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Best Bay Area panettone

Over the years I have tried several local panettones, including one from Bouchon Bakery. To be honest, any "high end" panettone imported from Italy is much better. A.G. Ferrari has always a good selection.

Just moved to Mountain View from New York. Help an east coast hound find his new favorite haunts!

Move to San Francisco, if you can. Seriously.

good italian in Sunnyvale/ Mountain View area

Don't bother with Il Postale. Italian food in Silicon Valley is mediocre to say the best. I don't know any place worth going to south of Redwood City, where Donato Enoteca is.

Filet Mignon Rossini -- where to find this dish?

When I sat down. I asked the owner, who is a very friendly guy.

Filet Mignon Rossini -- where to find this dish?

It was on the menu at Bistro Central Parc in NOPA last year. When I went back after a couple of months, I asked for it and they prepared it even if was not on the menu anymore. It's well worth to try ...

Best Cappuccino in SF

Ritual Coffee, but only at the original location on Valencia.

Ritual Coffee Roasters
1026 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Una Pizza Napoletana (very long) review

I was there a couple of weeks ago and I also noticed that my pizza was under-salted to the point where I did not really enjoy it...

Cyrus -- Downhill or as Good as Ever?

Other half and I had dinner at the French Laundry on Friday and at Cyrus on Saturday. This was our first visit to both restaurant. Comparing the two, I have to say that the food in the tasting menu at Cyrus was at same level as the FL for half the price (service was definetely better at FL). Both tasting menus featured a foie gras dish, and I enjoyed the dish at Cyrus more than at the FL.

Still waiting for news of Anthony Mangieri's pizzeria

From last week Chronicle's Inside Scoop:

"have no fear, the pizzeria that some regarded as New York City's finest is still very much on the way, with pizzaiolo fingers crossed for an August opening"

Looking for eggs with "orange" yolks

Every time I go to Italy I notice that egg yolks have a darker yellow/orange color compared to the eggs that we get here. I also notice that when my girlfriend ind and I try to replicate some italian baking recipes the result is almost always very disappointing even if we use the same 00 flour, leavener, etc. Buford wrote that Batali adds more yolks in the pasta dough to get something closer to what you have in Italy. My impression is that most farms here give chickens a very different diet, and this shows in the different yolk color. In summary: does anyone know a local farm selling eggs with this orange yolk?

Sour Cherries at the market

Does anyone know what markets usually sell sour cherries in the Bay Area? Also, what are the local farms that grow these cherries? I am also wondering if any of these have u-pick-up days. I just came back from Italy, where I tasted many cakes and other baked desserts where sour cherry jam is used. It is so different from the very gelatinous and sweet canned sour cherry jam that you can buy in stores... so I would like to make some myself!

Quick Report - The Golden Glass – 2009 - San Francisco

The Delfina pizza was delicious, definetely less chewy that the pizza served at restaurant. More like A16 or Pizzaiolo.

Local source for grape must?

Thanks for the hint Joel, it seems that the frozen must is my only choice!

Local source for grape must?

I want to make saba and savor, so I am wondering where I can buy grape must here in the Bay Area. I am also willing to crush the grapes myself. I guess that it should not be hard to find grapes (sangiovese?) with all the people that are making their own wine these days. I remember seeing bottles of grape juice sold at Village Market in the Ferry Building, however,
I suspect that they add something to the grapes to prevent fermentation.

Any ideas?


Bakeries like Tartine [split from SF Bay]

Hobsons Choice, since you live in LA now, have you found a bakery that stands well in comparision with Tartine down there? I visit LA often...


Shishito peppers...grilled, fried, etc. Who else serves them besides Alembic?

Tekka serves shisito peppers as part of the omakase menu.

00 Flour for Pasta Dough

Rainbow Grocery in SF sells 00 italian flour

Campannina, my new fav

Yes, Michele is one of the partners.

Where to get Fatback?

Corrrect, they are not the same thing. Any respectable butcher will sell pork back fat on special order.

Tigelleria Ristorante Chowdown Report, Campbell, Thursday 1/10

Last April I read a blurb on the San Jose Mercury new about Tigelleria, a soon to be opened italian restaurant in downtown Campbell, serving crescentine, a bread obscure to most people, even Italian!. As a native of Modena, where I have been eating crescentine since I was a kid, I was surprised, to say the least. Since then, I have been checking regularly on the status of this project, and when I found that the restaurant was open I knew that it was time to organize a chowdown. First, let's get this straight: the breads are called crescentine, not tigelle: the tigella is the terracotta tile used to bake the breads. People still get this wrong even in Modena! Tigelleria's owners are a nice italian couple of former silicon valley techies who wanted to go for a career change. They went to great lengths to explain all the hurdles that they had to go over to tune the recipe and showed us around the kitchen.

Considering that they have been open for a couple of months now I think that the crescentine recipe is a good start, even though I like them firmer and thicker. The salumi and cheese plates were excellent as others have said. I was also expecting to find a bowl of "aglione", the typical condiment served with crescentine in Modena: lardo marinated with garlic, rosemarin salt and ground prosciutto. The owner told me that they might introduce it at some point, but are not sure if their customers would like it... I liked the homemade tiramisu a lot, in fact I tried to get the recipe!!

I was expecting to find more wines from Emilia Romagna, and I was not impressed by the Vivante.

All in all, I'll defintely be back to see how the menu evolve and to try the pastas.

Best Sushi in San Francisco?

Tekka, on Balboa between 6th and 7th ave.

Thermomix anyone?

I am considering buying one of these for my home kitchen:

it is a rather expensive appliance (about $1600), so I am looking for feedback from people who are using it. I am planning to use it mainly to save time when I come home late during the week and I don't feel like having canned food...
Any comments?


Jun 16, 2007
dudesinmexico in Cookware

Amazing gnocchi at Farina

Oh, not at all, this was just a general comment towards the attitude that I see very often on this board to care more those aspects than food.


Considering that they import pine nuts from Italy to get the right flavor, that does not seem offensive to me. A friend who is in the business once told me that Chez Panisse is barely making a profit given the quality of the ingredients that they serve.

Amazing gnocchi at Farina

I had dinner at Farina with a couple of friends tonight. We shared a Focaccia di Recco, Gnocchi al Castelmagno, the pasta special of the day, and Pansotti al Sugo di Noci.
We all agreed that the gnocchi and the pansotti were among the most authentic pasta dishes we've ever had in the US. By the way, when we fist ordered the gnocchi the waiter came back to say the they had run out of them. Then, after a few minutes, he came back to say that the chef had decided to make fresh gnocchi for us!
Later the chef came to our table and explained how they import pine nuts from Pisa and other ingredients directly from Italy. Now wine is BYOB only, which gave us the opportunity to drink a bottle of Roero Arneis that has been sitting in my kitchen for too long...
With such good food we didn't really care much about ambiance or service!


According to tablehooper Farina opens tomorrow (Wednesday).

Agave nectar

Also the Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley and Trader Joe's sell agave nectar.

What happened to the search function??

I am not able to search anymore for a word in topics only, and I am not able to sort the results of search by date... I'm pretty sure that I was able to do this in the past! What happened? Is this a result of the recent changes that got so many people angry??

Feb 07, 2007
dudesinmexico in Site Talk

tekka - secret to getting a seat?

At Tekka there are basically two "shifts": one at 7:00, and one around 9:00.

Where can i get a Green Tea cheesecake in san jose area

Try the chinese bakery next to Penang Garden in the Milpitas Square shopping center (where Ranch 99 is). I have seen some green tea rolls, not sure if they have cheesecakes.