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What to do with Saladmaster cookware?

I don't actually own my own set of Saladmaster, but my parent's have been cooking with them for years. In fact, my Grandpa bought his first set in the 70's, along with the Pyrex cookware back in the day. Anyways, I moved back into my parents home, and have been cooking with them for a couple years now.
Bottom line: It's for clean eaters. You do a specific diet, to eat clean? We do the Paleo diet. These are for you. Straight-up, clean food.
Take note: It's not for foodies/amateur chefs out there. It's not gonna give you the same experience as a cast-iron skillet. You can't crank up the heat like you would any other cookware, otherwise you lose the integrity of the metals, which are surgical grade steel.
But we love it precisely why it is what it is: Non-adventurous, just tasting my food, clean cookware.
We're definitely going to (eventually) invest in some, and I know that sounds ridiculous. But that's only because now that we've been cooking with them for years, we can actually taste the difference. We pay a lot for grass-fed, organic, free-range food. We pretty much eat more for our health vs taste. Doesn't mean we don't love great food, but why cook in cookware that puts toxins in our otherwise over-priced chicken?

Feb 14, 2012
jocon in Cookware

Is Filipino food embarassing?

I think people really ought to consider that the Philippines have been conquered so many times by so many different countries, most recently by the U.S. This and the fact that the P.I.'s #1 export are "Nurses". This in mind, Filipino's here aspire to different goals and agendas than many of their asian counterparts (ps. sushi IS an art). I can't see my Real Estate Broker- mama saying she wants to open up a filipino restaurant. A Carehome, maybe...
Also, I completely agree with the other thing: Filipino food is pretty relative. Regionally, the Philippine cuisine will never be the same. Your cousin's mom may cook differently from your Gramma, so yes, YOU may think your Gramma's pinakbet is second to none (actually I KNOW my gramma's is!) but your cousin may say uh-uh! This also applies when we talk about Tagalogs, Ilokanos, Visayans, etc.
That being said, I gotta ask: Why hasn't anyone mentioned Kawali Grill?? That place is SUPER bomb!!! If you haven't, you really ought to go, go, go!!!
I brought my friend there, and boy is she picky. She went safe and ordered lumpia. Then ordered another order.
My husband (as white as they come) whom when I first met was not adventurous and about anything ethnic but sweet and sour chicken, has asked to go back many-a-time. Although he'll say,"Why don't you cook (insert item here)", I don't mind, cause I need me some filipino food.
GOOOO to Kawali Grill quick!!!
Seattle should be so fortunate.

Kawali Grill
5300 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

Jun 04, 2010
jocon in Greater Seattle