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A Master List of The Oldest Surviving LA Restaurants

mavs is not the same family as it was back in 1954.marv and his wife retired in 1979 and sold it.marv had 2 sons and they did not take over the familys deli per there dads request

May 14, 2015
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

Anyone have any comments on BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant

you may want to think of the yard house.great beers something like 100 types and a very good happy hour.they are on LV blvd south near sunset road .

Apr 11, 2012
tnsquire in Las Vegas

Lotus of Siam Help

congrats as well.april is a good weather time in lv.bill is the owner and his daughter is always there so if you feel better ask for them and they will help.there food is great and there are alot of items are not to weird pad thai a rice dish but you will enjoy what ever you chose.

Mar 08, 2012
tnsquire in Las Vegas

Dive bar L.A.

jay dees bar in alhambra on main st.they have some great drink specials.fridays where 50 cent drafts,tuesday was a shot and a beer 4 bucks.old school leather booth and dark inside but always a good bunch of people.across the street from fosselmans ice cream

Jan 07, 2012
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

Recs for food gifts to bring back from Las Vegas

have to agree ETHEL M chocolates,vegas is not really a food to bring home place there are a couple but nothing special,unless u like in and out burger . dont ship well i did it once never again.

Jan 05, 2012
tnsquire in Las Vegas

Cheap ethnic eats, off the strip

there are 2 great german food is called hofbrauhaus its on harmon and paradise across from the hard rock.I have been going there for over 20 years and they have lunch specials.also there is cafe heidelberg on sahara about a block before lotus .its good as well and has specials of the 2 i like hof better but hof leans on the bavarian side and it has live a side note in the same center the heidelberg there is a marie callenders thats where frank " lefty" rosenthal was blown in the movie casino but in the movie it showed a tony romas .

Nov 12, 2011
tnsquire in Las Vegas

Drive between Vegas and LA

i am in lv now, i like to stop at dinapolis fire house on main. behind the jack in the box.its been there for years. good northern italian food. in barstow

Nov 09, 2011
tnsquire in California

Business breakfast downtown: new possibilities?

not sure if its in the price range ,but how about pacific dining car ? a bit more classy than the pantry.

Nov 08, 2011
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

A Treat to Bring Home?

you can try ethel m chocolate .great candy and travels well.there are in the airport and a few places in las vegas also there factory is in henderson.they run about 30.00 a pound

Oct 06, 2011
tnsquire in Las Vegas

High Tea

if your wife likes a little old school and fancy what about the beverly hills hotel .the polo lounge

Oct 02, 2011
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

Foodie Bachelor party recs please

look into bradley ogdens at caesars they have a price prix meal for 60.00 plus a great menu

Mar 21, 2011
tnsquire in Las Vegas

Recs for outside of town?

boulder city has a few places to eat .i know there is a place called milos and i think there is the coffee cup that was on diners drive far as red rock all i know is the casino there and bonnie springs .

Mar 21, 2011
tnsquire in Las Vegas


i am in vegas about every 4 weeks and have to vote for m as well .stay away from rio .I do like the wynn and belligio but lately i been going to m its on st rose off the 15. i think they also have free wine at M i dont drink but i have heard that they do.also a good root beer.

Mar 15, 2011
tnsquire in Las Vegas

Would you eat Gumbo or a Shrimp Beignet for Breakfast?

sure why not .how many have had pizza for breakfast .i know there are times when i go out for breakfast and i really dont want eggs there really isnt alott of other things to order

Mar 01, 2011
tnsquire in General Topics

John Barrymore home/restaurant??- Sunset Blvd. in WeHo

if its the place i am thinking of its now house of blues .sorry dont remember the name of the restaurant

Feb 09, 2011
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

Papaya King is coming to Hollywood...

just hope the food comes from NY not local .

Jan 29, 2011
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

Bristol Farms- anything good?

i like there carved tri tip and turkey

Jan 29, 2011
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

brooklyn water bagel

does anyone know when its going to open ? I was by there a couple weeks ago and cant seem to tell when it will open? and nothing about any opening on there web site.

Jan 15, 2011
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

Where/What are the best old fashioned candy stores?

big top candy shop in austin texas .even has the soda fountain as well

Oct 11, 2010
tnsquire in General Topics

Need happy hour recomendations

what about the yard house? great beers

Oct 08, 2010
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

Sweet Munchee Cheese

i love this cheese ,i think gelsons maybe a place to try or maybe a deli like brents.i think they used to sell it in packaged form in the cheese section of ralphs .love it in omlettes

Oct 08, 2010
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

Looking for best brisket sandwich off the strip

what about lucilles in the district in henderson.I have not been there yet but i heard good things about it.

Sep 28, 2010
tnsquire in Las Vegas

What to do with chicken grease?

chopped liver

Sep 24, 2010
tnsquire in General Topics

Costco White Fish: Delish or Oy Gevalt?

if it comes from a fish company called lasco stay away it tends to be dry and salty better off if you can find it from east coast or if pikes smoke there own then try theres.the smoke laws in calif. are awful makes there fish dry east coast is not smoked to death and it comes out alot moister

Sep 12, 2010
tnsquire in General Topics

Texan beers and breakfast tacos in LA?

what about pearl beer ? you may want to try barneys beanery for the beer in draft form and maybe bevmo for take home they sell alot of craft beers dont remember seeing lone star and you can try galcos market in highland park

Sep 07, 2010
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

What was the worst food you HAD to eat as a kid?

as a kid my grand mother used to make soft boiled eggs for breakfast with a slice of egg bread no salt or pepper so when any of the grand kids sent the night thats what we had to eat .and we olny had coffee to drink with one cube of sugar no milk
i can never eat soft eggs of any kind and that was over 40 years ago

Sep 06, 2010
tnsquire in General Topics

Best barbeque sauce out of a bottle?

as much i am a fan of jack daniels was not real happy with there bar b q of my favorites is noh hawailan bar b q sauce. a bit sweet but very good they also have a spicy one as well.

Aug 30, 2010
tnsquire in General Topics

what dinner cost at fleur de lys

my niece just started law school and lives around the corner from fleur and i want to treat her to a great meal . with wine am i looking at about 150.00 per person ?

WIll be in Universal City for a meeting and looking for above average Dining spots from Sherman Oaks/ Studio City during Labor day weekend.

what about the wine bistro or the bistro garden

Aug 01, 2010
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area

Best Chicken Fried Steak!

hard to find a good chicken fried steak in la and its so easy to make.have to go to the best place for it texas.i wish there was a place as good as you get in texas

Jul 26, 2010
tnsquire in Los Angeles Area