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Restaurants similar to Grazie?

I am looking for a place like Grazie (does not have to be Italian) basically where its fair prices but also great food for lunch/dinner. Any recommendations?

Busiest restaurants during the day?

Kind of random question but which restaurants would say are the busiest during the day in Toronto and North York area?

Must hit spots - Baltimore

Hey everyone I appreciate all the responses. I think I am going to try out LP steamers as its close to where I am staying!

And 2000man, what kind of food are you specifically looking for? Im from Toronto and I don't think its known for anything specific. The city is way too diverse and there are so many options. My new favourite spot is Burger Priest ( get the double cheeseburger) and its hands down the best burger ive ever had in my life. But let me know if your looking for anything more specific and I can help you out.

In terms of MTL, you have to try Schwartz Deli sandwiches. Quebec is known for its poutine as a whole; I personally love the standard poutine at Nickels on Sainte Catherine St

Must hit spots - Baltimore

thank you so much I will check these places out for sure I appreciate the response!

Pantheon vs. Avli?

She actually likes fish, mainly salmon so it looks like Pantheon will be the place to go. How is there taramasalata dip btw? She loves that as well.

I appreciate the responses!

Pantheon vs. Avli?

My girlfriend loves Greek food so for her birthday I wanted to take her to a good spot. I narrowed it down to Pantheon and Avli, which would you guys recommend?

Must hit spots - Baltimore

Coming down next month around this time from Canada. I have never been to Baltimore and unfamiliar with the food and culture. Im open to any ideas for food that is a must if your visiting. Not looking for fine dining just good spots.

I have heard that seafood is sort of big, more specifically crab, is this true?

Best bang for your buck

My gf is gonna be taking me out for my birthday next week. We usually go to the keg for prime rib but I want to try a different place. Any good places where you can get great food for a decent price,? I'm not looking for a place like auberge, canoe or fine dining where we pay 50$ for a tiny meal...

Cheapest drinks in North York or GTA (exluding downtown)

Hey guys,

My friends and I are trying to find a cheap bar north of bloor in Toronto where we can get drinks/pitchers for cheap. Being students we don't have enough money to go downtown which is far from home then cab back when the TTC closes. Are there any places like Dogs Bollocks more uptown?


Best Pub in Toronto

my buddies and I are trying to find a new pub in the GTA, preferably closer to North York that is similar to the Unicorn (on Yonge and Eg). Want a place that has that old school bar/pub feel where its also busy on friday and saturday nights.

any recommendations?

Southern style fried catfish in Toronto/gta

Probably a long shot but can I find this anywhere in Toronto? Recently came back from Texas where I tried it and I've been craving it ever since haha


Good spots in Guelph

I will check out all these places, ive heard good things about the last 3 things Jab05 mentioned specifically.

Also, Im looking for small hotspots or hidden gems, like any good sandwich places for ex.? I found a small fish and chip place called Goldens which I plan on hitting up..

Good spots in Guelph

any good places?

Not looking for a specific type of food just good places

best delicatessen in Hamilton

Ive never been even though i am from toronto. Id much rather go to Center Street Deli or Pancers if i was in town there too unbelievable.

best delicatessen in Hamilton

Any good places with awesome hot pastrami or smoked meat sandwiches?

best delicatessen in london

Im going to London in a few days so Ill try it out. Thanks!

Any other places?

best delicatessen in london

pretty much what the title says...

Do they have anything comparable to Center Street Deli or Pancers?

Best all you can eat Sushi in Toronto and North York

So far ive only been to Echo Sushi (Yonge and Davisville) and Sushi Fun (Yonge and Steeles). I found Echo to be really bland while Sushi fun was the opposite. Any other good places in T.O?

Echo Sushi
2036 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S1Z9, CA

Restaurants in Toronto with Valet

valet parking

Restaurants in Toronto with Valet


Random question but what restaurants in Toronto offer valet?

I know of Joey Don Mills and ByMark off the top of my head, any others?

New to eating Sushi, whats a good place in Toronto?

Whenever we have gone out to get Sushi I noticed she's eaten shrimp tempura , miso soup, california roles, rice, dumplings, etc just pretty basic stuff I guess, I just wanna take her to a bomb place, downtown, mid town, North York area. thanks for the responses so far Im looking at all the recommendations!!!

New to eating Sushi, whats a good place in Toronto?

up to $200

New to eating Sushi, whats a good place in Toronto?

Hey, pretty amateur sushi eater but Ive gotten into it a lot lately due to my GF. I wanna suprise her one night and take her to a great place in Toronto..what would anyone recommend?


Where to take GF for 3 year anniversary dinner

I was thinking scaramouche, north 44, or maybe Centro, any other suggestions or recommendations...?

2472 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4P 2F5, CA

which restaurant in toronto should i take girlfriend for 2 year anni?

last year we went to auberge which was awesome. weve been to canoe before so im trying to think of somewhere new,

maybe Bymark, c4, One, North 44, Barberians....any ideas or recommendations?

North 44
2537 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4P 2H9, CA

66 Wellington St. W, Toronto, ON M5K 1J3, CA