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Charcoal Grill Users - Talk Me Out Of It!

i guess i miss understood your drawn out discription of using a charcoal grill all I was really saying is I prefer charcoal over gas I use a webber for burgers and dogs and I use a chargrill for anything I smoke

Jun 10, 2010
droopy1081 in Cookware

Charcoal Grill Users - Talk Me Out Of It!

I disagree with the fact that charcoal dosn't add flavor but not the simplicity of a gas grill I personally never use one because as much as charcoal can be a pain you can use the warm up time to finish preping your meat or sides so your not wasting all of that time plus any time I feel like a bbq a gas grill dosn't come to mind and for the fingerprints a damp towl will cure that

Jun 08, 2010
droopy1081 in Cookware

Should I cook on stovetop for dinner party?

I always grill for larger groops and if it in the evening people will usually go out side if your running late but you could blacken the salmon come up with a sweet salsa with fruit to top it with and have sides you can prep a little early so it would all go together around the same time plus you would have the sweet and spicey combo and less of the mess sorry if this is no help first time writing on one of these

Jun 06, 2010
droopy1081 in Home Cooking