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Tortier in Vancouver

If you have ever had a decent tourtiere you will skip Salade's. My mother bought one of them for our Christmas eve dinner and it was a disappointment to all six of us (including four Quebecers) to the point where only two of us managed to finish what we were served and even then more as a culinary experiment to analyze what they had done wrong. It had more of a heavy, smooth pate consistency with a few bits of potato thrown in and an over bearing taste somewhere between liverwurst and canned corned beef. Over-processed and ingredients in completely the wrong amounts (nice crust though). Great restaurant otherwise and I would highly recommend it for anything but the tourtiere.

Jan 07, 2011
tbcno9 in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)


Me and my partner just tried the recipe out of The Spicy Food Lover's Bible by Dave Dewitt and Nancy Gerlach which adds mint, fennel and salt into the mix and excludes the pistachio. Absolutely delicious and has now been had both with the traditional bread and olive oil as well as sprinkled on buttered toast with a bit of brown sugar (just as delicious) and on top of ice cream just a few minutes ago. The contrast between the salty/aromatic of the dukkah and the sweetness of the ice cream was delightful. For sweet uses I would probably do a different version with some rose petal in the future just to add a little floral note.

Dec 20, 2010
tbcno9 in Recipes