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Chicken and Waffles

Lemon Bar is West Village has chicken and waffles on the brunch menu. Big Mommas is the shack in African American area you asked about. You can only order drive thru, its not a sit down place.

where can I go fo rthe best eggroll? big and crispy?

I've looked on this board and have found many recommendations for authentic chinese,vietnamese,thai,etc but what I'm looking for is the perfect eggroll and pork fried rice.
I like the eggroll big and crisp with some meat(pref beef,pork or chicken). I'm not a big fan of the little thin eggrolls filled with all kinds of stringy nonsense.
So where should I go? I live in central dallas near the tollway and Forest,but I don't mind venturing out to satisfy my tastebuds. ;)

Trying to find a good Americanized Chinese Place

pei wei?Tam's Eggroll off forest lane is pretty good too.

Tex-Mex for a reluctant skeptic

El Fenix! and Mattito's sunday brunch. Blue Goose?

El Fenix Restaurants
6391 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116

best nachos in dallas?

Thank you! I will definitely give them a try. :-)

best nachos in dallas?

I'm looking for some recommendations on your favorite nachos in Dallas. The best nachos I've had are the trash can nachos at Tequilla Barrell in Playa del Carmen,Mexico. Alas, I will not be going back to my favorite beach for another couple of months and I'm craving good nachos something fierce! So wanted to hear where I can find your favorite nachos. *Shredded chicken is a plus.*
Anywhere in uptown/smu/tollway@Royal/ Addison/West Plano/and Frisco areas are convenient to me. Thanks so much! :-)

aquas frescas (sandia)???

twinwillow! Thank you! You are a GEM! :-) I am going tomorrow to try it out.

aquas frescas (sandia)???

Can some one recommend a place where I can get a watermelon aqua fresca? I am located near Royal Ln and Preston so Richardson area or Love field is easily accessible if you know of any around there. Thanks!!