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Indie Ale House

I went Saturday. It was very busy, loud. The food was either great - or not great but, it's early days. The beers were inspired and delicious. Loved the flight, was a great way to try everything on tap! Staff was super friendly.
I will def. be back!

Real Cider in Toronto?

I absolutely love waupoos and it is available all over the city, I have also had the pleasure of trying pomdor which will be available at the LCBO at the end of June - I can hardly wait!

Addicted to Cola what else to have to

firstly I also have to reccomend Zevia, but if you are used to coke, try the rootbeer or Black cherry, you won't like any other cola.
secondly something to think about 1 can of pop a day = an extra 10 lb / year. Not to mention the damage to your stomach and teeth, this is from the acid content and nothing to do with the sugar so even sugar free pop is harmful.

Jun 02, 2010
tickmouse in Not About Food

Diet soda without Aspartame?

Zevia, awesome sugar free pop, well worth the price to have a natural sweetener. I really like the Black Cherry, and the Rootbeer flavours

Jun 02, 2010
tickmouse in General Topics

How to bake, healthy?

I would strongly recommend trying spelt flour, it doesn't work quite the same as wheat flour but usually the problem can be solved by allowing your mix to stand. I would also strongly suggest you avoid giving any child artificial sweeteners particularly a child with sensitivities.
Many recipes for quickbreads or muffins can easily have the sugar reduced by about 1/3 but, you will alter the shelf life of the product. I would recommend starting with banana bread , reduce the sugar and add a little extra banana. Also look for vegan recipes as most of them tend to be suitable. Most will call for egg replacer but I have had great success without using such a thing. I have to recommend the Candle Cafe cookbook, has an amazing recipe for brownies init that uses beets!

Jun 02, 2010
tickmouse in Home Cooking

Fruit it possible to make it healthy?

several thing you can do, increase the sweetness of the fruit you are using - add a sweet apple to your mix, add smaller amounts of sweetener to your fruit, try halving the amount specified try agave.
cook your filling on the stove top and bake your topping seperately - this will allow you to add as much or as little of the higher fat/sugar component

Jun 02, 2010
tickmouse in Home Cooking

Low sugar or sugar-free homemade ice cream/sorbet or gelato recipes needed please?

I would avoid using splenda all together, you can get really good sweetness from using fresh in season fruit and consider adding small amounts of agave, or applesauce made with a little stevia (make sure it's pure as truvia and purevia are not)

Jun 02, 2010
tickmouse in Home Cooking