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Best Value Downtown Grocery Vancouver BC

Yep, the No Frills in Denman Place Mall(the Superstore offshoot) is great for basics.

British tea?

Sherlock's in New Westminster has it, I think they have the best British grocery selection in the city.

Sherlock's British Sweets
659 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3M 1A8, CA

lunch options near mammoth studios in burnaby (lougheed hwy near production way)

|'d recommend Chicken Party(yes that's really the name of the place) for Korean-style fried chicken. They have different flavours on offer like garlic-soy, spicy-sweet, etc. Extremely tasty!

Chicken Party
205 - 3355 North Road
Burnaby, BC V3J

Scorpion Bowl drinks?

Anyone know of any restaurants/bars that serve these?

Where do you go for Greek in Vancouver?

I quite liked Kefi's. It's not in Vancouver, but juuust outside Burnaby in Coquitlam. Actually it's not far from where Ouzeri used to be.

Kefi Greek Kouzina
100 Schoolhouse St, Coquitlam, BC V3K6V9, CA

Best cheese store in Vancouver?

Thrifty Foods has a great cheese selection.

Flame Stone Grill in Port Moody

Sorry it's not adding the LA Grill link for whatever reason. The address is 8100 #2 Rd
Richmond, BC.

L.A. Grill & Bistro
8100 2 Ave, Richmond, BC V7E, CA

Flame Stone Grill in Port Moody

After having a 2nd meal tonight at the Flame Stone(Monday's Sirloin Steak special, Top Sirloin with rice potatoes green salad and garlic toast for $6.95!)which was excellent, I found out from the server that there are 2 other locations of this restaurant but under different names. One is called Xsite Grill in Burnaby and the other one is called the LA Grill in Richmond.
I mean really, 2 good steak dinners with drinks came to about $22 after taxes. Crazyness!

Xsite Grill
4625 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC V5C2K6, CA

Flame Stone Grill in Port Moody

Had to come and add this great little place I visited tonight. I was stoked to come home and review them they were that good.
They're very reasonable (Nothing over $9.95!) and the portions are HUGE as well as very tasty. I had the garlic prawns in butter with white wine for $5.95 and my friend had the salmon burger that came with roasted potatoes and a salad for only $7.95!
They offer appies soups and salads sandwiches and burgers as well as pastas and all sorts of grilled items. Get there before they raise their prices!

Flame Stone Grill
2810 St Johns St, Port Moody, BC V3H, CA

Recommendations for Greek food in YVR

Just got back from a great little place in Coquitlam, Kefi Greek Kouzina.

Excellent quality food all made from scratch, and the servings are very ample. Not only complimentary baskets of pita to share, but a huge greek salad as well. I had the seafood souvlaki and saganaki for my appy, both were excellent!

Kefi Greek Kouzina
100 Schoolhouse St, Coquitlam, BC V3K6V9, CA

Are Chain Restaurants a good or bad thing?

Nothing will kill my love for White Spot. :)

Fraser Valley Favorites

I second recommending Vault in Cloverdale.

Best Fish and Chips in Victoria and Vancouver

I like Cockney Kings in New Westminster and Burnaby. Pajo's is also good, but it's weather permitting. I've heard good things about Mr. Pickwick's, but I haven't tried them.

Vanilla Slice in Vancouver?

Does anyone know of a source of authentic Vanilla slice in Vancouver? I've been craving it since I visited Australia.

I can make it myself, but sometimes you just want to pick some up somewhere!

Any help would be appreciated.

Gumbo & Pasta in Vancouver

For cajun/creole, try Ouisi Bistro on Granville Street. For pasta Anton's is good, but I prefer Anducci's. There are various locations around Vancouver.