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Pasadena is weak!

I love Tops Burgers, they also have great fried zucchini and it won't break your wallet. Chop House I think you mentioned is wonderful; Green Street Restaurant behind the commons; Smitty's is good to have a burger and a glass of red; Wolf Burger is a classic; We like P.F. Changs even if it is a chain, they have great mai tais!

Green Street Restaurant
146 S Shopper's Lane, Pasadena, CA 91101

Jun 02, 2010
saucedblonde in Los Angeles Area

Catering in Glendora?

Old World Deli is also good. Their eggplant parmesan is killer! They are located in the Albertson's shopping center in West Covina by the 10 freeway.

Jun 02, 2010
saucedblonde in Los Angeles Area