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Good beach restaurant in St Pete/Clearwater for a group

I've searched this board and googled, but I'm having a hard time finding a good place to take the family this Saturday. It's a special occasion with both sets of grandparents (in their 70s) in town.

I'd like to take them someplace where we could watch the sunset over the Gulf. We need someplace that is handicapped-accessible, and the older folks like good old American food, thankyouverymuch.

I was thinking Bob Heilman's Beachcomber, but I don't know if it really has a great view of the sunset. I was also considering Salt Rock Grill but have the same question. the tab is on me, I'd like to keep it reasonable. We don't normally go to beach seafood restaurants so I'm stumped on this one, and the only restaurant in Pasco directly on the beach (Sam's) sucks. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

Salt Rock Grill
19325 Gulf Blvd, Indian Shores, FL 33785

Bob Heilman's Beachcomber Restaurant
447 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

Jun 03, 2010
js2010 in Florida