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10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

My mother owns Scoops in Sanford NC, and has owned it for about 25 years now. I absolutely HATE hotdogs, so what I'm about to say is un-biased. :)

Everyone talks about Scoops having the best hotdogs in the state...some have said best in the country. She was recently voted best hot dogs in Lee County by the Sanford Herald.

She also serves sausage dogs.

Years ago, it was a Ice Cream stand that also happened to serve hot dogs. She (my mother) turned it into a hot dog stand that also served ice cream, bbq sandwiches, fries, biscuits, and various other things over the years. She grew tired of serving so much, so just streamlined it to hotdogs, sausage dogs, chips, and sodas.

Jun 05, 2010
TRaGiK in Southeast