Vancouver?

Of those, I think Jitlada has the most relaxed and quiet atmosphere with excellent, attentive service. Excellent food though it's been a while since I went. The seating is very comfortable having been inherited from Cru

I don't share the love many here have for Benjarong. Food was pretty sub-par on the one visit I made last year.

Kits Happenings Part II (Jan 2014 onwards)

So very glad to read this - great (I'm anticipating) Vietnamese on my way home from work. Perfect!

Your pick for happy hour in Vancouver (food and drink)

Yup, not too happy for this 9-5 working plebe. Add commute time (no options near my office) and I'll need HH til 7 pm please.

Ditalini noodle?

Pretty sure I've seen at Donald's market - both locations.

Your pick for happy hour in Vancouver (food and drink)

As mentioned in the A/C thread: Steel Toad for their pizza and beer special for $11. Beer is superb (includes any of their house brewed craft ales), pizza is pretty good and space roomy, air conditioned and comfy. 3-5 pm on weekdays only. The time is a challenge as I typically work past 5.

Tuc's 1/2 price cocktails and $5 ales are great too (theirs run weekends too, I think. Most don't). Dunno if there are food specials too but nibbles are reasonable.

More ideas

Where can I find nduja in Vancouver?


Hot in the city: Chow-worthy restos in Vancouver with air conditioning

Personal size - 12" I found one plenty enough for me.
See happy hour menu (annoyingly, their menus are on pdf)

Sunday evening rec for party of 5

Yew offers their wine list at 1/2 price off a bottle on Sunday nights, that may help keep the tab within budget (as their menu can run high).

Otherwise I would favour l'Abbatoir, Pourhouse.

I hear good things of Annalena on West 1st avenue (a short bus or cab ride from downtown, or a little ferry boat across False Creek (with a bit of a walk)) but I've not been myself.

Hot in the city: Chow-worthy restos in Vancouver with air conditioning

Beer worthy happy hour deal at Steel Toad: thin crust pizza, (proper) pint of house brewed ale with a/c for $11 3? to 5 weekdays. Don't know what rest of menu is like but beers are excellent, pizza was fine and space cool and comfortable on a hot afternoon.

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

Chungs chips are pretty good - a little scrappy but good flavour. They use Ladner grown Kennebecs so points for being very local. Slaw was tasty too, very fresh and light.

Very low key place in the old Ladner town center. Quiet when we went on a weeknight but I imagine it gets very busy on a sunny weekend day.

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

I've been to Chungs. Very light, lacy batter that lets the fish shine. I went on a coupon deal that set the menu as the salmon and chips with the candied salmon salad. The latter was ok - fresh veggies but the salmon was more a moist smoke than the chewy candied salmon I think of. Fish was nicely prepared - moist with a very thin layer of crisp batter.

As a bonus, they offer Four Winds beers by the bottle (though were sold out when we went).

Fish and chips that are worth a drive?

I quite like C-lovers halibut and love their chips - prefer their Kennebec chips over the scrappy ones from Go Fish.