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Best brand of everyday use olive oil?

Allow me to disagree with the " oil from Italy " statement. I was born and grew up in Greece. In the Greek military I had the chance to visit many rural areas. The most contaminated,dishonest,and fraudulant olive oil comes from Greece,and Italy.Sometimes even nowdays from Spain.They are selling " unleaded for super".
So be very suspicious. "Spitiko" is a very old and reliable brand from Greece.I had DaVinci,Hermes extra virgin olive oils that tasted like pomace. WalMart,Sam's Club,Costco,Traders Joe,Whole foods are very big and powerful companies.
The distributors know this ,so they keep it honest for their own good.
There is no better olive oil in the world than the one from the north Mediteraneean coast.
Libanon,Tunesia produce honest olive oil but I personally, don't like these varieties.
Stein eiyia sou (Cheers)

Jun 04, 2010
jvyiannis in General Topics