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Edmonton Dim Sum - Emperor's Palace - opinions?

Unfortunately, that's the downside of carted dim sum restaurants. It's too bad that GRB is one of the few decent dim sum places in Edmonton. Have you tried Urban China? They are supposed to have good dim sum as well.

Sep 29, 2011
caffeinated in Prairie Provinces

Edmonton Dim Sum - Emperor's Palace - opinions?

I'm sorry, but you can't go to dimsum at 1pm amd expect there to be a lot on the carts. Most people go before noon to get a decent selection.

It's comparable to GRB in quality but way better prices. If you're in the north end, it's definitely worthwhile going.

Sep 15, 2011
caffeinated in Prairie Provinces

Cupcakes in Edmonton?

For those of you who can't stomach buttercream (i feel nauseated for hours) try Sweet Krumblz near West Edmonton Mall (next to Sorrentino's). I found this little shop by accident, and tried the red velvet and vanilla with chocolate icing. They use whipped icing on top of their moist and flavourful cupcakes. Mmm!

(Also, being from Toronto, i have to say that The Cupcake Shoppe is actually one of the worst cupcake places around. They don't even use real butter in the buttercream.)

Jul 27, 2010
caffeinated in Prairie Provinces

Guu is Guu(d) – review + pics

I asked one of the servers, and they are open from 5pm - midnight. My friend and I were originally told that our wait would be at least one hour, but it turned out to be only a 30 minute wait. Your best bet is to go with a smaller group. We overheard some groups saying that their wait would be 2 hours. There were a few people who ordered drinks and drank by the wall as they waited for a table.

I agree with BokChoi, the vibe definitely reminded me of Ippudo in NY!

The food was really good, and I love that the alcohol and food were so reasonably priced. There was no noticeable lag between the 6 dishes we ordered, and everything came out piping hot. My faves were the pork belly, black cod, and pumpkin croquette dishes. The typical dishes like the octopus balls, udon and karaage were done really well too. I would definitely go back!

Edmonton's Best Hidden Gems

I don't know if i would call Da Capo a hidden gem, or even a gem for that matter. The pizza was average, their soup bland. One of their paninis advertised prosciutto, yet it turned out to be cooked ham. Now, i know prosciutto just means ham, but it's not unreasonable to expect the dry-cured, thinly sliced variety.

Nov 11, 2009
caffeinated in Prairie Provinces

Slider Hamburger buns

I ordered from Silverton's as well -- you even have the option of plain or sesame. I was able to put in a same-day order. If you want buns from Ace Bakery you need to give a day's notice.

I now just make my own. This was a reliable recipe:

Edmonton Restaurant for Out of Town Guests

Dadeo's atmosphere is fun and laid-back with great service and beer, but i was disappointed in the food. I am really surprised at the rave reviews it's gotten on the board, and that generally recommended as THE place to go. The crab cake po' boy recommended by the server turned out to be all filler -- goo on a bun, and the fried chicken was bland at best. I'd go back for the beer and fried oysters, but i can't seem to understand the fuss over this place.

Nov 11, 2009
caffeinated in Prairie Provinces


I found the service to be friendly and attentive as well. I love the fact that my water was filled without me having to ask. I found the atmosphere to be lively and unpretentious (it felt like i was on queen west or college), but not so loud that you can't have a conversation. While i was not a fan of the pizza (crust was too crispy, and my preference is for pizzas like the ones at Terroni's and Libretto), i really enjoyed the appetizers; sardine crostini was great, and the mushroom crudo also had the fennel salad that balanced both dishes. My favourite was definitely the rabbit aracine. They have a great wine list as well. It is a place i'm definitely returning to.

i recommend making reservations, even if it's after 9:30pm.

Kultura - Food anygood?!

The food is mediocre at best. One of the dishes -- gnocci duo -- was so doughy and tough that it tasted like stale Korean rice cakes (dduk). While the jerk chicken was whisper soft with a great amount of heat, the risotto was far too al dente and so citrusy that it tasted like it was cooked with lemon cleaner. there were some other dishes as well, but for the price of dinner, it was not worth it at all. i would rather eat at JKWB or Coca for some good small plates.

What irritated me the most was the service. I had never encountered such rude service from a hostess. She would not allow latecomers to the table because "there just wasn't enough room." This wasn't said kindly at all, rather in this exasperated and patronizing way. It might be good for a drink or two downstairs, but i would never go back there for dinner.

But I Only Drank Water!

I'm really surprised at how many people think it's tacky if the invited guests have to pay for the birthday person's meal. Hosting a birthday dinner at home is completely different from this so-called hosting at a restaurant. You're unable to control the cost at a restaurant! As long as the birthday host is considerate enough to check the menu prices beforehand, it's common courtesy to want to chip in for the birthday person's dinner. Depending on how many people are at the dinner, it only comes out to an extra $5 per person.

Sep 03, 2007
caffeinated in Features

Anyone been to Rebozos for mexican?

It's a small Mexican place that serves decent Mexican food. I prefer the tacos at El Trompo in Kensington but it's worth a visit.

good TO chinese at a decent price?

Lee Garden is another great option, liked by both Chinese and non-Chinese.

2-for-1 Coupons - What's worth it?

Definitely stay away from Rosewater Supper Club. Notorious for extremely poor service and average food during summerlicious/winterlicious, I wonder how they would be when presented with a 2 for 1 coupon.

Dhaba is a great Indian restaurant and I highly recommend going there, especially if you have a coupon. Le Saint Tropez is a cute French place with good food as well.

Anyone been to Burrito Boyz?

The one at Yonge & Sheppard isn't Burrito Boyz. I think it's called Burrito Bar or something like that.

While the burritos at BB aren't considered to be real burritos (and definitely can't compare to the ones you get in California) they taste really good and they're SO filling. The halibut is deep fried and surprisingly good in a burrito. Ask for the chili-lime sauce as well.

Best Lunch under $20 in Downtown?

Okonomi House- Japanese style okonomi pancakes for $7-9 makes for a great light lunch. It's right behind Vic College on Bay & Charles. (23 Charles Street West)

Ka Chi has a new location in Kensington on St. Andrew Street i think.

I'm not really too big of a fan of Salad King. The food is filling and cheap but mediocre for Thai food.

Black Camel is a little further away but it's right outside of Rosedale Station. Their pulled pork sandwiches (and other ones) are great for $10.

I heard Anoush on College right across the engineering buildings is great as well. Then again, if you are a U of T student you've probably already been there.

Top Chef Aug 15th.

She writes for the NY Post every week and has had some articles in several other well known NY magazines/newspapers. She definitely is more of a "one-time dining experience" blogger/critic though.

Aug 17, 2007
caffeinated in Food Media & News

Good Fishmongers in NoVA?

The big Korean supermarkets, like H-Mart (Han Ah Reum) on Lee Highway, have a large and fresh selection of fish and other seafood. I'm not sure why the above poster is apprehensive about these markets. Most asians prefer to go to these markets because they don't just sell your typical salmon and sea bass and the fish is fresh.

I find Whole Foods to have fresh fish, but way too overpriced. A pound of halibut cost me $20. Even Dean & Deluca is a little better priced.

Three Toronto questions

I agree with TorontoJo, Bonjour Brioche (Queen & Broadview) and Aunties & Uncles (Bathurst & College) are great brunch spots. BB usually opens fairly early and gets packed if you get there after 9.

There's a new espresso bar on Bloor, east of Bathurst, called Espresso Bar. They seem to have gotten good reviews.